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  • Edinburghlass_2
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    I think you will find that the new design team are making the changes as an on-going project with the change of logo being just one of them?


    cross poster there sra, I wasn't directing this comment at you nor anyone else icon11.gif
  • gizmoleeds
    gizmoleeds Forumite Posts: 2,232
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    I totally agree with sra - you really need a colour scheme - just a few complimentary colours used together.

    Also, the name of the site does not need to be shown twice, and it's all a bit, well, blurry - not as crisp and smooth looking as it could be.

    If you want any help, I am a very experienced amateur graphics designer ( :rolleyes: ) - just look at my avatar (which will have moving snow within a few days - I promise ;)).
  • daveboy
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    As a guy (straight, may I add) I've got to say the picture used now is far better than the old one.

    Martin will have plenty of women perving at him now!
  • innovate
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    The guy who was on ITV yesterday was miles more handsome!
    The one on this page reminds me of Mona Lisa :p

    I agree with an earlier comment - like the banner overall, but the colour scheme across the site should be the same.
  • carol_a_3
    carol_a_3 Forumite Posts: 1,104 Forumite
    I'm still a bit unsure about the banners etc and although I like the photo which looks a lot more professional...does this mean we won't be seeing you in a santa hat in the near future?
  • MSE_Martin
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    Perhaps understanding the logic will help

    1. We can only change the two images at the top - this isn't a redesign. So simply compare with what we had (on the main site). We're well aware a full redesign is needed, its on the list the top and left bars are too big and need shrinking, yet that requires major changes

    2. Part of the change is due to make me rich, the photo needed to 'look more like me' to make sure people realise who's site it is

    3. The other problem is many links which come from ITV will go to articles page not the home page - thus its important people KNOW what site they're on even if they don't enter via the home page

    4. There is a big advert going out for the book which i've got the site piggybacked on, so the colour matching the book is important

    5. The reason for the two names of the site is the pic on the left is used on other sites so it needs to contain everything also. If you look the site banner is in the middle the left hand banner is my personal banner. So its been designed to say

    Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert
    and at the same time, by spacing the letters and seperating the dot com

    Hope this helps you see the logic

    I am tempted to ask the designer to put my full head in there. Must admit it wasn't the pic i wanted, but was the one that looked best when shrunk down.
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  • Iona_Penny
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    Well I think the new photo is good, and much more likely to get you recognised! However until I read another post I didn't realise the backing was a £10 note, almost too subtle, and don't like the fact the site name and your name are in 2 colours.. my choice would be both in red.

    I don't mind the blue and green across main banner, but do agree with others that there are just too many colours making the site look 'cheap' (ok I accept that is a good look for here! ;) )
  • Smiley_Mum
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    I like the new heading to the site etc and the other changes. Very eyecatching and bright. I am wondering though about having the note on there, isn't it illegal to deface an image of the Queen, although I've never known anyone to be nicked for doodling on a tenner. :rolleyes: Perhaps you could take the Queen out and put Martin's image in there instead. :cool:
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  • jaxxy00
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    I like it overall, although i feel that the orange star 'new moneysavers find out more' doesnt fit in. It seems to be just sat there as an afterthought. Perhaps if it was more centralised within the available space!
    I really think as someone else has already said, you need to correct your spelling.
  • Aries
    Aries Forumite Posts: 477 Forumite
    I think the colours are nice and fresh looking, apart from the Orange that clashes.
    I like the new photo of Martin.
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    so far
    saving for Holiday :j

    You are never too Old to learn new tricks.:rotfl:
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