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Making my own butter! (merged)



  • leonie_2
    leonie_2 Posts: 517 Forumite
    Less than five minutes later I had butter! Hubby doesn't like butter too much as I usually buy salted but he loved this. Very happy! :D

    I rinsed it and squeezed it lightly and pressed it. When I came to spread it I noticed a few beads of moisture in there. Should I have pressed it really hard?

    I made scones with the butter milk and they were yummy! Ooh dear, weigh in tomorrow :o

    Yaaay, good to hear you enjoyed it!!

    I've found a different way to get out moisture. I've been squeezing it between two big wooden chopping boards. Doing it in this order:

    Chopping board
    clean towel
    2 pieces of kitchen roll
    2 pieces of kitchen roll
    clean towel

    Making a sort of tower and then pushing down really hard. The butter comes out all squashed but at least its dry!
  • Alfietinker
    Thanks, I just pressed it lightly in a colander. I'll try this next time. I am re-starting my diet in earnest today so I'll have to resist the temptation when I see cream :o

    It will make a lovely treat every so often though :)
    New year, no debt! Debt free date - 02/01/07 :j :j :j :D
  • Clowance
    Clowance Posts: 1,847 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Post First Anniversary I've been Money Tipped!
    When I was a child we did this with the top of gold top milk, in a Kenwood Chefette food mixer. More recently to show the kids, I made some in my ancient Kenwood Chef (available cheaply from small ads if you havent got one, wouldnt be without it) from Jersey milk. Hadnt realised you could make it from double cream.
  • shokadelika
    Who is Stealing or more like selling the Cream! We usually buy unpasturised raw milk from a farm near us it comes in litre cartons and the whole top third of the milk at least 250ml is double cream (makes fantastic butter) the point is when I buy organic milk from the supermarket which is not homogenised (very bad for your health) the amount of cream in even a 2 litre carton is less than an egg cup full so who is selling it on.It is easier again to hide the cream in homogenised milk because it is evenly dispersed throught the liquid and does not float to the top.We are bieng conned !!!.
    If you would like to learn the health benefits of unpasturised milk with one third cream have a look at they have a list or raw milk products,meat etc and farmers in the UK and for information on traditional healthy foods such as butter lard pork fat bacon and beef see there is also an excellent cook book Nourishing Traditions which tells you why and how old fashioned food was and is better for us.
    Anchor Butter is from cows fed grass a lot of milk is produced from cows eating soyabeans.
    Also we have done an experiment we left some unpasturised milk and pasturised out in their bottles over the summer for three weeks the pasturised milk went green and rotted the smell was unbelievable. The raw milk seperated out or"clabbered" and formed curds and whey and still had no smell this is because pasturisation kills the good as well as bad bacteria the milk cannot naturally ferment.The Queen and royal family drink raw unpasturised milk.
    Are U getting enough Vitamin D in your life!?
  • bettyr
    bettyr Posts: 477 Forumite
    Glad wrote:
    Just found lot's of wooden pats/paddles on ebay, many of them under £5 a pair, well worth it for those who are going to do this regularly,
    some lovely moulds too icon7.gif

    I did a search on ebay glad, but couldn't find the paddles. Can you point me in the right direction? :)
  • Glad
    Glad Posts: 18,866 Senior Ambassador
    Mortgage-free Glee! Name Dropper Photogenic First Post
    bettyr wrote:
    I did a search on ebay glad, but couldn't find the paddles. Can you point me in the right direction?
    I just put 'butter pats' in the search
    you need to use the plural though :)
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  • blackberry-rum
    Thanks for this! Co-op had pots of whipping cream at 10p today so I bought four and spent 20 minutes shaking the cream in a Kilner jar and hey presto! about half a pound of creamy butter!
    :jThat's 2 stone 9 lbs gone forever:j

    thank you Slimming World!
  • bettyr
    bettyr Posts: 477 Forumite
    Thanks glad. I found it and have put in my bid.
    On another topic, I also got the double cream from the co-op today for 10p each. Can I freeze them?
  • tenuissent
    tenuissent Posts: 342 Forumite
    First Post First Anniversary Combo Breaker Car Insurance Carver!
    Thirty years ago I had 2 cows and more milk than I knew what to do with. I made all our butter in a small electric churn after separating out the cream via and electric separator and froze it in small pots after squeezing the excess butter milk out using the pats. Pushing the butter into the pots got rid of the last drops. Buttermilk went into the bread mixture. I made yoghurt, cheesecakes, cottage cheese, milk puddings, whatever I could think of, and still the milk came flooding in.

    But when the cows were dry and we took in bought milk, the taste wasn't the same at all, and if there was any milk left over it was impossible to make cottage cheese out of it as the milk simply rotted and went nasty.

    I miss the cows now, and their delicious products, but I still feel a slight sense of relief on opening a bottle of milk instead of taking the bucket up to the yard and persuading the cow to let her milk down. plus all the bucket, separator, churn washings and general hygiene associated with milking.
  • anguk
    anguk Posts: 3,412 Forumite
    bettyr wrote:
    On another topic, I also got the double cream from the co-op today for 10p each.
    It's not fair! My Co-op has only reduced them to 18p ;) I've bought 5 pots though! I've also got a pot of whipping cream I got reduced in Asda yesterday so I think I'll be spending the rest of today shaking jars of cream :D

    I've only got a smallish lidded jar so I'll have to do quite a few batches then combine them into decent sized blocks and stick some in the freezer. Does the frozen butter taste the same as fresh, I've never frozen butter before?
    Dum Spiro Spero
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