July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    annie123 wrote: »
    just dropped in to up date signature as my month ends today and just noticed I have been left off the list this month :confused:
    never mind I still did it :j first time for months:D
    by time I get the hang of cheaper summer eating it will be autumn again:rolleyes:

    Will not be going over budget next even if its beans on toast everyday, as my electricity went up today by 17% ands its got to come from somewhere.

    can't cut back on twinks hobnobs though, they would be the last to go:D

    off to catch up on threads now.....need to save more pennies

    Just in case Nikki misses your total, put it in Bold Red to make it stand out more and she should pick it up then, I'm sure it was just a mistake as it must be easy to miss things on here...:D

    Oooh, sorry Nikki, you're too fast for me!
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    Thanks nikki, cant believe it doesnt happen more often so many now taking part. You do a great job.
    Did put in red but will make it bigger when the august thread starts so its stands out a bit more. :)
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    Just updated my signature - £130.69 so far this month.

    Lots of people on this thread thinking about you Philsmum, me included.

    A much quieter day for me today, and dog quieter too thank goodness. For dinner, made gram flour (chickpea) pancakes with hot tomato salsa - leeks and celery chopped finely, half can tomatoes, clove garlic and had about a tbsp of fruit chutney to use so popped that into the mix. The recipe for the pancakes said to use just the flour and water, with 1/2 tsp bicarb, but I added an egg (for the extra protein) and some chopped frozen spinach. I don't really like spinach but know it's good for vegetarians - can't taste it so much this way.

    I also made bread dough using the BM, sliced the whole loaf and froze it in separate food bags. Also made some cheese scones - have had three, the rest must go in the freezer.

    I've listed about 12 meals that I can make, largely from what I've got in, but when I did my veggie shop on 23rd I forgot onions so will have to buy those in the next day or so as only have two left. Total that day came to £10.97, not the £12.50 which I estimated. Couldn't find the receipt and I'd bought a couple of things which weren't GC. No cook day on Sunday and Wednesday - this will help the GC budget but not my bank balance. Still, all work and no play...............

    Peaceful night all.
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    mornin all :hello:

    just popped in to catch up on all the posts, and update my spends

    looking very misty outside, so i think i can safely say today will be an NSD as i won't be going very far, apart from walking the dogs

    looking at my totals this month, i'm pretty pleased with myself...mind you, the freezers are full, so that has helped :D

    hope everyone has a good day xx

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    Mixed day yesterday, got home at 6.30, started cleaning staight away, even though I really wanted to sit down here with a cup of coffee. Accidentally flicked the switch that all the PC stuff is plugged into and the monitor won't work now. Using DS TV/monitor that he has brought down for me, but it is on the table, so I am working sideways.

    Gave in to getting chippy chips to go with chicken, but managed to strech one portion between 3 of them, (with a few left over for me to have a chip buttie as we had been talking about them at work this week)

    DD then told me she has a fundraising tea party this afternoon to do with her Baden Powell Award, so will have to start baking soon. It is a long time since I have done this type of thing, only came on here (with breakfast, rice that boiled too far so mixed with milk, sugar, syrup and coconut, and reduced to a thick goo and stored in fridge, mixed some up with half banana, handful of sultanas, and a tablesoon of hm yogurt mmmm) to look for things to make.

    Second wash load in, so time to take a break anyway.

    Saw the headline about reducing grocery budgets in US too as I logged on.



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    good morning all

    mad my seedy bread ,,, not mrsmc's recipe as I have no flour for that one but its turned out quite nice ,,
    which is what the weather is at the moment quite nice

    see ya later

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    Hey Peeps....
    £22 summat in MrT on Thursday...really expensive milk it was--came in gold bottles!--& £12:23 in MrS yesterday.
    >>>>>>>!! HEADS UP!!<<<<<<<
    Dalepack Grill Steaks are on offer in Sainsbury as two packs of four steaks @ £3:00
    Their own label lamb grill steaks are pack of SIX & £1:49 ea...guess who put back the Dalesteaks & picked up OL for last night's 'burgers':whistle:

    So no-one was curious enough to investigate that post I mentioned then......shame...cuz it's got links to CHOCOLATE pancakes & yorkshire puddings:icotbaske
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    Hi Guys

    I came in just under budget this month and that included extra diesel on holiday and a few treats whilst away. My August started 21st July. Trying for £225.00 for the 4 weeks.

    To repeat what others have said, requires education, to challenge it,
    requires brains!
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    Utterly Butterly 500g 2 for £1.50 ends 29th July

    Lakeland chicken breast fillets 650g half price £3.29 ends 12th Aug

    MrT 8 alaskan Salmon fillets half price £5 ends 12th Aug

    Del monte pure orange juice half price 54p (cheaper than value) ends 5th Aug

    Wiseman The One milk 2 Litre for £1 ends 29th July

    Finest sausages 2 for £4 ends 31st Aug

    Single cream 150ml 27p ends 7th oct

    Lynx shower gel BOGOF ends 12th Aug

    Denise ;)Lemon Viennese Whirls Half price 69p

    I just used a voucher for £10 OFF £50 spend XXHGBL :D
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    Hi all, did a shop last night and added a few bargains from ASDA, basic foods not much different than their 50p price war..the thick sausages are good and only 54p. The best bargain is one milk, it is only £1 for the large 2L! As the skimmed was 80p for 1l then i thought this is a brill bargain. ALL the cheap cheese as in cathedral city, should have been on offer but had all gone.

    Also bought loads of baps, french bread and baguettes for about 3p each. Total spends last night bring my challenge in at £87, for the month. I am really chuffed and the cupboards are bursting to full.I think it is because i have been trying to match Weezl, not always succeeding , but amazing how inventive you can be.:rotfl: :rotfl:

    Am on holiday next week, but as it is self catering i will be taking half the cupboards with me......:rotfl:
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