What class are you? Poll results/discussion

Poll between 06-13 October 2008.

What class are you?

It’s an old fashioned comment, but many use the terms to this day. The aim is for you instinctively to say where you think you belong. There are deliberately no definitions below; in a few weeks the same poll will be repeated with them to see if that changes the result.

A. Upper Class. 1% (140 votes)
B. Upper Middle Class. 6% (900 votes)
C. Middle Class. 30% (4731 votes)
D. Lower Middle Class. 18% (2817 votes)
E. Upper Working Class. 18% (2940 votes)
F. Working Class. 21% (3338 votes)
G. Lower Working Class. 2% (332 votes)
H. Underclass. 1% (216 votes)
I. Doesn’t apply/don’t know. 3% (479 votes)

This vote has now closed, but you can still click 'post reply' to discuss below. Thanks :)



  • I wouldn't even know where to start with this one.

    The concept has so changed radically over centuries so I'm not really surprised to learn that it is has been revived, rehashed or subdivided. The definitions will be an interesting discussion area.
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  • We are all working class really as we work.
  • masterkaymasterkay Forumite
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    I heard most people consider them middle class these days. Plumbers, manual workers etc. would have been considered working class but due to the fact these professions can earn large sums they can "buy" their way into the middle class bracket. Same way you have perceived "middle class" people riddled with debt. I know class really is nothing to do with money but we do have those associations.

    I don't believe in class thing anymore as it is all too blurred and doesn't really matter but I get the opinion that those people who pride themselves in taking benefits rather than working would consider themselves working class (oh the irony) and those who work to earn money consider themselves middle class.
  • Does this poll count as "light blue touchpaper and stand back". Certainly counts as "opening a can of worms".

    Errrr.....I vary to and fro in what I think on this subject. The one thing I am totally sure of however is that, if we assume people can be split into "classes", then the allocated one wouldnt necessarily have anything to do with the level of benefits/salary/inheritance one has. It would be to do with the set of values/attitudes to life/tastes one has - which could be wildly different to the income level one is on.

    What would I consider myself? Do I think its fair to divide people into "classes"?

    Whatever - all I know is I myself regard Marks & Spencers/Habitat/Laura Ashley as "my" shops. I eat in an organic/vegetarian sort of way. I'm pacifist and I'm not a racist. I believe that one has children as a result of a deliberate conscious decision as to WHETHER to have them or no and, if I'd decided to have any then I even knew the exact age I would have been when they were born (with a bit of co-operation from Mother Nature) - ie in my 30s and spaced two years apart for the two of them. I dont dress in a "flashy" sort of way. I knew from a very early age that of course I would own my own home one day - though my low income resulted in years of puzzlement and frustration as to why I hadnt got that home yet - before I finally managed it.

    Right - that set of tastes and values plonks me firmly somewheres in the middle class.

    My income level plonks me equally firmly in the working class.

    Well - the "Daily Mail" for instance keeps referring to the "middle class" - and every time I read the article in question I find that what they are referring to is "middle income" - nothing whatsoever to do with the person themselves and what they are like. So - as I refuse pointblank to be judged by my income level - as thats nothing whatsoever to do with me personally - its just the income level I got lumbered with :mad: - then I guess I would have to disagree with the whole concept of class.
  • I have a lady who comes in and cleans for me.Does that make me middle class or just lazy?
    I think the poll is far too complicted.Class,you either have it or you don,t.
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  • Jojo_the_TightfistedJojo_the_Tightfisted Forumite
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    You see, the problem with this poll is that some us already know exactly what socioeconomic class we fall into (which is divided into ABC1C2D&E, C1 being skilled manual/clerical (carpenter, plumber etc), C2 being semi skilled manual (general builder). I can't answer instinctively because I studied the subject at college. When I'm working I'm C1, when I was a kid I was E, the education I received was from people who were undoubtedly Bs and my long passed grandparents were As. So what do you go by - my ancestry, my childhood circumstances, my employment or my education?

    I live in a council flat on an estate. My children attend state school (although if DD2 can get herself a bursary to the nearest private school next year, she isn't going to be for much longer). DD1 wants to become a Music or Art teacher and DD2 knows she will also be going to University. I have just written cheques for a large proportion of my monthly income in respect of music tuition and various clubs they both attend.

    Do the things I choose to spend my money upon determine my class or is it the proportion of my total income that they represent that determines it?

    (Think I'll have a cuppa and sit down now before I hurt myself)
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    Yup you are officially Rock n Roll :D
  • robin_banksrobin_banks Forumite
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    Been to university, reasonably well paid job.
    Read the Gaurdian and the Times, recycle and freecycle, shop at Waitrose.

    Live in a council flat that needs a fair amount of work doing to it, so am living in below standard accomodation and am in a constant battle with mice.
    "An arrogant and self-righteous Guardian reading [email protected]".

    !!!!!! is all that about?
  • This is a really difficult one to answer, like others have said.

    Is it about ancestry, about income, or about mentality? The choices we make in life? Our beliefs/values? Where we shop? :confused: I would fall into different categories for each of those.
  • JayZedJayZed Forumite
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    Interesting that everyone found this so difficult to answer. I know my place - I had absolutely no hesitation at all in describing myself as middle class. Pass the organic muesli...

    I read an article recently about perceptions of class in Britain and the US (in the Economist, I think?) that made the perceptive point that Americans tend to push themselves up a notch, while Brits tend to demote themselves (so perhaps that means that I'm really upper-middle-class...)
  • the very fact that you are here, contributing, puts you firmly in the tightwad class , no matter what your income or values :-)
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