'Frustrated with myself. I was awful on GMTV today' blog discussion

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  • Idiophreak
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    Keep your chin up Martin, we all have off days - at least you're out there doing your thing and trying to make a difference - something myself and the rest of the community here are extremely thankful for.
  • Gemmzie
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    I blame Ben :D
    No longer using this account for new posts from 2013
  • westferret
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    If they made the mistakes-
    1 not giving enough times for a complex subject which depends on individuals circumstances
    2. asking a question you weren't prepared for due to communication issues
    Then they have some blame. You needed to get more sleep to be prepared for it 4 hours isn't heathly.

    As long as everyone learns then move on and do better next time.

    Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.
  • JMG4321
    JMG4321 Posts: 28 Forumite
    My parents are totally disinterested in money saving ideas but grabbed me today and said they'd seen you on the tv and they wanted to cap their gas and electricity.

    It's quite an achievement to convert my parents into saving money (I have tried and failed for the last 2 years!) so the message definitely came across on the tv for them...
  • This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's blog. Please read the blog first, as this discussion follows it.

    Click reply to discuss below.
    Really Martin you should cut yourself some slack, you are, despite public opinion - presently holding you as Moneysaving Guru or even God! - only human! Chill & take 5 to take stock of all the help you are giving people like myself who simply wouldn't have known where to start with all this. Nobody is perfect 100% of the time, & I'm sure all of your 'followers' appreciate the 100% effort you put in for us all. Your passion is inspirational! Ego restored yet???
    Keep up the great work - PLEEEEEZ!!!
  • Nelski
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    Agree with above

    and hey....you looked cute so no prob:D
  • Hi Martin - I caught the end of your spot on GMTV this morning and, having just read your blog entry, I could see the awkwardness of the situation, but that it wasn't your fault, given the complexity of the subject and the limited time you had to deal with it.
    I wanted to say that I think the majority of viewers, including myself, know you and your reputation well enough now that they will still have confidence in you and feel empowered to act as soon as possible to cap their tariffs.

    I remember you enthusiastically harping on :j about this topic months ago, and I was determined to do something about it then, but didn't get properly off my backside until I saw you on GMTV yesterday, talking about EDF raising their prices. I finally switched to a capped tariff this morning, after you "told us so", that Scottish Power had withdrawn their offer. (I've also just this minute discovered from your site that British Gas are replacing their offer - the updates are much appreciated). I know it'll cost me more initially, but I'm glad I've done it, as I know it'll pay off in the long run, thanks to you. I'm now looking into the rest of my finances...

    Keep on pushing the message out there - we are listening...it just takes a while for us lazy goits to take action! So don't feel disheartened by this morning's 3-minute mini-flop. You are human, after all - although you are a "fiscal X-Man" to most of us out there!

    Harp on, dude...
  • brownbabygirl
    brownbabygirl Posts: 1,356 Forumite
    I caught the end of it as well. Please don't beat yourself up about it! Thanks!

    ps. you did look CUTE
    QUIDCO £2827 paid out since October 2007:D
  • Hi Martin,

    I missed your session on GMTV this morning. I would just like to let all know about a problem I've had with EDF. I received my quartely bill and to my horror it was £600!! I rang EDF and was told that it was correct???
    I received my 2nd Quarter bill and another £400!!!
    I rang EDF and asked to speak to a manager... I was told that they would investigate.....
    3 months later.. I was told that I had been set up on an imperial meter instead of a metric meter!!!
    One for all to check if you feel your bills are too high!!
    I got £600 refund- I moved to Southern Electric yesterday.

    Martin - Thanks for all your advice


    Joe Calvert-Smith
  • rheme
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    Don't beat yourself up about it. The fact that you were on t.v. telling people to cap their energy supplies with a passion hopefully encouraged many to do it at the last minute and avoid today's price rises.

    I switched and fixed not only my gas and electricity about six weeks ago but encouraged my staff and friends to do so as well (many of whom hadn't heard your warnings). On top of that got my parents to switch and fix theirs and to pay by direct debit (absolutely unheard of for them). They are quite elderly and the hassle of doing things like this puts them off. Now they are so pleased as their gas was with British Gas.

    So now we have all got fixed prices to end of 2010 and that is all thanks to you. What you, your team and the members on these forums do is amazing and everyone should be proud of themselves.

    If anyone hasn't managed to fix/cap their prices yet do so now before the next round of price increases which is muted to be around the end of the year.

    Also put the word about - it is surprising how many people are either not aware of it or for one reason or another either can't or don't know how to do it. Give them a bit of encouragement and a helping hand. The feeling is great.

    Once again on behalf of myself and many others - thanks Martin.
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