November 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • Just popped in to update my sig with my receipts and noticed that the 1.5kg of free flow frozen lamb mince has scanned at £1.22. There were loads there I will be back there tomorrow for a couple more at that price!!!!
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    I spent yesterday doing the first shop of the month, JS, Asda, Wilkies and Superdrug:eek: spending £68.45 altogether:D I'm well stocked up on toiletries/cleaning stuff now.

    I had planned to spend the day cooking but the best laid plans and all that :mad: OH dragged me off to the allotment this morning then we went to buy him some new trainers 'cos his had split:rolleyes: so we didn't get back until 3pm:mad: so I've just done a couple of meals for in the week, I'll do the rest midweek.
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    Thanks everyone for the breadcrumb recipes - I will certainly be trying those.

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    our fridge isn't cold!!!!! :mad: :eek: :mad: :eek: :mad: :eek:

    but 2 good things
    1. i am glad i didn't do a big shop this weekend and was planning to later this week. 2. that my mum & dad have a bit of space in their freezers. i may be making a mission of mercy dash out to dump most of my freezer contents round there if the fridge doesn't feel cold after being shut for an hour.

    i'm so glad i noticed it tonight, imagine if i'd come downstairs and had a wet floor in the morning :eek: :eek: :eek:

    that would easily have ruined my grocery budget. i had visions of having to blow the budget just to get my stores back up to scratch

    thankfully as we rent, the F/F is the landlords responsibility. Annoyingly it does mean i have to call them and can't just get someone to look at it/buy another.

    so for the moment i'm still in the challenge, if anything else goes wrong i may well decide to scream and blow the budget on chocolate and bad dvd's


    ioiwe :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    update: yep it's dead,. the light is on but it's WARM!!!! luckily mum cleared freezer space for us so using theres and our second one we've only lost some chutney that had melted at the back of the fridge! !!!!!!!!!!!

    fingers crossed that the landlord is on the ball tomorrow and gets a new one for us.
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    I hope the f/f isn't terminally dead -- or if it is that you don't end up losing anything !!!

    Realised this afternoon that I can't afford to get complacement about coming in more than £20 under budget last month -- even though we've got a day less this month!!

    From tomorrow I'm got my younger GD here for cooked lunch on Monday and a snack meal Mon, Tues, and Wed every week (school term times) as she's starting pre-school -- but the hours don't fit in with DD's job, so she's coming here around it as the school is just round the corner from us. So even if I count her as a 'half person' in terms of quantity she'll eat that means an extra 2 meals a week/8 meals this month !!

    It also means a much earlier start for me those three days! At the moment a friend of DD drops elder GD off with me at around 8:45am for me to get her to school, but it's too much to expect her to keep yet another car seat in her car -- and whilst DD is allowed to have the elder one at work with her for an hour they'd get funny about both girls...... so instead of getting up at 7:30am it means I have to meet DD at her workplace (about 1.75 miles from us) just before 7:30am as she's on the early shift all this month :eek:
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    Mrs mc can I please have a budget of £450 this month :D

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  • Evening all

    Well at the end of week 1 of this month and budget is still in tact :j

    Im still "concocting" from what we have ;) and its all rather yummy -todays dinner was leftover lamb -made into 2 pies with onions n carrots-all done in the remoska -1 pie is in the fridge and about to move into the freezer (hubby can use it when I go into hospital :p )
    I also have half the rather large crumble n custard left (for now :p ) I made it using the free apples/blackberries I froze and the 1/2 jar of plums in the fridge... and I added muesli and coconut to my crumble topping mmmm - I might frezze the rest up in 2 portions for when I get desperate urges for a pud pud :D

    I was putting stuff in the freezer yesterday and we have 10x400g blocks of extra mature cheddar in there -so I don't need any cheese for ages :o ,
    and this morning I have been and pulled up all my baby parsnips -so tommorrow I will get them cleaned and in the freezer -Im planning on planting even more next year ;)

    Well we had a bonus yesterday -hubby came 2nd in a golf competition so came away with a lovely box with a really nice denby style mug, a tee light burner that you sit your mug on to keep warm :eek: some apple tea and a tin of "oven roasted apple spices" for adding to tea, gleuwein etc -although Im thinking more along the lines of adding to apple pies etc ;) ... then he handed me €50 as he and 3 friends had played on the bandit -won €500 :T -so by the time he had paid for his drink and the money he put in the machine out of his €125 share -€50 was my share :j bless his little socks:p

    I think the only thing I may need more of this week - should be milk -fingers crossed :D

    hubby has put in a request for the next 3 days -saves me thinking :rotfl: so

    Tommorow is pasta bake made with tomato/marscapone base
    tuesday is belly pork n HM stuffing
    wednesday is chicken n veg cobbler

    right I will get off and get back on with my crochet .have a great evening everyone:D
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  • This is my 1st GC, Im doing ok at the moment (I know its only the 2nd Nov but my Nov started 25th Oct). Mind you I bought my first bottle of stardrops yesterday for 75p and saw it for 67p today :mad: Thats a jar of curry sauce in my world !

    Im sat here pretty chuffed knowing that theres enough chicken casserole left to have tomorrow night :j

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    Flat_Eric wrote: »
    I :D. I also found some pork fillets? any ideas of what i can do with these??

    Pork braised slowly in Cider topped with sliced baked apple, green beans and Cheesy Mash.

    If watching the fat content change the mash to par boiled spuds or chipped, squirt with 1 cal Fry light and oven roast them.

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  • Ok, so at the end of the day, I'm looking at a second day without spending, and instead of popping to the shops to buy bread for sandwiches for tomorrow's lunches, I used the leftover crusty rolls we had for the OH and I cooked myself a small pan of pasta and stirred some pesto through it - I'll take pasta salad for my lunch. It was only then I realised I'd got a portion of last night's pie in the oven (cooling down enough to put in the fridge) and I could have taken that - doh!

    In any case, the shopping list for tomorrow is quite short - a few mushrooms, a loaf of bread and a pint of milk. And I'm really enjoying this. :)
    Continually trying the Grocery Challenge. Gotta keep trying!
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