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    By popular demand, potato layer bake recipe :D

    Penny. x
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    Hi all

    I don't do the recipe above.. mine is one my mum used to do ;) ...really cheap n tasty -we are having it tonight :j

    Simply peel potatoes and slice thickly, layer with sliced onions -salt and pepper every layer.. then you can use milk, water or stock (a lamb stock cube is the best ;) ) and bring the liquid about half way up your potatoes (you can alway add more liquid if they start to dry out)
    cover and stick in a medium oven until tender then take the lid off and let the top layer go crispy

    You can also put cornedbeef through the middle, bacon on top for the last few minutes, breast of lamb or belly pork (I put these on top at the begining so they cook well and then crisp up --plus all the juices soak into the potatoes :D

    My fave is still just the potatoes, onions and lamb stock :D ..ooh with a slice of hm bread for the dippy bit ... You can serve them with dinners etc -but i like them on their own :T
    hope that helps ;)
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    That sounds a bit like my mum's rice onion and potato bake.

    Uncooked rice in the bottom of a greased dish. Layer of sliced onion, layer of sliced potato. Pour stock up to top of potato. Bake till rice is cooked and all liquid gone.

    Lovely with sausages and gravy.
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  • Hellooo All

    Didnt menu plan this week and it has been a nightmare!

    So back on the menu planning wagon this week
    • Sun Roast Chicken
    • Mon Chicken rice
    • Tues Burger egg and chips
    • Wed Freezer dip
    • Thurs Fry up
    • Fri Chicken portions with cheesey pots
    • Sat out:j
    (we like chicken!)
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    Wow....great turn out this week.

    Pea & Ham Soup-Is it really easy to make?....I dont often make soups or if I do, its leftover veggie soup.

    Have a good week.

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    I missed last weeks thread, can't believe where the time goes!

    Here's my plan for this week:-

    Sat:- ? DS out with dad, so soup or omelette
    Sun:- Beef, Pots, Veg & YP
    Mon:- Spanish Chicken
    Tues:- Jacket Potatoes & Salad
    Weds:- Chilli & Rice
    Thurs:- HM Pizza
    Fri:- HM Wedges & Fish Fingers with Veg

    Have a good week

    LMS xx
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    Here's mine, starting Monday as usual:

    Monday - leftover roast (freezer)
    Tuesday - chicken and chorizo paella (double quantity)
    Wednesday - fish pie (freezer)
    Thursday - cauliflower cheese (freezer)
    Friday - roast
    Saturday - out
    Sunday - corned beef hash browns and baked beans (freezer)
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    fri: [strike]pasta bake[/strike]
    sat: [strike]chicken kiev[/strike]
    sun:[strike] gammon with all the trimmings[/strike]
    mon:[strike]chicken curry[/strike]
    wed: [strike]steak pie[/strike]
    thurs: [strike]jacket pototoes[/strike]

    breakfasts: cereal, toast and/or fruit
    lunch: packed

    have a good week everyone - this has helped me so much

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  • Wow....great turn out this week.

    Pea & Ham Soup-Is it really easy to make?....I dont often make soups or if I do, its leftover veggie soup.

    Have a good week.


    If I can make it, anyone can:rotfl: I buy a ham shank from the butchers for around £1.50 - I think they are called different names around the country;) , like ham hock, gammon hock etc - a box of dried peas from Tesco for 19p. An onion and a couple of carrots.

    Soak the ham for a couple of hours to get rid of the salt content.. I put the ham into the slow cooker overnight, in a seperate bowl I soak the peas over night (mine take 12 hours to soak). In the morning, I remove the ham and pour the cooking liquour into a jug. I Shread the ham. I keep some to make sarnies with and the rest goes back into the slow cooker and then I add the peas, chopped onion and a couple of carrots. Taste the cooking liquor to check for saltiness - they arn't as salty as they use to be years ago, but still best to check, add the liqour if it tastes ok to you. Put the slow cooker back onto high. Keep checking the liqour as the peas will just keep soaking and soaking it up. You'll know when its done as the peas will go all mushy... easy peasy and dirt cheap.

    I found the reciepe on MSE. I think it was Olliebeak who posted it.
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    Oh - it is really difficult to do a plan just after dinner! But here goes anyway....

    Thur - spicy beef stew (from leftover pot roast) with brown rice and salad
    Fri - pasta with courgette sauce, tomato salad
    Sat - HM pizza
    Sun - pork, white bean & kale soup (new recipe, kale in garden ready now)
    Mon - spinach/ricotta filo pie
    Tues - fake nasi goreng
    Wed - kale & potato mash with smoked sausage
    Thur - tajine made with (frozen) leftover pot roast, couscous
    Fri - garlic soup, jacket potato with HM baked beans (=fake cassoulet)

    Done! I'm please that's on paper now. Good luck everyone!
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