who else took the gamble and didnt switch to a fixed product

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im with SP,im on online 4,,i decided not to price fix and take a gamble

so far on this price rise ive saved not going on the fix 2009 with sp (which was cheapest price fix for me)

gas only just but electric was going to cost me almost 6p for tier one and 2p tier two,,the new prices see both my tiers going up by less than a 1p,,so far so good.

Just would like to hear from anyone else who took the gamble
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  • logie28
    logie28 Posts: 323 Forumite
    i took a gamble with click energy 5,

    they probably will up there prices on this product, i still believe it wont be any where close to price fix2011 prices(please god i pray)..

    i dont normally gamble, but i also dont like making greedy companies riches when they try to trap you on the fear factor,

    if all else fails ill buy a calor gas fire some thick blankets, candles and a generator.

    or move abroad!!!

    i keep an open mind , not a open bank account/direct debit!!
  • purply
    purply Posts: 391 Forumite
    I didn't cap and didn't want to cap because it seemed that everyone else was doing it due to the fear factor. Maybe I'll regret it but it's only the two of us and we work all day so we are quite low users. Depends on individual circumstances, I suppose.
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  • Trune
    Trune Posts: 66 Forumite
    same, im with sp and didnt cap.
  • Mercenary
    Mercenary Posts: 627 Forumite
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    I didn't rush to cap. I'm with Atlantic and I get their discount of a month's rebate per utility in November. Not a good time to change supplier.

    I also don't want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire on the wave of public panic :eek: , and then find out I'm donating towards the shareholders Xmas party. I like to keep my options as open as possible.
  • ~daisy~_2
    ~daisy~_2 Posts: 2,566 Forumite
    we didnt cap.....on BG click energy 4
    :j MFi3 wannabee :j
    mortgage owing 04.07 £36,000
    mortgage owing 07.10 £0 !!!!
  • Gorgeous_George
    I didn't cap but for more reasons than simply my belief that energy prices will average less than the capped tariffs.

    I am happy to pay a fair price for everything that I buy. If I had fixed to a lower tariff than is current market rate, one of two things would happen. Either somebody else would be charged more to compensate for the enery company losing out on my account or the company could go bust.

    We both work, have no kids at home and our energy bills are not bad. Last year I paid £68 per month for gas/electricity and ended up £129 in credit.

    Council Tax on the other hand is a rip off but there's nothing that I can do about that.

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    In 7 years at my property I have never capped and I have always just stayed with the cheapest supplier for my region who has happened to be the same one, although I always check prices when there are rises.

    I have saved about £1200 had I capped during this time with the best capped rates on offer.
  • craggs
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    Well i dont feel so bad now,and neither does my bank balance

    next time it goes up if it does in jan or so i might be eating my words but for now ive made the right decision,,,thats a first time for me :D .
    Dony worry,be happy...
  • JayMT
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    I'm in the middle of a switch to npower SOL12 (not capped, and now gone from their website) which, if they have increased it by 14% as per their announcement a couple of days ago will still give me a saving of 30% over what I was paying before.
  • [Deleted User]
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    I didn`t fix or cap and so far ebico has not raised its prices. The energy companies set their rates to make profits
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