Organised Christmas 2008.. The countdown has begun!



  • mykitten
    mykitten Forumite Posts: 77 Forumite
    Just found this thread - great ideas!:j

    I'm like a little kid this year (well every year!) I really want christmas now!

    Sorted 90% of the christmas cards
    Wrapped my presents (even given some out to far flung relatives!)
    Just to sort out the menu - buy the stuff!
    Oh and make about 5 sock monkeys!
    as well as write an essay before christmas


    Happy December! :xmastree:
  • Triggles
    Triggles Forumite Posts: 2,281 Forumite
    Well, I've been not feeling well the last few days - so falling behind again. Christmas tree and decorations going up this weekend. Now that the ceiling in the dining room is done (or it will be in a couple hours), I can go back in there and finish up the Christmas cards so they can go out next week. Another Christmas present ordered arrived in the post this morning, so that's been popped into the present cupboard. Just a couple things to pick up, along with some wine, and that's done. What a relief!
    MSE mum of DS(7), and DS(4) (and 2 adult DCs as well!)
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    :snow_grin Christmas 2013 is coming soon!!! :xmastree:
  • RoxieW
    RoxieW Forumite Posts: 3,016 Forumite
    Afternoon all - snows all melted boooooo. am sat listening to xmas songs and feeling smug as all my friends are off rushing around in mad panics buying gifts wahahahahaha - i'm evil!
    Feeling in a better mood today as kitchen is started to come together - stillnot looking forward to 'installation week' though, but at least the plans are coming together and its not costing a small fortune like it seemed to be looking to.
    Got lots to do in town but go an excuse as its icy so may do abit more wrapping this aft - or maybe i'll just read the paper lol.
    I agree - work does get in the way of xmas - this year i'm on a 'maternity' break and its been so nice to have the time to plan and do nice things with the kids and find bragains/make homemade gifts etc :)
    £10 a day challenge Aug £408.50, Sept £90
    "It's not always rainbows and butterflies, It's compromise that moves us along."
  • RoxieW
    RoxieW Forumite Posts: 3,016 Forumite
    RoxieW wrote: »
    sunday -
    [strike] email builder kitchen details
    tidy up
    get tree
    bake muffins
    wrap more gifts/boys adventy gifts[/strike]

    monday -
    [strike] borrow dawns paper shredder for shred[/strike]

    next week-
    [strike] put tester pots on walls[/strike]
    more wrapping
    [STRIKE] clear space in boys room ready for decorating[/STRIKE]
    get d to print lables
    get d to print personalised xmas stories

    As well as clean bathroom, [STRIKE]ironing[/STRIKE] and general nasty housework booooo

    tues -
    something for vase from florist in town and wreath
    gift bag (med) for andrew
    gift bag (turq or silver - med) for james
    buy cardboard for labels
    buy slippers for boys
    wellies for me
    pay next account
    potatoes and milk
    [STRIKE]order tile samples
    get more kitchen quote[/STRIKE]
    get floor/wall tiling qutoes and dates

    other days -
    more wrapping
    decorate boys bedroom
    buy new table, chairs and accesories/curtains - ikea/next
    decide on paint colour
    decide on wall tiles
    buy floor tiles from homebase

    phew - oh forgot - take xmas photo of boys for xmas cards.
    write xmas cards.
    £10 a day challenge Aug £408.50, Sept £90
    "It's not always rainbows and butterflies, It's compromise that moves us along."
  • JordanShannon
    JordanShannon Forumite Posts: 666 Forumite
    Work has been getting in the way a lot:mad: i just can't find the time to do anything. I now have a list that's 3 sides of A4!:eek: I really dont know what to do with myself, or where i should begin!!!:eek: :confused: Right now, i am pairing up socks, and ironing!! I have work at 4pm til 6.30pm - i get paid £3.53 ph(BOOOO) and i'm looking for my local job centre's number so i can make an appiontment to claim jobseekers allowance!I'm SO dissorganised _pale_
    Will have to get help from mum!:o
    Well i'm off to do some chores
    I am only me, no pretences, no second guesses.. It's the best I can do, I'm sorry if that's not good enough for you... I'm sorry I'm not good enough for you :A
  • furrypig
    furrypig Forumite Posts: 2,881
    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    Hey we're getting there aren't we!!

    Back home now (Tuesday's my short day at work) and I have the cat curled up next to me and still feeling a bit yukky coldy but better than yesterday.

    Mel is now storming ahead in the votes with 20%!!

    Yeah for MEL xxx
  • Shevs
    Shevs Forumite Posts: 443 Forumite
    SHEVVSSSSSSS... I have missed you where the hell have you been!! What you been up to my christmas elf.
    I saw your post a few pages ago asking where I was, nice to know I was missed:D . I just had a thought, if I were every kiddnapped or something like that I think all you lot would notice before my family did lol.

    Well last weekend was manic, was at a dancing competition on Friday and sunday which took up the whole day, four and a half hours driving both days, never driven so much in my life!

    Saturday I was at a lose end so cleaned my mums bathroom from top to toe, cleared out her cupboard of doom and nearly died cos a big hairy spider tryed to kill me, I sucked it up with the hoover and decluttered her hallway and cleaned from top to toe. I feel sorry for my poor mum, my dad is a horder (sp) so their house is full but I managed to throw away quite alot. I am going to do the whole house before christmas if it kills me. It can be a present to my mum.

    Work is getting in my way of being organised for christmas, I wish I didnt have to work, if I were a lady of leisure with no children I would of been done and dusted ages ago xxxxxxxx
  • jamtart6
    jamtart6 Forumite Posts: 8,302 Forumite
    I am having another really awful day in the grand scheme of work. It is depressing me so much, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Even over Xmas it will be hanging ove rme :( no rest for the wicked. Had to give up a ticket for an amazing lecture today as well, probably the only opportunity I'll ever have to see this person talk, but too much to do. I want to bawl again!! But I won't :D

    Almost embarassed to show my Child-like journal front cover/day 1/manifesto after seeing Mel's AMAZING one (as usual! - the winner still ahead in the poll ! WHOOP :T:T!!!) but decided you could all laugh at my pathetic attempt anyway :D Anyway the stickers and buttons are from doodlebug so there is a cute kiddy type feel to the whole thing I suppose anyway!! Due to the nightmre of work, I'm only going to be able to make about 8 pages so will pick the best from the prompts :D (thanks Mel!)


    :ABeing Thrifty Gifty again this year:A

  • Shevs
    Shevs Forumite Posts: 443 Forumite
    Mel no-one is even close to beating you!!!! Woop Woop, with us behind you how could you not win!!!!

    Jammy yours looks great I especially like what you have written on it about your last christmas at home.
  • pinkladymel
    pinkladymel Forumite Posts: 1,707 Forumite
    Aww Jammy your journalling made me cry. 'All the fun and laughter'. I honestly hand on heart love your page to pieces. I think it looks SO christmassy just looking at it makes me feel like I am listening to christmas music. It's GORGEOUS. I loev to see hand journalled, doodling, heart on the page work. At the end of the day, your kids can't see who you are if you're making your pages to look like something from a designer magazine instead of from the heart. One day you may just have some to pass it on to :)

    mykitten welcome to the thread. If you behave like a child and love Christmas then you should just blend right in here haha!

    Shevs.. wow woman.. If I had someone like you here I would be in awe and happiness. I am serious dying under clutter and untidyness.. the faster I clean the faster the kids make it a mess again! I was drinking tea when you said about your family not noticing if you had gone and nearly had a wet monitor!! You are a laugh :D What would you recommend for getting the inside of an oven clean?

    furrypig you're a nutter.. i think this cold was sent to you so you could concentrate on your vote for mel campaign. Have you done any nice christmassy things?

    jordanshannon can they pay you that little? That is OUTRAGEOUS! What I do when I am overwhelmed is just find something on the list and do it right now without thinking of dithering over it then put a big cross through it. The more I cross the more good I feel and the more I want to do.

    Roxie! I reckon you are just on here to wind me up about how gorgeous your kitchen is and how much you get done everyday despite your house being a builders yard!! I know which kitchen you have gone for and it IS the one I wanted except I wanted it in the green or black. BOOOOOOO!!!

    Triggles There is a lot of bad stuff going about at the moment so make sure you take care of yourself x Sounds like you are still going like a trooper though bless you!! Just pop in when you can don't worry about replying to any of us im sure no one minds :)
    :xmastree:Self Certified Christmas Addict:xmastree:
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