November 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • Hello, i'm in this month after totally losing track last month!! Can you put me down for £200 please? Struggling to keep on top of spends since starting uni and not having so much free time to make bread etc.

    Did my first shop of the month today and spent £49.65:eek: There was loads of whoopsies in Mr T so that bumped up the price. Loads of meat really well reduced so my freezer is now bursting with yellow stickers:D Should keep me going for a while. Big new Mr T opened up right on my way to uni and a big asda just down the road from me so i'll be spoilt for choice soon.
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    Oops, a lazy day today, ended up doing our fruit and veg shop in M&S - not very oldstyle at all and cost £8.99 for apples, oranges, bananas and hoummus. Glad we did though cos we had unexpected visitors and at least I could offer them a banana :) Anyway I'm £20.37 in and expecting a delivery on Wednesday night which will probably be around £50. And need to get some yoghurt as well - of all the things to forget!

    but not all lazy, have a nice veggie shepherds pie made for tomorrow night and bread in cooking as well for lunch tomorrow :)

    Good luck for the week ahead everyone :)
  • Hi all, newbie here *waves* :j Decided to start the grocery challenge officially this month and had the first shop of Nov today of £29.69. It would have been lower had my OH not been with me putting random things in the trolley that wasn't on my list! :mad: Men... :p Hoping to make this last at least a week and a half, got my meal plans sorted and stocked up on a lot of essentials that were missing from my cupboards. Really enjoying my Old Style lifestyle these days. Cleaning with stardrops and cooking everything from scratch has been lots of fun! :rotfl:
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    Hi declared oct and budget for Nov over on october thread. But hasn't been picked up so Budget for November is £280 as it is a 4 week month. Thanks
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    £29.61 spent for this month so far, but that's only left me £71.47 + vouchers IN TOTAL for the rest of the year if I'm to stay within my overall annual budget. Despite this, I'm optimistic that it can be done, because I should have loads of extra Mr T vouchers this month from 'cashing in' my Deals that couldn't be used - I'm hoping for about £20 worth. Transferring to Deals just isn't worth it for me, so they are all going on groceries & toiletries. :D I have also just tied up the homegrown chilli peppers to dry them, have a huge box of freshly dug potatoes, 2 rows of potatoes still to dig, plus 2 rows of leeks, a row of beetroot and a row of onions still to be brought in for winter stores.

    Moving house this month, so we are using up most of what's in the freezer so it can be moved and then it's all systems go for next year's garden as the new place needs started from scratch. Is anyone else still getting salad leaves and cherry tomotoes off their plants? I've just picked (and eaten) the last of the windowsill tomatoes but I'm sure I could get a few more lettuce leaves if I tried - maybe even enough for salad with chicken fajitas, now I come to think about it! :D
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  • well today i check my freezer, cupboards and mealplanned for next 2 weeks before I went to Asda with shopping list . Only put a few other things in trolley which I forgot to add to list
    Managed to get everything I need for £45.38
    :mad: 5 account to clear- £14580.47/£1074.90- 7.3% paid off
    debt free nov 2012 before that I hope
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    Did my first shop of November yesterday and spent €40.99, will need some milk and bread during the week but hope to stay within the €70 I withdrew from bank...will have another €70 next week and see how that works out...need to concentrate on using up the cupboard/freezer stocks to allow freezer defrost towards the end of the month to stock for Christmas.

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  • Just done a stock check of cupboards. fridge and freezer and don't need to buy anything before thursday, then we will need veg and probably milk and cheese but still got enough meat to last till the weekend. Will need a big shop then, including cat food!
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    MRS M can you out me down for £25 a week please
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    Yesterday I decided to have a go at some of the slow cook recipes which use lentils to bulk out a meal. I used 400g of Mince to make a huge pot of chilli using beans and lentils to bulk out, cooked it over about 7 hours and it was absolutely delicious! I could have ate the full pot by myself :D it has made ten generous portions.

    Does anyone else find that they can do really well during the big shop but then it's a disaster if you need pop back in? I spent a fiver on sweets for halloween and only got two knocks on the door!
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