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  • i work for royal mail and can confirm that you do not need to put a stamp on the letters to santa ;D as if any postman would surcharge one and risk the wrath of santa ;) the address is the same anywhere in the uk and so long as it says santa on it we will make sure he gets it
  • My daughters posted letters 2 weeks ago and recieved their letters from Santa yesterday, it has some fun stuff to do included but i wont spoil the surprise for you, you will just have to post your own ;D
    Smile and be happy, things can usually get worse!
  • kinbroke was that through the royal mail???
  • eml_3
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    We sent our letters off to that address last week and had replies yesterday - an individual one to each child even though we only sent one letter. My 4 yr old was delighted and my 2 yr old had no idea what it was all about but was very pleased to get a letter anyway. It is a lovely idea and I would recommend it.
  • I take offense to you calling me shameful. :o For the past two years a friend and I have been producing personalised letters from Father Christmas. This isn't a money making scheme, in fact we have made a considerable loss to ourselves in both years.

    At we charge £4.50 per letter. For this money, unlike the Royal Mail free version, the child receives a personal letter including details such as their name, town they live in, town where they will be on Christmas morning, senders name (optional), friends name etc...

    The letter is written on high quality paper and comes stamped with North Pole- Lapland.

    Of this £4.50, 50p is donated to FSID (Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths) and 50p is donated to the Argus Appeal (local Sussex charity).

    My colleague and I enjoy playing Santa and helping out other good causes at the same time. We have to charge £4.50 to cover all this and admin costs (ie advertising, flyers etc) which I think is very reasonable when you consider the quality of the product.

    As I previously stated, we have never made any profit from this and probably never will, but at least we know we are providing a great service and help to bring smiles to children and adults faces. :)

  • Cullumpster
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    Do the letters actually have personalised stuff about the kids in them or is it just a basic letter.

    i'm just asking because my b/f has 2 children and they would love to get a letter from Santa Christmas (As they call him!) but i don't really know what they want for christmas and i want to get the letters sent off today.

    My b/f's face would be a picture as well he'd love it bless him ::)

    If you don't want to spoil the surprise for everyone can someone PM me by any chance?
  • Cullumpster
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    I meant the Royal Mail letters sorry ! :-[
  • Al_Inshearah
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    BTW, elcoline, Santa isn't an 'Americanism'
    It's short for his real name - Saint Nicolas  :)

    Wasn't Santa Claus invented by Coke-Cola? ;)
  • wingates
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    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Sent for my letter now
    Don`t know about the coke cola link :-/
    A watched pot always boils. :j
  • In the 1600's, the Dutch presented Sinterklaas (meaning St. Nicholas) to the colonies. In their excitement, many English-speaking children uttered the name so quickly that Sinterklaas sounded like Santy Claus. After years of mispronunciation, the name evolved into Santa Claus

    Artist Haddon Sundblom added the final touches to Santa's modern image. Beginning in 1931, his billboard and other advertisements for Coca Cola-Cola featured a portly, grandfatherly Santa with human proportions and a ruddy complexion. Sunblom's exuberant, twinkle-eyed Santa firmly fixed the gift-giver's image in the public mind. St. Nicholas' evolution into today's happy, larger-than-life Santa Claus is a wonderful example of the blending of countless beliefs and practices from around the world. This benevolent figure encompasses all the goodness and innocence of childhood. And because goodness is his very essence, in every kindness we do, Santa will always be remembered.
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