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Pet Insurance Cost Cutting System/ Discussion

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Pet Insurance Cost Cutting System/ Discussion

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edited 16 October 2013 at 12:01PM in Pets & Pet Care
This thread relates to the article Pet Insurance Cost Cutting System.

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  • Friend has Jack Russell terrier who had eye trouble , visit to eye hospital £175.00 first visit, £77,50 for each follow up. Eye operation is £2,500
    medicine for same is from them £33.00 for eye drops and £5 for other one via a link on this site gets it for £24.00 month now. Had to pay £11.75 for prescription first of course. Hope this helps a little with costings.
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    My PetPlan renewal went to over £10 a month for my 9 yr old cat with £4000 cover , i renewed with Lloyds for £5.80 a month but realised it would only cover for 12 months.

    I have just taken out a policy with the Halifax for £5.20 a month and has £6000 cover which is ongoing and £10 cashback from Rpoints and the excess is only £50 where PetPlan was £85 + 20% of each claim and Lloyds was £65 + 10%.

    There was an even cheaper option for £3.50 a month but only had £1000 cover, it seems very reasonable for a older aged pet.
  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    I am at a bit of a loss as where to go with my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Presently she is covered by the breeder we bought her from who insured her with PetPlan but the insurance runs out in a day or two so i really need to sort this out now. Now i may be confused but surely, what is cheaper and the best quality health care cover now, will probably be not such good value in the future. So if Millie developed a life long problem that any new insurer wouldnt insure, and the original insurer kept loading more and more terms and conditions over the years, surely your trapped in a no win situation. :confused: Having to stick to a policy that was good but isnt so in the future (cause they load you with terms and conditions), just to keep her insured. Surely a Pet Insurer cant lose in that situation.:confused:
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    Be careful when asking questions about what sort of cover you have for your pet's and always get them to confirm this in writing the reasons for saying this is I had my standard poodle with pet plan when he was 18 months old he developed epilepsy they were great at first and paid all the claims that I put in
    when things started to look worse I asked them if the policy I had covered him if the unthinkable happend and I had to have him put to sleep
    oh yes they said don't worry that will be allright well like a fool I took them at their word and never asked the to confirm this in writing well his condition got worse and after just 6 moths of suffering epilepsy he started having cluster fits which left him with brain damage so almost 2years to the day of my getting him as an 8 wek old puppy I had to have him put to sleep
    when i tried to claim they only sent back the money to cover the vet's bill's
    when I questioned this they said oh no you haven't got life cover.
    now I have another dog he is insured with direct line same type of cover and ten pounds cheaper
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    Don't forget that pet insuarnce often oncludes 3rd party cover up to about £2 million. If your dog runs into the road and causes an accident, you are liable.
  • If you own a small business, stick your dog/cat/budgie on your company logo - then it's officially a company mascot, and the business can pay for all its healthcare! Sounds like a Viz Top Tip, but it's actually true. :)
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    Marks & Spencer offer a great option on their pet insurance policy. For my cat, I could choose to pay an additional couple of pounds and then have a zero excess. My last policy with PetPlan cost me about £35 more than the M&S policy and it came with a hefty £75 excess.
  • I just wanted to warn you that cheaper is not always better! I'm a vet, and can honestly say that if you're going to get insurance, it definately pays to get a policy that covers FOR LIFE.

    The majority of cheap plans will only cover a specific condition for 12 months. So should your pet develop a permanent medical condition such as diabetes or heart disease, the insurance policy will only pay for the first 12 months treatment. Arthritis is a common complication after many fractures, and should arthritis develop (as is usual) several years after the accident, your policy would not cover treatment costs.

    So if you just want a policy to cover for one-off treatments, go with the cheapest, but if you want peace of mind, get a policy that covers for life. Bottom line - read the small print, and remember that in general you get what you pay for!
  • Hello Daivet !

    I am getting a cat on saturday (6 months old) I have been advised that practiceplan is a good deal - I will have to get the cat her injections (2 x £36 first) then £10.something per month and it means all injections, tablets etc are all included.

    Can you give me your views on practiceplan or perhaps tell me the best and cheapest way to make sure I am not shelling out regularly for injections and the like?

    Thanks !
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    hjw wrote:
    Marks & Spencer offer a great option on their pet insurance policy. For my cat, I could choose to pay an additional couple of pounds and then have a zero excess. My last policy with PetPlan cost me about £35 more than the M&S policy and it came with a hefty £75 excess.

    I'm with Marks & Spencer too! My little kitten is insured with a policy with NO EXCESS and it cost me only £65 for the year! No Excess is what I like! Pet Plan wanted to charge me £8.95 a month! WITH a £65 excess! I phoned them up and told them they obviously want me to pay them and they end up never paying any vets bills! £65 excess is ludicrous and would wipe out hardly any chance of them ever coffing up the cash!
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