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    Hi Madfrenchgirl

    I had a similar experience with Exel, but they did put us in a hotel for the night and provided a meal (which you are correct, they are obliged to do, but not sure if it isn't their fault.

    We were delayed by more than 16 hours and it was chaos, their reps didn't have a clue what was happening and the accommodation they provided wasn't up to much.

    I complained and basically got a thanks for your letter, but get lost. I managed to claim £20 each off my insurance (not theirs) and vowed never to fly with them again.
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  • thx... i will take it with the CAB first and they cna help draw a letter... if anything I am ready to take it to the small claims court but I have tried to contact the BBC and several newspapers but no one seemed to care about low-cost airlines users... looks like we are just second-class citizens to both the airline and the media! So i guess an MEP would not care much either, they have other things to tackle!
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    I am 100% certain that Ryanair will ignore your letter.

    You need political or legal assistance to have the smallest chance of a response.
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  • I will write a letter to Ryanair to request a compensation for a cancelled flight. I hope it will work! but reading your post I have a strange feeling..
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