MealPlans WB 3rd October 2008



  • Hi :hello:

    F - tuna & sweetcorn tomato pasta
    S - shepherds pie (batch of savoury lamb for freezer)
    S - chicken jambalaya (first time making this - turned out really yummy & DS loved it too :j )
    M - salmon, stir fry veg & noodles
    T - chicken curry, rice & naan
    W - pasta bolognaise (HM, from freezer)
    T - spicy bean & sweet potato stew (HM, from freezer)

    Have a good week everyone :)

    Nikki x
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    Penny... What do you put in your rissoles please? :D

    Have a good week everyone. x

    I use Delia's recipe, using whatever leftover meat I have. I'm amking these with mutton from the freezer ;)

    Have a lovely time away :D

    Penny. x
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    Hi everybody, can I join in? I'm feeling so hungry reading this!

    We plan to have

    Fri - Chilli & rice
    Sat - Meatballs & spagetti
    Sun - Roast chicken dinner
    Mon - Lasagne
    Tues - Pork chops, potatoe bake and veg
    Wed - Chicken cordon bleu, probably with left over pot bake
    Thurs - Sausage, mash, peas & onion gravy.

    Bit concerned about the fact there is 3 mince based meals so close together but find it so hard to find inspiration to other things.

    Will be pinching a few ideas from you all as it all sounds really good :)
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    Hiya all,

    Here's this weeks mealplan.......

    TODAY - H/m spaghetti bolognese (freezer) & garlic bread.

    FRIDAY - Roast chicken (freezer), roasties, stuffing, baby carrots, green beans & gravy.

    SATURDAY - H/m lasagne (will make 2 more batches for freezer), spicy wedges & salad.

    SUNDAY - Tuna pasta bake & salad.

    MONDAY - Minced beef & onion pie (freezer), mash, mixed veg & gravy.

    TUESDAY - Oven baked Chicken drumsticks (freezer) with southern fried coating, oven chips & salad.

    WEDNESDAY - H/m chilli (freezer) with rice or baked potato.

    THURSDAY - Sausages (freezer), mash, fried onions, peas & gravy or pepper sauce.

    It's a good job I've just had lunch or I'd be out raiding the fridge :D
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    Here is this weeks meal plan, starting on Sunday as usual.
    I have never made chilli mince pies before but planning to use an exisiting chilli mince mix and put a nice pastry on top (mmmmm).
    I have never made the mince keema either but am following a recipe from my Readers Digest book and it sounds delish.

    Sunday 5th: Chilli mince pies (Chilli mix in freezer), sweet potato mash & carrot
    Monday 6th: [strike]Chicken with HG leek & bacon in a creamy sauce [/strike]leftover Chilli mince pies & lattice potatoes
    Tuesday 7th: HM pizzas (from freezer), [strike]pasta salad [/strike]& potato salad
    Wednesday 8th: Creamy mushroom pasta & garlic bread
    Thursday 9th: Salmon en croute, cous cous & green beans
    Friday 10th: [strike]Chicken[/strike], [strike]broccoli[/strike] orange & red peppers, mushroom & potato fritatta
    Saturday 11th: Steak mince keema, rice & naan (+ portion for Sunday 12th)

    Forgot to say I have all the bits in the fridge, freezer or cupboards!
    The week after I want do beef stew (and pastry or dumplings) so will have to get some lovely stewing beef from the butcher for that- but that will not be until week starting Sun 12th (10th on here) so no spends needed immediately (no room in freezer for it either!). Lunches also planned too but not on the post.
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    Where will I find Mrs M's Potato & Onion bake recipe please? I have searched the forum but cannot find it, thanks!

    Three weeks in a row for me now - have impressed myself lol!

    Mon - Haddock Mornay (thanks for recipe)
    Tues - Beef Stew and dumplings, dumplings and lots more dumplings!
    Weds - Chicken Tikka Massale, rice, bombay pots, naan
    Thu - Steak Au Poivre (Mr T Finest RTC £4.99-£1.50) and mash
    Fri - Meatballs, tomato & chilli sauce, spaghetti or pasta
    Sat - Jambayla
    Sun - Pizza

    Mr T bill should be fairly small again next week as I have most of the ingredients alreay
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    How exciting I have just bought my first soon to be rubber chicken! When we have bought a chicken before we have only really had one meal from it :eek: so I am going to ssstttrrreeetttccchhh it out this time!

    Today - Garlic and herb roast chicken with roast potatoes and peas
    Friday - Chicken and leek pie
    Saturday - Chicken risotto
    Sunday - Sausage and bean hot pot
    Monday - Vegetable fried rice
    Tuesday - Pasta bake
    Wednesday - Freezer surprise

    I always feel really hungry after writing my list :D
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    Here is mine starting on Weds as usual

    Weds; HM Spag Bol and HM garlic focaccia
    Thurs; HM Lamb hotpot( in slow cooker as I type,using lamb shoulder chops reduced from Co op:D )
    Fri; Lemon and paprika roasted chicken thighs and drumsticks roasted over new pots...very yummy
    Sat; Spicy chorizo and roasted pepper pasta with HM garlic bread
    Sun; Roast chicken, potatoes,greens,carrots,yorkies and gravy
    Mon Breaded cod, new pots and veg
    Tues Spaghetti on toast and poached egg

    I would like the potato bake recipe too but can`t find it either:rolleyes: ......maybe we are a bit dim:o lol
  • Another week - this means my holiday is nearly over :( Ah, well. Soon be Christmas.

    Here's my meal plan for the week. Yet again, everyone's meals sound lovely!

    Tonight (Thursday): Chicken Fajitas
    Friday: Homemade Sweet and Sour Pork with Noodles
    Saturday: Homemade Lasagne (with four portions for the freezer)
    Sunday: Chicken Saag Masala with small portion of rice (Sharwood's Jar as I can't make curries for toffee :( )
    Monday: Jacket Potato with Melee Beans
    Tuesday: Meatballs with a Tomato and Garlic Sauce with Pasta
    Wednesday: At Mum's
    Thursday: Chicken Tikka Kebabs with Pitta Bread and Salad

    I'm definitely going to try the rissoles and if I can find it, the potato and onion bake reipe, too :D
    Continually trying the Grocery Challenge. Gotta keep trying!
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    Ok, this week we have...

    Friday - chicken & leek risotto with garlic bread
    Saturday- dinner- spaghetti & meatballs
    tea - quesadillas
    Sunday - dinner - out
    tea - OH's choice, he wants to feel in charge!:rolleyes:
    Monday - tuna steaks, chipped potatoes & roasted cherry toms
    Tuesday - Baked sweet potato & cajun chicken
    Wednesday - gnocchi with cheese sauce
    Thursday - burgers, mash & roast toms, courgettes etc.

    I did really well last week and am confident I can stick to this. :T
    odi et amo
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