November 2008 Grocery Challenge



  • Please put me down for £260 For November challenge Mrs M!
    Ive done so well in October that I feel I can still cut down in November.
    Must do a mealplan for the next couple of days-I only tend to do 2 days at a time now. Came back from a few days holiday to find cupboards still full and the rest of the family only popped out for sugar(which they didnt even need)so Im spending the extra money I havent spent in October on Theatre tickets for me and DD14 in January and February. I like to see a reward for my efforts!
    I'm thinking that Ive got out of the habit of spending somehow? I look and walk on-whatever it is lately-or perhaps I'm getting boring! No holes in my pockets though :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: Yesterday and today are NSD's.
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    have just adjusted my tescos online order and the cost is £142.37 :) This should see us through november. I should only need to buy milk, bread and fresh fruit and veg on top of this. Ive spent the last few days arranging my meal plan and list so i think i have it pretty accurate now, am so determined to keep it below the £200 budgeted.

    I still have quite a bit of food left in the freezer, so have tried to incorporate this into the meal plan too, which should then leave some space in my freezer for december.
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    Can you put me down for £150 this month please. I lost the plot a bit in October,:confused: , but I'm now going to work out just what I spent :eek:
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    Can you put us down for £400 please. We really need to keep to this, as Xmas is going to be very tight as I am sure it will be for many.

    Good Luck Everyone.

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  • Well, so far I've spent nothing - the awful weather has kept me at home all weekend so I've cooked from my store. Last night made pork in a mushroom sauce and saute potatoes (left over from another day) and tonight I'll be cooking spaghetti bolognaise, stretched with some grated carrot to see if it goes further. At weekends I often cook for friends, but will be invited back at other times so I'm sure it works out well.
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    Please put me down for 200.00 for November challenge. Haven't finished totting up Oct as think we are missing a couple of reciepts but not for off target so I'm not fretting. Need to be more careful this month as I'm trying to factor xmas in without increasing my budget (food not prezzies.) Off to make veggie lasagne for dinner so have a good Sunday everyone.
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    Did sausage casserole for tea last night with enough leftovers for a meal for someone (ME!!!) to take to work and reheat in the microwave if OH doesn't nab it first.
    Chicken in oven cooking nicely, will be making stock when demolished and sorted out meat for sarnies for Monday for both of us,
    Did little shop in Tesco and only spent £12.42 so added to total.
    Still pickling it down here - has been all day - washing steaming in front of fire. I willbe in a minute as no heating on in this room, so will be moving to lounge and a hot cuppa....
    20 days til holiday, so ironing stuff to go in case - hope it's warm in Spain for the 5 days we are there.
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    To start work on the credit cards now!!
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    I am enjoying using up the contents of my freezer. Found a huge pack of steak that I didnt know I had so am having a lovely curry for tea :D. I also found some pork fillets? any ideas of what i can do with these??

    Im not doing too well on keeping track of my spending, seem to have mislaid the receipts from my last few shops so cant update signature yet but will do when I get organised.

    Its great because we are having really nice meals but they are costing me hardly anything because I already have the food. Has a yummy go cook chicken breasts with masala sauce yesterday from asda. bought them back in May!! Hopefully by the end of the month, I will be able to see the bottom of my freezer!!!!
  • JennyBee_2JennyBee_2 Forumite
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    Am exceptionally pleased with myself as we have moved the chest freezer in from outside and I now have a list of everything that was in the other freezer! (including 9lb of damsons and 2lb elderberries!)

    I say 'we' moved the freezer....I played the 6 months pregnant card and watched OH and my dad move it! Excellent! :) Just off to type up list of contents and going to try and be strict about crossing things off as we use them and adding stuff on when we buy or make extra portions. Shouldn't be too difficult as we only do one big shop a month!
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    I would have to have a chest freezer if we had the room, if we ever move o a house then thats the first thing we're buying!

    We manage around £30 a week for food and never use it all, theres a good 3-4 days worth of meals in the freezer still. If we both fell ill or got trapped in the flat for whatever reason for a few days we certainly wouldnt starve!
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