MealPlans WB 26th September 2008

Hi Guys!!

Wowwwww...where has this week gone:confused:

This week we are having:

Thursday-Shepherds Pie & Veg
Friday-At Sisters
Saturday-At Sisters
Sunday-Indian Buffet With Friends
Monday-Roast Stuffed Chicken(reduced 50p), Roasties, Yorkies, Green Beans & Carrots
Tuesday-Lamb Stew & Dumplings
Wednesday-Dinner & Show
Thursday-Baked Spud With Cheese & Beans

We have an easy week as we are supposed to be going out, but I have alot of hospital visits, so this will be much easier for me.

Have a great week everyone.

What you all having??


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  • Where has every week gone? :confused: :eek: 90 days til xmas.....

    Tonight - chicken stuffed with garlic cheese wrapped in bacon with stir-fry TICK
    Tomorrow - Lasagne if OH home, or some other pasta if just me OH making quorn chilli instead
    Saturday - Mum & Dads as OH away :rolleyes: TICK
    Sunday - as per tomorrow OH home so we had gammon
    Monday - Tuna pie Nope, Mackerel that OH caught at the weekend!
    Tuesday - Quorn curry Nope, no dinner tonight
    Wednesday - Corned Beef hash Oh dear, no quorn lasagne!
    Thursday - pasta LOL, nope fish, chips and veg instead!
    Friday -gammon maybe :confused:
  • I have been AWOL, hope its ok to join back in, sorry guys.

    Anyway, I need to get back on track, so......

    Thurs .. Spag Bol in freezer

    Fri .. HM Pizza and HM wedges

    Sat .. hmmm, not sure yet.. will have a mooch in the freezer, got loads of unlabeled packages of various meals I have frozen, could be good fun defrosting a few and having 'surprise' for tea:D

    Sun .. Roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings

    Mon .. Chicken curry

    Tues .. cheese toasties and salad

    Wed .. pasta with bacon and courgettes

    Have a good week everyone!
    I also remember the words of my friends, but I would rather have enemies than friends like you :p

    :p would like to make it known that ZubeZubes avvy is a DHN, she's not dancing :o
  • Sat .. hmmm, not sure yet.. will have a mooch in the freezer, got loads of unlabeled packages of various meals I have frozen, could be good fun defrosting a few and having 'surprise' for tea:D

    You're not the only one! I think I've got a package of coronation chicken sauce but it could be anything TBH :rotfl:
  • RummerRummer Forumite
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    I went off track this week so I am determined to focus this week!

    Thursday: HM vegetable quiche
    Friday: HM chicken curry and nan bread in freezer
    Saturday: Sausage casserole in freezer
    Sunday: Chicken casserole in freezer
    Monday: Spag bol in freezer
    Tuesday: Veggie pasta
    Wednesday: HM Veggie fried rice

    Trying to run down the contents of the freezer so that I don't spend any money and so I can refill it with different things!
    Taking responsibility one penny at a time!
  • Hi,
    My plan from now until next weekend (when I go to Wales to drop the dog off at mum's for a week whilst I go to the US with work - at least its all paid for and free food there!)
    • Thursday 25th - quorn burgers, salad and maybe small jacket potato
    • Friday 26th - cheese and potato bake and beans
    • Saturday 27th - fry up type thing - veggie sausages (gammon for OH), egg, beans, tomatoes, waffles, mushrooms etc
    • Sunday 28th - Sunday lunch out?/ marinaded fish, salad and jacket spud
    • Monday 29th - out for SIL birthday meal
    • Tuesday 30th - "chicken" quorn tikka massala, rice and naan
    • Wednesday 1st - tuna bake and garlic bread
    • Thursday 2nd - quorn sausages, roasties, peas and gravy
    • Friday 3rd - quorn fillet and wedges/chips
    Trying to use up what we have rather than buying new before the trip.

    Good luck to everyone
    R x
  • champyschampys Forumite
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    Hi there - here is my plan!

    today - grilled HM grain burgers in pitta bread, provencal tomatoes
    friday - baked fish with lemon tahini
    saturday - HM pizza
    sunday - kale mash with smoked sausage
    monday - Turkish lentil soup, ham/cheese crepes, ratatouille
    tuesday - pot roast slices with mixed mushrooms, jacket potatoes
    wednesday - Moosewood mushroom/carrot bake, salad
    thursday - spicy mexican beef (made with leftover pot roast) on brown rice
    friday - pasta with courgette sauce

    have a good week everyone!
    "Remember that many of the things you have now you could once only dream of" - Epicurus
  • Good morning! Here's our plan for the week:

    Thursday - beef curry
    Friday - HM pizza
    Saturday - steak, mushrooms, chips
    Sunday - chicken roast, potatoes, veg
    Monday - HM chicken soup with dumplings
    Tuesday - bbq pork ribs in slow cooker, rice
    Wednesday - bacon, sausage, eggs, toast
    Thursday - mince, beans and cheese on rice
    Friday - undecided
    Saturday - lamb burgers, veg
    Sunday - beef roast, potatoes, veg

    We're almost done with the lovely pack of meat we bought from local butchers - time to get another one I think!
    MSE mum of DS(7), and DS(4) (and 2 adult DCs as well!)
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    :snow_grin Christmas 2013 is coming soon!!! :xmastree:
  • Hello, im quite new, but thought id put my menu up

    Thursday - YS Quiche and HM Wedges
    Friday - Spag Bol ( with oats and Lentils ;) )
    Saturday - Out with dad and step mum
    Sunday - Shep's Pie and veggies
    Monday - Veggie Soup
    Tuesday - Chicken and Veg Stew
    Wednesday - Veggie Burgers and Wedges
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    Hi, here's mine (just written it as it only went up till Monday...)

    Tonight - chilli (huge batch in slow cooker)
    Fri - Fish pie
    Sat - Roast chicken
    Sun - Chicken cobbler (with left over roast chicken)
    Mon - Marlin and veg
    Tue - Sausage casserole
    Wed - Smoked haddock
    Thur - Chilli (from freezer)
    Fri - Salmon omelette

    Must make some soup for lunches .... have lots of stock in the freezer and keep buying tinned soup for work - what a lazy moo :o
    working on clearing the clutter
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    As usual we start on Sunday so here is my list:
    Sun: HM tortilla wraps with nippy chicken, sour cream & salsa (and pear and blackberry crumble left over from Sat)
    Mon: haddock mornay, potatoes & tinned carrots
    Tue: HM ham & mushroom pizza & pot salad
    Wed: Chicken & sweetcorn potato pie & broccoli
    Thur: Chicken & sweetcorn potato pie & carrots & peas
    Fri: Meat & veg (red pepper, courgette, mushroom) lasagne & garlic bread
    Sat: Meat & veg lasagne & chips & salad

    (The colour coding is red meat, poultry, pink meat, fish, veg, carb such as pots, bread etc, pulses, sweet stuff)
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
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