MealPlans WB 3rd October 2008



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    Friday - sausages and chips (DD poached egg and chips)
    Saturday - chicken, leek and pepper stir-fry (DD southern fried quorn burger)
    Sunday - Mrs M's savoury meat roll and roast potatoes (DD veggie hot dog)
    Monday - cheese and lentil loaf
    Tuesday - spaghetti bolognaise (from freezer) - DD spaghetti and veg
    Wednesday - chana dhal (cooking for freezer) and HM naan
    Thursday - vegetable soup
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    Well i haven't done this for a while, but here goes.

    Friday - being whisked away for suprise!
    Sat - HM cottage pie
    Sun - Roast Chicken
    Mon - Left over cottage pie
    Tues - HM Bolognaise (leftover)
    Wed - HM Chicken pie
    Thurs - HM Chicken soup/stew
    Friday - HM Burgers & chips
    Sat - HM Chili & jacket spuds
    Sun- Roast chicken thighs
    Monday - holiday in Guernsey staying with family so nsd possibilities.
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    October, my birthday month!!

    Mushroom and chicken stirfry

    Soup with h/m bread

    Veggie chilli with rice

    Fish in black bean sauce with rice

    Going to see my gran

    Cottage pie (h/m in freezer)

    Sardines with pasta and veg.
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    We have all been feeling very yukky here in the Boodle household so meal planning is a bit out the window - more a case of what we feel we can manage to eat really. It will probs be a repeat of last week (the meal plan went out the window then too :()

    We aren't huge fans of cereal in this house but have bought some weetabix and cornflakes so we can have something relatively plain first thing.

    We have been having avocado squashed on toast or plain pasta mixed with red pepper and a wee bit of dressing for lunch.

    Dinners will be something along the lines of:
    Mixed beans and couscous
    Roasted peppers with couscous and sunflower seeds
    Cheese and tom pizza (frozen)
    Pasta in a plain tomato sauce
    Veggie fingers and potato wedges
    Soup with bread buns

    Any variations on really plain meals would be very appreciated!
    Love and compassion to all x
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    Hi all

    I have actually written a meal plan!!!!

    Fri: shepherds pie, kale
    Sat: HM Chicken soup, garlic bread
    Sun: roast beef and yorkies, veg, roast tatties and parsnips
    Mon: HM fish pie, whatever veg i can find
    Tues: mushroom rissotto, HG salad
    Wed: Spaghetti bolgnese, HG salad
    Thursday: corned beef hash, baked beans

    Am really pleased as have never managed this before!

    Jan :A xxxxx
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    Hello Thought I would join in this thread too!

    My meal plan is a bit squew?? (is that even a word!!) as my boys (3 and almost 2) eat early and wont eat a lot of the spicy stuff me and DH like!! Oh and they eat at like 4pm and we eat after 7... will this ever EVER change??

    Weekly Menu Lunch Dinner Boys Dinner US
    Friday Stuffed Potatoes Fish Fingers Chips Beans Chilli (jacket or rice)
    Saturday Mc D's cauliflower Cheese Carrot & Coriander Soup Croutons
    Sunday Tuna Sandwiches Roast Roast
    Monday Ham & Cheese Toasties Chicken Supreme & Rice Chicken Curry & rice
    Tuesday Ham & Cheese Toasties S hep Pie (lamb) and Veggies Shep Pie Lamb
    Wednesday Tuna Sandwiches McDs after JJ's Beef Strogonof
    Thursday Ham & Cheese Toasties Tuna and Sweetcorn Pasta G Bread Pasta and Garlic Bread
    Friday Tuna Sandwiches Haddock Mash and veggies Thai Salmon & rice

    Grr doesnt like excel does it! LOL

    All Homemade except the haddock (boil in bag :D)
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    I want to play this week too!

    Thursday- meant to have salmon but forgot to defrost! :rolleyes: Had m and s casserole instead

    Friday- Ham and Mushroom tagliatelle

    Saturday- Shephardess Pie and salad (we'll use Quorn- Never actually made Shepards Pie- would you believe! so any easy yummy receipes appreciated!)

    Sunday- Homemade pizza with lots of veggies on top (tomatoes, olives, red onion, 3 colours of peppers, courgette)

    Monday- Roast dinner (chicken, potatoes, sweet potatoes, redonions, tomatoes,carrots roasted in oven with snapsnap peas, thin green beans and broccoli boiled with veggie stock and parmesan added once drained)

    Tuesday- Pasta with homemade tomato sauce- chunky style

    Wedneday- Jacket potatoes with cheese and beans and salad

    Thursday- Homemade chilli (using quorn) and rice

    Friday- Homemade KFC style chicken, homemade potatowedges and either a salad or broccoli/peas/green beans combo from monday
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    angelnikki wrote: »
    Hi :hello:Nikki x

    Hi Nikki, good to hear from you - love the new avatar!

    Right, I am really up for this as I am very carp at meal planning and began to slip again on my GC last month because of it...

    I am going to re-check cupboards, ect to see what I have and I will be back soon to list this weeks meal plan - todays was easy as we were brought KFC - not healthy but free so couldn't turn it down.

    I will also be cooking again this weekend as haven't done any for a while so at least there will be snacks for lunches, etc... wish me luck!
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    imcognito wrote: »
    Grr doesnt like excel does it! LOL

    All Homemade except the haddock (boil in bag :D)

    If you copy it to word from excel, then convert to text with tabs or columns, it might help when you copy and paste onto here (long winded I know, but even longer if you have to sort it on here...)
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  • Here's my first meal plan posted here:

    Sun - Lunch - out
    Sun - Supper - Toad in the hole, mash, veg, onion gravy
    Mon - Pork dinner (chops, mash, roast pots, veg, gravy, stuffing for me)
    Tues - Spaghetti bolognese
    Wed - Chicken wrapped in bacon with potato wedges and veg
    Thurs - Eating separately, I'll probably have pasta n sauce in a jacket potato
    Fri - not sure yet!
    Cymru am Byth!
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