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    • NeverUnderestimate
    • By NeverUnderestimate 20th Aug 16, 12:17 PM
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    "Start wherever you are and start small"
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    • 20th Aug 16, 12:17 PM
    "Start wherever you are and start small" 20th Aug 16 at 12:17 PM

    I've previously used these forums before under another username. However after life throwing many funny twists and turns, I've decided to start afresh with a new username as a lot of exciting things will happen over the next few months. This involves a new job opportunity, a special family occasion, a family get together and so on.

    I realise I may not have as much debt as others but a lot of this journey I wish to embark on is about me growing as a person and changing the way I think.

    I already am quite money-savvy in some ways however there is always room for improvement. I find these boards very encouraging and welcome the advice and support.

    The past few years have been an emotional roller-coaster and it's time I close that door. I'm only young and I've lost myself a long the way. I feel as if I've lost my identity in many ways and I'm quite unsure who I am anymore. I wish to rediscover this, how i don't know but I'll learn along the way.

    I have many short term goals and long term goals I'd like to achieve. However sometimes I find my anxiety increases due to this. I get scared that I can't achieve these things.

    My self esteem and confidence have taken a massive battering over the years and I wish to build this up. Once I get to know people, I'm quite a social butterfly and find my place and comfort zone. People often don't seem to understand this and I tend to feel excluded. But that's their problem. My mental health is important to me. I need to learn to love myself (clich!).

    So here we go.

    I currently owe:

    £700 to a credit card (0% until Feb 2018).
    £750 to a family member.
    £1800 for holiday booked (final balance March 1st 2017).

    My income is roughly £1700.

    My outgoings are as follows:

    £585.00 all essential bills, direct debits and food/petrol budgets.
    £200 a month standing order to pay off credit card.
    £200 into a Help to Buy Isa.
    £300 goes towards my other spends which mainly consists of hobby my child undertakes.
    £150 personal spends.

    So total outgoings £1435 leaving me with a surplus of £265 which I tend to try and save. Each bracket varies monthly on what I actually spend. When my credit card is paid I'll have a spare £200 a month.

    My income also fluctuates due to petrol allowances, hours I work or what enhancements I may get. That's a rough expected income each month. Some months it's more.

    This is where it gets difficult.

    However my plan is to use a second bank account which I will transfer over my food budget, petrol budget, personal spends and other spends too. I will then use this debit card solely and the other account will be used to build up the savings as well as the important essentials that shall come out.

    I have three accounts.

    Santander 123- Main bills come out of here and my savings remain in here. However may soon change or swap due to decrease in interest rate. I want this account to remain simple. My wages are paid into this.

    Halifax current account- will use for other expenditure as listed above. I shall transfer the set amount above each month and when it's gone. It's gone. Any left over will be transferred into savings.

    Halifax help to buy- currently stands at £2000. I shall keep saving into this until I feel ready to move out and buy my own home. That's in the distant future as I'd like to build up a decent amount of savings beforehand.

    So that's it really. I shall update a little while later.

    Each day I'll probably find a quote that I like or describes how I'm feeling and post it here. That way I can look back and be reminded, hopefully in the future how far I've come.

    So really the purpose of this diary is to maintain my spending, find a system that works and start to live a less materialistic lifestyle and enjoy each day as it comes.

    And if anyone feels they have anything to add or general conversation. Feel free.
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    • NeverUnderestimate
    • By NeverUnderestimate 10th Sep 16, 1:56 PM
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    So I've just done something pretty insane for me haha!

    I've paid off the full remaining balance of my 0% credit card, £500.

    I've also paid off the family member, £750.

    And I've just settled my car finance using the loan I've took out, £11511.83.

    My only debt now is the loan which I took out of £11600. However with the interest over four years (3.3%), the total amount repayable comes to £12395.87. This is alot better than the 6.4% APR interest I was paying on car finance in which 3 years time I would of had a balloon payment of around £5800.

    I feel a bit weird now to be honest, one because my savings have taken a hit and I really dislike that, but in other ways I feel relief. I know my credit card was 0% interest however it was just bugging me. I have one debt now in which I hope to tackle before the four year repayment term as well as build up my savings.

    Here's to the future, debt tackling and being debt free
    • NeverUnderestimate
    • By NeverUnderestimate 11th Sep 16, 7:01 AM
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    "Develop an 'Attitude of Gratitude'. Say thank you to everyone you meet for everything they do for you".

    Sometimes we forget the small things in life and forget to say thank you. Those two words go a very long way to brightening up someone's day, especially with a smile!!


    I'm working 12.5 hours today. I can't say I'm looking forward to it. However it's extra money in my back pocket. I'll most likely be moved away from the area I've booked which is annoying- I think I have the option of saying no and going home. Will see how I feel when I get there.

    I've been pondering along wondering what small goals I can make. I've thought of a couple.

    - Bring debt down to 12000 (Oct 31st).
    -Bring debt down to 16000 (November 30th).
    - Bring debt down to 11200 (December 31st).


    - Bring debt down to 10800 (Jan 31St)
    - Bring debt down to 10400 (Feb 28th)
    - Bring debt down to 10000 (March 31St).

    That gives me 6 small goals to make each month. If I have more spare money left over each month I'll pay off extra. I've given myself a 6 month time frame to get the debt to £10000. Knowing me I will attempt to hack this harder.

    We'll see.
    • Lauralozzle
    • By Lauralozzle 11th Sep 16, 12:16 PM
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    It makes a lot more sense to move debt on lower APR as you'll be spending less in the long run. I also got why you paid off the 0% credit card! I can't wait until mine is paid off and gone!!!

    Well done on setting small goals too - makes it feel much more reasonable and achievable!
    September grocery challenge - £224.04/£250 | Emergency £1,000 challenge - £294.24/£1,000
    Credit Card: £258 (0% APR) | Car Finance: £10,862 (7.9% APR) | Mortgage: £113,497 (3.99% APR)
    Wedding Fund: £140
    • NeverUnderestimate
    • By NeverUnderestimate 12th Sep 16, 8:29 AM
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    Yesterday I had quite a mentally draining day. I feel so exhausted from it all. I didn't get home until 10pm but I then couldn't switch off until the early hours.

    Today I'm back at my new job and going solo today rather than shadowing. I'm pretty excited if a bit nervous.

    I need to get petrol today at some point. I've a separate account with £82.80 in. I'll use that money to budget for petrol/food spends for the rest of the month.

    I need to organise myself and my car and sort out a home for everything I'll need. I need to write a list of what to do.

    I'm trying hard not to look at my savings after paying off all other debts. It's one less outgoing each month. It's hard mentally to get my head around it to be fair.

    I'll no doubt update later.
    • NeverUnderestimate
    • By NeverUnderestimate 12th Sep 16, 1:18 PM
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    I feel a bit more awake this afternoon. I've had a busy morning and I've only just sat down.

    My uniforms took a hammering as my pen burst. Someone suggested putting alcohol gel on and then to wash on hot wash. So that's currently soaking and I'll whack it in the wash soon.

    Things I need to do:

    - Label sons uniform.
    - Print off uniform ordering forms.
    - Book annual leave.
    - Organise my case for work.
    - Sort out my travel mileage.
    - Get petrol.

    I've a few other bits to do. I just need to think what.

    I hope to slow down this afternoon.. Or maybe not.
    • NeverUnderestimate
    • By NeverUnderestimate 13th Sep 16, 8:00 AM
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    Yesterday was hectic. I never even stopped at work and did not get any of the things I need to do, done. I'll be playing catch up today.

    Yesterday ended up a NSD. I didn't even find the time to fill my car with petrol. I'll do that this morning as the petrol lights come on! Oops.

    There's not much going on in regards to the money front. All my payments have finally left my bank account. I need to reorganise my budget for next couple of weeks.

    I think I'm going to look at doing some extra hours at some point too to boost my income.

    I also have a holiday to save for which is due to be paid March 2017. I can't wait for this holiday. I have the money in savings but I'll work extra hours and set the money aside that way and aim to build that up whilst paying off debt.

    Not much else from me for now.
    • NeverUnderestimate
    • By NeverUnderestimate 14th Sep 16, 8:12 AM
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    It's going to be a warm day here after the wonderful thunderstorms last night! I can't cope in this weather if I'm honest in my thick uniform, it's not summer friendly at all.

    I've got a couple of things on my list to do which are still outstanding. Hopefully today it will remain quiet at work so I can get these done. I need to speak to my line manager about a few things.

    I've moved money around to other accounts ready for next months budget. I have one outstanding payment awaiting which is at the end of the month (aside from my wages). I need to get my line manager to contact payroll or else I will not be sorted. Until then I can't even add travel expenses as according to the payroll department I don't even have a full time position. How stressful.

    I'll also need to rework the budget for October now my other debts are paid off. But I suppose that can wait.

    Aside from that I've not much to update. My life seems pretty boring.
    • NeverUnderestimate
    • By NeverUnderestimate 19th Sep 16, 8:26 AM
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    So I've been awol again for 5 days.

    I've had a lot on my mind and a lot going on. I can feel myself falling back into a low mood and I need to stop this. I need to get back into the routine of early nights to ensure I'm getting enough sleep. From Friday night to now I must have slept around 32 hours, which was clearly needed.

    I have a rotten headache which won't go away and just generally feel rubbish.

    My spending has been a bit up and down. I've grabbed a coffee here or there when I'm feeling rubbish and on Saturday we went out for an afternoon treat which was £10.

    Yesterday I spent the day chilling out and was ultimately zonked. I was in a pretty foul mood.

    I've had quite a bit going on personally and feel like I'm sinking rather than swimming. I just want to keep my head above the water.

    My aim for this week is to just cut out unnecessary spends. We have two birthday parties to attend this weekend so that should keep us busy. As well as a lot of other planned events.
    • NeverUnderestimate
    • By NeverUnderestimate 19th Sep 16, 12:06 PM
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    Zopa Loan

    Initial Balance: £12395.87.

    I made an extra payment of £45.87 today which brings my current total balance to: £12350.00.

    Every little helps.
    • NeverUnderestimate
    • By NeverUnderestimate 20th Sep 16, 8:33 AM
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    I've been playing around with loan calculator over payments. If I pay a total of £400 each month this reduces my loan repayments from 48 payments to 31 bringing my debt free date to 03/2019. That equals 31 paydays looking at it from that point of view. That is my ultimate aim and to pay that at least each month.

    I also think on top of that I'm going to split any overtime I do into 3 parts- half into savings, quarter extra loan repayment and quarter treat money for my son and I so we don't feel too hard done buy. I want to carry on building up savings as hopefully I'll be looking to buy a house by 2020.

    Other goals I've thought of if I crack on and work harder:
    - Knock loan down to £11000 by December 31st 2017.
    - Knock loan down to £9500 by March 31st 2017.
    - Knock loan down to £8000 by June 30th 2017.
    - Knock loan down to £6500 by September 30th 2017.
    - Knock loan down to £5000 by December 31st 2017.

    These would both mean finding an extra 100 per month to attack the debt with aside from the £400 a month I'd pay. It's not set in stone goals, the original is to pay £400 a month off. But it's nice to have extra targets if I can push myself further. Of course things can always happen in this time frame. But one can dream.
    • NeverUnderestimate
    • By NeverUnderestimate 20th Sep 16, 8:41 AM
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    It's also time to draw a line over my past. It's officially gone and I'm closing that chapter. I'm going to concentrate on myself and my family/friends.

    My plan re savings is to carry on adding £200 a month to help to buy isa. And save £200 a month into an emergency fund. So a total of £400 a month. It's do able.

    After I've also paid my holiday for next year I'm not looking at booking any further abroad holidays until I'm totally straight.

    I think that's enough for one early morning thinking.
    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 20th Sep 16, 8:46 AM
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    Good luck - I'm really enjoying your diary and love the quotes!
    DFW - aiming to be clear Nov '16__________ NSDs Sept 16 5/7 Oct 16 _ /18_____ October supermarket challenge £0/100
    £1000 emergency fund #208 - £5.93/ 1000 _ Next: 10k towards a house deposit by mid 2018!
    • NeverUnderestimate
    • By NeverUnderestimate 22nd Sep 16, 8:10 AM
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    It's looking like I won't be paid properly this month as work have messed up my payroll and not sorted it. Frustrated is not the word. They'll have to advance me for this month but it messes up my next pay massively. I'm not impressed.

    There isn't much to report on from my side. I'm plodding along as usual.

    I've kept all extra money aside this month to go towards next months budget so I'm working a month ahead. Once I know what pay I shall receive next week I can sort out the final budget and see if numbers add up.

    I may see about cutting down the amount of activities my son does. It's costing me alot each month. He does enjoy it but it's taking up our evenings alot and is very expensive. There must be some way around it. We'll see.
    • NeverUnderestimate
    • By NeverUnderestimate 23rd Sep 16, 8:00 AM
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    So last night I plucked up the courage to join a slimming club and I even went on my own. I was totally nervous and wanted to run out the front door, but I didn't. I wasn't at all shocked at my weigh in, it was to be expected. I've set my overall target weightloss to be 4 stone 9lb (so 65lb in total). I'm aiming for a 3lb loss next week.

    I feel determined this time. I've gone to the group off my own back and by myself. Alot of people in my office are doing it and I thought if you can't beat them, join them. I've always brushed my weight off to the side. 3 years ago I lost over 3 stone but sadly put a lot back on due to emotional eating lol.

    With this I'll have to be organised and cook proper meals. I've a habit lately of picking at food and not eating proper meals. My body will probably have a shock this week.

    So in a way I'm going to track a couple of things in my diary. I need to be MSE smart when it comes to the food aspect as I don't want my food expenses to go up an awful lot. I want to try and find ways to do this within a budget and stick to it.


    Other things going on. I had a bit of a spendy day yesterday, 6.99 on a diary cover which is essential for work (I scoured the web and all others were around £14.99).

    I also bought an outfit for my sons upcoming show, £8.25 (All others sites were charging 12.99, so I saved myself some pennies there).

    I'm working 9 till 5 today and then tonight we are out from 5pm to 9pm with a mixture of my sons hobby and the local fireworks show.

    I've recieved a small tax rebate of £42.60 so I've moved that over to a separate bank account. I've also moved the extra pennies over to a separate account- they all add up and each time it reaches over £10 I transfer this to pay off my debt. Little and often as they say.

    I've just had my weetabix and I'm off to get ready for a busy day ahead at work. I'm not sure if I'll be able to stop and take a breather today. We'll see.
    • NeverUnderestimate
    • By NeverUnderestimate 23rd Sep 16, 8:13 AM
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    After writing my last post I decided to use the tax rebate money and money from the account I move spare change across, to pay some off my loan. So that's another £55.00 paid.


    I'm feeling good.
    • NeverUnderestimate
    • By NeverUnderestimate 25th Sep 16, 8:11 AM
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    So yesterday was a busy day and quite spendy, woops.

    First we went food shopping and I bought lots of meat from our local butchers which will last us about 2 months, £45.

    Then I went and exchanged a bag, rather than forget about it (strap had broken and son hardly uses it except for school). Whilst in the shop I saw a pair of boots reduced from £75 to £25 so I bought them myself. I used to have lots of boots but I've always worn them down and now all but one pair are in the bin. Now I have this new pair the others can go in the bin as they're on their last legs. These new ones were just what I was looking for and are proper leather.

    Then I also had a present to buy for a family birthday party which I spent £12 on. We went to the party which was fun.

    Then we came home and went to another local fireworks display with my mum and had a hot drink whilst waiting, £5.69 for three drinks and an ice cream for my son.

    All in all a good day, if a bit spendy.


    Today I'm working. My son has another birthday party to attend so I'll put £10 into a card I think as I've been rubbish at planning this one.

    My diet is going pretty well, I just need to get used to it properly and be organised. Tonight when I finish work I'll start writing out a meal plan for the week ahead. I get weighed on Thursdays. I'm hoping for a small loss, anything is better than nothing.

    Not much else to report apart from my naughty spends, woops.
    • NeverUnderestimate
    • By NeverUnderestimate 26th Sep 16, 7:50 AM
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    So yesterday was a good day. I did a lot of mileage though at work so will need to get some petrol today. I'm averaging about £20 a week including work milage which isn't too bad! I just need to input my mileage at work to be paid next month once they've sorted it all out for me.

    I also only put £5 in the card for my sons friend. I figured we don't know him that well and it seems to be the average amount people put in at birthdays. I just sometimes feel bad however I need to think more about myself and my outgoings.

    So yesterday was a NSD. Today should be aside from petrol which is budgeted for.

    5 more working days till I get a day off, I can't wait if I'm honest. I feel so tired.

    However I'm being organised food wise and have been prepping and planning meals. So not all is lost!

    Will check bank balances later and update them.
    • wellylass89
    • By wellylass89 26th Sep 16, 8:51 AM
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    Hello NU, just catching up with things.. Glad to hear the diet is going ok, I need to get going again once I've moved and know my shifts at work, eating and spending are my two biggest downfalls!

    Looks like you have a good plan in place keep going!

    Welly x
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