July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Just popped in to update my sig after my trip to Sainsbury's with MIL. Have spent another £21 on a piece of gammon and veg and a few other things. Will have the gammon done in the sc on Sunday and it will do cold with salad on Monday. Tuesday is DH's birthday but instead of going out I am going to treat him (and myself) to an M&S eat in for £10 package - not part of the gc as would have been from the eating out budget. DD1 and DD2 coming home next weekend for a family celebration, but that will come out of August's budget. Am close to declaring for July but don't want to tempt fate, so will wait till next Wednesday as August challenge will start for me on 31st.

    Good luck everyone and have a good weekend. Hope the sun shines on one and all.

    Love Moniker

    PS Meant to say to the person who was asking about which BM to buy that I have recently bought a Cookworks model only £23-99 from Argos, which works fine. I had a Breville Compact one before that but the sprockets (technical term!) which held the bread pan in place broke after about 18 months use. The Cookworks one gave off a lot of smoke on firts use which was a bit alarming but was to do with oil burning off the element and as I had been forwarned about this by a review on the internet it was ok. Seems to need less yeast than the previous model to make the same recipes - I find the Breville recipes work better than the ones which come with the Cookworks instructions, but it is a bit of trial and error really - HTH.

    Thanks moniker, so nice of you to remember, I will go and check it out:T
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    Hi Everyone... just come to update my signature (which looks very scarey as were not even in August yet) but i have been to our Wholesale butchery type person and spent £66 on meat that should last us 2 months!!

    Has any one been to Tesco today... If you spend more than £30 at ours they are giving you 40 Tetley teabags and a packet of Maryland cookies for FREE. I was wondering if it was a nationwide thing.. very odd.. you fetch them after you've done your shopping/check out.

    Hmmmm should I tell OH about the cookies !!:rotfl:

    Hope everyone has a lovely evening x
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    ive day such a pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :( day... although im finally gettin paid tomorrow although not all of it my company by the looks it turning belly up so im looking for a new job... so just gotta make this money last as long as possible man i hate being poor :( i need a new job any offers :rotfl: mrs m can you change my month budget for august from £200 to £100 it'll only be a 3 week month for me since the late money as long as next pay aint the same trouble as this:confused: .... hope your all good and well xxxx
    :)Still searching .....:)
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    hi guys just popped in to update siggie
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    ...budget about £75-£80 for everything else - I know this is an increase, but am thinking that it may be more realistic and that if I come in under, I can pay the savings off our cc each month and bring the balances down (also building up a 'disaster fund' if necessary) What do you think? I think I'm thinking too much about this...:confused:

    Hi Den

    I think thats the right way to do it :D

    How I set my budget is to look at my average weekly spends for the month before. Then I increase/decrease the weekly budget depending on the previous months average.

    I also make sure that my budget is achievable. I know some may see this as the wrong way to do it but if my budget is higher and more realistic of what I'm likely to spend then it helps motivate me to try and beat the target, rather than setting a lower target and finding it too tight to succeed.

    What was your weekly average for july? If you think you're able to reduce that then maybe set your August target at just a couple of quid less a week (or however much you think is achievable) and then if you manage on even less than that then you can use the extra money for a treat/savings/paying off cc/etc...:D

    I definitely think a realistic budget helps as it stops you being demotivated by struggling with a really tough budget. ;) (but obviously people that only have a certain amount left each month dont have the luxury to choose the way I do so their budget is usually set by how much they have left each month after all bills.)

    Oh and the bathroom is finished thanks. Looks really good too. The room is so much bigger with everything white instead of green _pale_ Why would anyone ever choose a green loo? :confused: We've got the new flooring being put in in a couple of weeks and we have to paint the walls but apart from that its all done :j I'm feeling really tired though as I didnt get my rest days this week. I'm planning to stay in bed all weekend I think :) Oh and we're having a takeaway tonight (I'll just have small portion of chips though :A )

    Take care everyone :)

    Nikki x
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    Just updating today as another NSD, just been out a walk- DS bought a drink/cone that DS and I had some of but I spent nothing.
    Not feeling too great (glands feeling funny), so am gonna watch some TV while DH goes out and I stay in (again) to look after DS.
    Tonigh is mediterrean mince and potato pie (I made the name up lol), will post the recipe if anyone wants it. Tomorrow is this, with some chilli added, served with pasta and the rest of the focaccia.
    ta ra
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
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    OrkneyStar wrote: »
    Just updating today as another NSD, just been out a walk- DS bought a drink/cone that DS and I had some of but I spent nothing.
    Not feeling too great (glands feeling funny), so am gonna watch some TV while DH goes out and I stay in (again) to look after DS.
    Tonigh is mediterrean mince and potato pie (I made the name up lol), will post the recipe if anyone wants it. Tomorrow is this, with some chilli added, served with pasta and the rest of the focaccia.
    ta ra

    Sorry you are not feeling well - yes please, can we have the recipe when you are up to it?


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    Mortgage-free Glee!
    Couldn't be bothered to go shopping- may go in the morning on my way home from work.
    I will pop into MrA as I pass it and see if there are any 50p offers on. If not I'll go to MrM and get the cheese.
    We're going on holiday with MiL in 3 weeks and she's well on board too for it to be a cheap holiday as much as possible. Chatting the other evening and said what I had in, she said she could freeze a couple of joints of meat to take with us. The plan is to take as much as possible with us like bread, tea coffee and sugar. Big frozen thing of milk- maybe 2. Any frozen meat with a reasonable date will go with us too. It will either have only just defrosted or still be frozen by the time we get to France. So can be used for the first week. I may take a tub of artisan dough too as it's so easy.
    I reckon that'll see us through the first week and the second week we should be able to get away with only 1 supermarket shop.
    This time I may make some cake dry mixes beforehand and label what I need to add and cook it on. If I also take my timer and one of my cooking dishes then I can chuck a cake in in the evening when we're winding down with a glass of wine?

    Denise, when I planned my budget I looked at what I had to pay for yearly (insurances gifts and the like) and divide it by 12. Then I added what I pay monthly. Then I work out a fuel budget, a family leisure budget, and mine and DH's pocket money. Then when I know what's left I look at what I'm able to spend. Some has to go to savings and some has to go to house renovation. That leaves my grocery budget.
    HTHs anyone else too.
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    Hi everyone

    I'm so excited!!! My tomato plant has its first teeny tiny tomato and my runner bean plant has its first eeny weeny bean :j:j:j You'd have thought I'd won the lottery from the way I was jumping around! Don't think I'd even have attempted to grow veg before finding this thread - so thanks to Mrs M and everyone else who has inspired me :D

    Christened the shiny new August budget with a £6.10 spend in Mr T yesterday. Need a few more bits tomorrow to get us through the weekend, then I will do a big stocking-up shop on Monday after work.

    Hugs to anyone who needs one. x
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    Evening all, just popped in to update sig...

    philsmum - so sorry for your loss, you and your family are in my prayers ((hug))

    (At this point I would have posted denisefowler's hugging smiley, but then I saw what it was called when you hold the mouse over it:rotfl:)

    My month ends on Sunday but things are a bit manic this weekend so there will probably be some spending to add to my current total before I declare. Be that as it may, I think I can safely say I've come in under budget:T :T

    However, in August I'm including takeaways in GC budget - they're normally considered a treat but OH relies on them far too much - and I've been VERY busy the last few weeks, not even getting chance to sit down until nine-ten o'clock every night, and God forbid OH cook :rolleyes: I am soooooo sick of pizza _pale_ Anyways, if all those junky meals had come from GC money I'd be posting a lot more of :mad: and :eek: instead of :T . So I'm re-organising finances and re-educating OH... we get marred in 49 days so he'd better be a quick study :rotfl: :rotfl:

    thriftlady's hash recipe is being applied to the remains of a roast lamb I've got in the fridge for tonight's dinner, then I've got some batch cooking and baking planned for the weekend to get us back on track with work lunches.

    angenikki - hurrah for the nearly-finished bathroom :j and can you please put me down for £170 for August.

    Hugs to all:wave:
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