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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in It's Gone, but was it any good?
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in It's Gone, but was it any good?
Found today in Aldi. An absolute bargain if you're if you're into computer graphics/art/want to make handwritten notes in Microsoft Office or handwritten emails.Comes with pressure-sensitive pen and cordless mouse-for the miserly sum of £24.99!
I'm going top give it a whirl -below is a short review from Computeractive.The one I got is badged Tevion but is virtually the same as Medion below.

"Using a mouse in drawing applications is much more cumbersome than using a pen and a bit of paper. That is why graphics tablets are popular among digital artists. Until relatively recently, graphics tablets were expensive toys for professional artists but that's no longer the case, as this tablet from Medion demonstrates.

At £30, the Medion Graphics Tablet is very cheap, although it is only available from Aldi stores and stocks are limited. Features include 24programmable function buttons, a pressure-sensitive wireless stylus and a mouse which is just used on the A4 tablet. Any paper image can be positioned under the tablet's plastic flap, allowing you to trace objects directly into your drawing application.

It connects to a PC via a USB port and both mouse and stylus are battery operated. Sensitivity settings can be altered to change the stylus pressure,while the button mounted on the side of the pen can be programmed to act as right or left mouse-clicks.

Bundled software includes Photo Impact 5, Corel's Art Dabbler and a neat program that allows for handwritten notes in Office and email applications."

Contact: Aldi 0870 513 4262


An absolute steal if you're quick enough to grab one.


  • Jazzy_BJazzy_B Forumite
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    I went to two stores this morning for one of these, but they'd gone to people queuing before the store opened.
    If anyone can lay there hands on one , please let me know, and I will reimburse you. My 10 year old is desperate for one for Christmas and I can't afford the £60 that they want for them on Ebay.
    Thanks very much.
    Update 26.11.04
    Thanks guys. I've managed to get one, thanks to kierangray. Many thanks to everyone who contacted me. It's good for the soul to know there are so many kind people out there.I'm a happy bunny and so will my boy be. Thanks :D
  • Try the following link -

    May be what you are looking for at a similar price.

    Hope it helps. :):)
  • This is absolutely superb kit. I used to use a Wacom which, for the same size, costs about £300. Although the pen on the Medion feels cheaper and is a little more bulky, the results gained are absolutely superb.

    I wouldn't part with my Medion tablet unless you're giving me an equivelant size Wacom in it's place. I've not found any mid-range or budget tablets which come close on their overall 'feel'. For the money you simply cannot go wrong.

    Video and still image editing will be unbelievably easy. For example, I struggled with some Disney paris pictures of my daughter to remove people using the mouse. However, with 3 extra photos of the same scene and the tablet I had over 20 people removed from the image in under 5 minutes. We now have an amazing picture that looks like she's one of the only people in the park. I can't stress how easy this is with a pen/tablet.
    ... and that's all I have to say about that.
  • hey

    Just been to my local aldi in MK

    There are over 100 tablets there, wireless keyboards/mouse, speakers etc

    If you cant find any at your local store, email on [email protected] and ill post one out to you

  • Picked one up in Bristol today (Sunny Southmead) - looks like a nice bit of kit!

    Originally thought they had sold out - couldn't find any near the other electrical items... but spotted a large pile of them (and the wireless keyboards) next to the checkout tills.

    Very happy to have picked one up!
  • I got mine yesterday, and am very impressed with it, aldi was packed at 9am but they said they had quite a few left, most people were queing for the computers and printers, but a little bit of advice, ask the staff becasue in the store i went in they didnt have them out for people to look at, you had to que up and ask at the till then they went and got one for you out of the back, so its worth asking if you cant find them. Im going back today to buy one of those usb hubs to plug it into!

    Hope this helps :D
    Trevor McDoughnut, tonight at 10
  • Try the following link -

    May be what you are looking for at a similar price.

    Hope it helps.  :) :)

    The Aldi ones are much bigger (A4 - so more precise).

    A dozen or so still left at Radford Boulevard Nottingham store at 10:00am this morning.
  • Just got one at the sparkbrook store along stratford road, birmingham. they had over 50 of them and loads of other pc stuff.

    The tablets amazing for the price,and looks like an apple imac. with rubbery texture the only thing thats in't s good is the mouse that comes with it is flimsy , but doesnt matter really as i use the stylus.

    i recomend you buy it its fun for every one.

    I Love Products
  • Unfortunately I've had a fruitless hour and a half trail round three brances of Aldi to be finally told in the third shop that there's none left in the whole of the North-East of England :(:(:(

    Can anyone post the full specifications of the Aldi one so I can see if there's a comparible product out there, or can anyone recommend from personal experience an alternative?

    Thanks in advance.
  • QVC is selling a Nisis graphics tablet and r/f mouse for £21.84 plus £3.95 p&p (total £25.79) They're sellin it at what they're calling a "super bargain price". The QVC price is £49.96. See here.
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