August 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Popped into Asda yesterday to buy their own brand chappatis (Indian bread - the type we eat regularly; naans are 'eating out' breads!). They've got them on 2 packs of 6 for £1 which is a great deal as the brand we usually eat are 1.07 for 8. Got the last 4 packs on the shelf - will have to keep going in to check for more since we get through 10 packs a month. The Minute Maid offer in Tesco is on till the 19th but my Tesco seems to be permanently out of stock. :(

    £2 added to the total. My cousin is visiting this weekend - hopefully we can feed her from what we have in the freezer. Should be able to since it's so full I had to spend 15 mins yesterday rearranging things just to get the door shut!

    Oh and wanted to thank everyone for the ideas on what to do with the apples from my garden. The day I asked for advice, OH had the day off and he made homemade apple juice and a yummy dessert from the pulp. So am waiting for the next batch of apples to ripen to try out your ideas.
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  • Morning Everyone!!
    Will definitely need to go to Mr T today for a few bits.
    Just making my breadcrumbs with all the leftover bread.
    Pop back later.
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    Well, well, well I live in Herne bay so together we have a little triangle of kent covered :rotfl:

    It's nice to know there's other "locals" on here :D I'd started to think everyone was more up north than me.
  • Hi!
    A better night's sleep last night - thanks for your concern MandyMoo and Moniker!
    Dog slept like a baby and not a peep from him - he's a good boy really and its only the flipping bunch next door that are the problem!

    Anyway, my pasta dish went out of the window - I just couldn't be bothered (too tired) and ended up with jacket potato, beans and cheese instead.

    Have been asked out for a few drinks tonight so may have a "low" tea to compensate for the calories I drink.
    I also forgot to bring lunch to work for the first time in ages today so I'll have to nip out and get something - there's a Tesco Metro near the office so it'll at least be cheaper than Greggs or a sandwich shop.

    I also wrote a mean plan and shopping list for next week - I only need a few things so hopefully it will be under a tenner?

    Have a good day
    R x
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    hello everyone not posted in a few days but ive been keeping track i got about £9 to last til next saturday which is do'er able if i stick to just getting milk and bread but lets see eh? although im quiet proud its my first month or cutting my Gc in half (due to it only being 3 weeks) last few months i had nothing by now and i had more to play with :rotfl: got a job interview tomorrow so my OH is helping me dye my hair (hes quiet good at it plus he get the bits i cant see :D) and sort out a few things like make sure theres no dog hair on my clothes (gonna shave him soon :rotfl: ) also gonna tidy up since nobody else seems to do it... chicken for dinner although DD wants it one way and OH wants it another :rolleyes: but NSD today got to much too do then spend money :rotfl: xxx
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    Morning all

    Just got back from a jaunt to the NAFFI..hoping to swipe all their bread flour if it was still on at 74c...but they are still waiting for it to come in :rolleyes: so hubby will pop by when he goes golfing on Sunday :D
    I have decided to forgive them for not having it in as i did get a few bargains whilst i was there :whistle:
    • huge celery @ 50c -saved 69c
    • 2 packs baby courgettes @ 50c-saved €3.78 :eek: -im growing lots of my own for pasta dishes -but thought these would be good to stick in the courgette tead bread;)
    • 2 big tubs of natural fromage frais @50c-saved 90c frozen for pasta dishes
    • 2 packs smoked salmon @ €1-saved € -5.82frozen so i can have my smoked salmon, courgette pasta dish mmmmmmm
    • 5 packs of triffle sponges @ 20c -saved €3.97 :T -so i can turn my SF jelly/fruit and HM natural yog into a more triffle like thingy :p
    • 3 packs of parsnips @ 50c -saved € 4.17 -will freeze most of them
    • 500g button mushrooms @ 50c -saved €1.05 -will slice and feeze
    So i spent €7.50 and it should have been €27.86 :eek: not that i would have paid that :p -so a "saving" of -€20.36 :T ..will add it to my total in a far this month i have spent €38.05 of my €100 -so im right on track.. only a little over 2 weeks left of our month..and most of what i have spent so far is on things for following months :j

    Hi Zoegirl.... If you can afford it then i would get the cheese whilst its cheaper.. a couple of months ago i got 14 x 400g blocks of mature cheddar at once because it was on offer at half price-oh and hubby is a cheeseoholic :rotfl: . I do on the whole take the money out of the month budget that i am working on -i would get sooo confused if i tried to carry over stuff to next month :p -but i know some people do divide the money up and take it away from next months budget;)
    I tend to find that it has a roll on if you get extra cheese for next month -then next month you won't have to buy cheese -so the money you would normally spend on it can go towards any other bargains you see... once you get going it makes things much cheaper :D , as i said earlier nearly all of what i have spent so far this month is on bargains for following months - i worked out my meal plan and knew i had nearly everything in - so i am stocking up on items ready for next month

    heck i do waffle :o :rotfl:

    well just before i go dinner tonight is -
    • roast chicken -the rest will get frozen and the bones turned into hubbies beloved chicken n sweetcorn soup :D
    • HM stuffing balls -out of freezer
    • roast potatoes -parsnips for me
    • beans n carrots out of the garden
    • peas and gravy
    Have a great afternoon all :D
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    Hi everybody!
    Mouche, I missed the apple recipes - really cant keep up with this thread although I do try - so I'll go and see if there on the links but if not could you please point me in the right direcction? We're literally going to have several hundred apples soon! :T:eek:

    Hop everyone's doing well, good luck with the job interview, off to catch up some more, will update sig over weekend but going well so far!
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    hope you are all well,, I am not going to say its an NSD today as everytime I say it I go out and buy something,, we are going out today to the market for strawberries for DH's HM jam,,but thats his money

    will let you know later

    see ya

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    bails wrote: »
    Hi everybody!
    Mouche, I missed the apple recipes - really cant keep up with this thread although I do try - so I'll go and see if there on the links but if not could you please point me in the right direcction? We're literally going to have several hundred apples soon! :T:eek:

    I don't know how to put links in but if you look on Pg 47 of this thread, there are lots of low-cal apple ideas. My OH also made frozen pops out of the apple pulp left after making juice (plus some bits and pieces) - we haven't tried them yet but if they are good, I'll post his recipe.
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    Thanks a lot mouche, off to check them out now and look forward to hearing about the ice pops.
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