Great What/What Not to Buy at Lidl, Aldi and Netto Hunt

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Update 14 Febuary

This thread has now been turned into an updated article. Click here to read the What's hot and what's not at Aldi/Lidl/Netto article.

These three supermarkets are massively cheaper than mainstream supermarkets, yet there's a snobbery about using them. To help others save this hunt is for both 'what' and 'what not to' buy at Lidl, Aldi and Netto.

Obviously if you're skint then you may need to buy all things there, but this is more about compiling views on what to use them for and what not to.

Format for answers

Supermarket: Detail which you're talking about
My top things to buy are:
My top things to avoid are:
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  • Buy baked beans from Netto - better than heinz

    Don't buy baked beans from Lidl - They are the worst thing on this earth!
  • RikkiRikki Forumite
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    Don't buy black pudding - yuk!

    Do buy
    Chocolate milkshake
    fruitand veg
    orange juice
    gammon steaks
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  • Lidl's meat products are generally excellent. They also have some nice fruit juices - their red grape juice is particularly good.

    As stated above, don't touch their baked beans with a bargepole. They have a very odd taste to them.
  • newnhaknewnhak Forumite
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    BUY - Parmesan cheese

    This is much cheaper than anywhere else and as it keeps for ages you can buy in bulk.
  • Dunno about Netto but for Aldo/Lidl

    olive oil
    crunchy granola type cereal
    orange juice
    jaffa cakes
    gingernut biscuits

    fruit and veg much cheaper
    cherry jam
  • From Netto - a christmas favourite is the mulled wine, has been less then £2 a bottle in previous years- marvellous warmed up on a cold day. There stollen bread's not bad either.
  • alictaitalictait Forumite
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    Buy the tiramisu's (individuals) - they are great
    Also get their Museli.
    Their fresh and frozen Pizzas are also great as if their Chicken kievs.

    Don't get their veg - if you are planning on keeping it a few days - only really good for instant use
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  • LayZ_3LayZ_3 Forumite
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    The Shreddies knock offs - I am sure these are the real thing.
    The swiss almond chocloate - amazingly good
    Carlos Stone Baked Pizzas - 99p and as good as £4 ones in M&S
    Saint Etienne Lager - Disguised Stella, and not that muck they brew in the UK
    Wholegrain yoghurts - huge and cheap
    Norpak Butter - like the hard to find slightly salted clover but much cheaper

    Don't buy
    Again i've found the veg not much cop. Fruit is usually good in season though.
    Baked Beans - too sweet
  • emr_2emr_2 Forumite
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    Lidl - BUY
    frozen potato items
    minced beef
    cartons of fruit juice
    bottled water
    paper products (tissues, toilet roll, kitchen roll, paper napkins)
    "feminine hygiene" products
    most varieties of tinned soup-esp mushroom (a tin for lunch - esp handy with the ringpull)

    Lidl - DON'T BUY
    tins of veg soup (i didn't fancy it)
    definitely don't buy baked beans

    But try anything once - it is so cheap that to try once is not really a waste!
  • emr_2emr_2 Forumite
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    Lidl - anything CHOCOLATE!
    Choc santas and choc bunnies (at Easter) are fab
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