August 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    greent wrote: »
    Doh! - I didn't read the title of the blog, just the address, and wondered why you were saving snow! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    have bookmarked it with the other blogs I read every couple of days:D


    :rotfl: That's exactly what MrEL said *after* I had set it up :D

    Still, memorable both ways eh ;)
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    Good afternoon everyone

    First spend of this month's budget last night - £19.63 at mrT. More than a quarter of this month's (4 week) budget, but I did buy 240 T bags which should last more than a month, and prawns (value), and 1kg red lentils (cos they didn't have the smaller packs). So not too bad, I suppose.

    Have a good weekend!
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  • NSD for me grocery wise but spent a ton or more on Wii Fit,sun suits,wet suits,summer clothes for next year on sale.dd9 pink shorts rrp 24euro paid 2 euro.

    Had a can of fizz whilst out but we had a good brekkie before we went.

    Having a night out at Lo Maribu tonight with free entertainment and a couple of drinks but as OH is on hols it comes out of the entertainment budget.I always pop a couple of frozen bottles of water with me for the kids as I feel diddled buying water!!!!

    May manage NSD tomorrow if I can persuade OH we don't need a baguette.Ds4 at birthday party in the park by the sea so that will see him fed at lunch.Have card and pressie under bed in secret stash.

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    greent wrote: »
    Doh! - I didn't read the title of the blog, just the address, and wondered why you were saving snow! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    have bookmarked it with the other blogs I read every couple of days:D

    Originally Posted by EagerLearner viewpost.gif
    I've started a money saving blog so thought I'd drop a message on here - hoping to upload a new post every day so please do leave comments and let me know what you think so far!

    Savings Now:

    I read it as saving snow as well I did wonder about it

    It will be an NSD for me today as we are back from our walk in the park and I did no buy anything today at the shop..
    No little adventures either ,,,except we forgor to take hot water with us for a drink so DH took the flask into KFC and asked if they could fil it up and they did so we had a coffee,,

    See ya Later

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    Been to MrT to get a chicken for the weekend... usually buy a large chuck but they had two smaller size ones for £6 so I got those. A lady was buying a larger chicken so I pointed out that there were some smaller ones on offer and she said they are chinese :confused: and that she doesn't eat caged birds after seeing it on the telly... and promptly walked off with a large, non-free-range, bog standard chuck :rolleyes:

    She did point out to me a minute later that the value gammon/bacon joints were good ones this week though so I followed her example and dug a nice, less fatty looking one out from the back of the shelf :D

    Spent more money than I should have done but still :o

    Anyone ever actually worked out whether two smaller chickens give you more meat that one big bird or less coz of the bones :confused:

    Going to do one in the slow cooker (if it fits :rolleyes:) and if not, do them both in the oven and then freeze off the meat.
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    NSD for me today, thank goodness.

    Not having a terribly good day. Firstly it's a bad back day so I am a bit limited as to what I can do...... Hope I can get to see the consultant before too much longer.

    Secondly having looked out the ingredients to make yoghurt in the slow cooker the slow cooker has finally given up the ghost. Now I've used it a lot over the 17 years I've had it, so DH says I've nothing to complain about, but I'm still miffed as I really need to replace it asap and that of course will hit the budget!!!!

    There seem to be a lot of electric cookers around at the moment. Has anyone any advice as to what to go for and what to avoid?
  • mandy_moo_1mandy_moo_1 Forumite
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    first chance i've had to get on here today!!

    well....dare i admit.....i now have 42 bags of diced chicken breast in the freezer :D i've been buying Mr M's 50p chicken all week, and i've split each box into 2, so now i need some good ideas what to do with it please!!

    i don't like curry, and the only things i can think of to make are chicken sweet&sour, and chicken / egg fried rice. i like Mrs Mc's tortillas, but i can never think what to put in them :o any ideas for them as well, maybe using the chicken please :D

    i have 6p to last me till Monday now, but my freezers are absolutely chock-a-ful now with various offers i managed to get this week so i hope i don't need anything else before then!

    got my new oven being delivered in the morning so i'll have to wait in for that......should really spend the time making some choc chip muffins as DS15 said he's feeling deprived! won't be able to use the new cooker till my landlady gets round to sorting someone to fit it for me anyway, so at least i won't be oven-less!!
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    Whilst browsing the aisles in the Co-op today I spotted a new washing powder range called Simply Eco-Smart Washing. It was reduced from £2.79 to £1.59 for 30 tabs (recommend 2 per wash but we shall see about that ;-). I bought a couple of pots to see how I got on with it (certainly smells nice). On opening I found a coupon for 50p off the next purchase. Seems I've struck gold on a cheap laundry solution. £1.09 for my next two pots -hurrah.

    I know my little island has it's own co-op deals but I was hoping others might find a similar deal in their shops. shows pictures of the products for easy identification!!

    Good Housekeeping have said the Simply Sensitive did best in tests matching Persil non-bio and beating Ecover Non-Bio. They also said it's over a third cheaper than persil or Ariel and almost half the price of Ecover!!

    No I don't work for them;-)
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    Mandy_moo_1 - back in my non mse days I used to love Asda's chicken and broccoli pie ready meals (in the 6 for £4 range, they don't make them any more) I have really missed the taste so last night I took some chicken breast and sauted in butter with a little red onion, I used 2 sml chicken breasts. Then I added some milk,chopped broccoli and seasoning and thickened with cornflour and topped with mash (I cooked off 21/2 kilo of spuds and froze the rest)

    Once finished off in he oven it served 3 hungry adults with veg, probably not much more expensive than the ready meals even without Mr M's special offer chicken.

    NSD for me so far today but I might have a woopsie hunt at Asda when I pick DD1 up from work tonight.
  • Susan - sorry to hear about your back, I know de-habilitating that can be :( Sorry not much help with slow cooker I have a MR curry cooker which is good for us but its tall and narrow as opposed to fat and short IYKWIM so not sure if I could get a whole chicken in mine if you do that sort of thing??

    Mandy moo, I am so jealous, I wish I could fit my 4 packs in the freezer let alone your 42 bags!! Altho I think splitting them into bags might just let me fit them in LOL, but I am using 1.5 packs per 2 meals as 1 pack will not feed us five for 2 portions despite how much I pad it out - we would be lucky to get a cube of chicken on our plate :rotfl:
    Anyone now how long this 50p offer is on for? As I might just get more if I can free up some space ;)
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