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    That was scary; now to tackle the remaining mortgage
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    • 21st Aug 10, 4:12 PM
    That was scary; now to tackle the remaining mortgage 21st Aug 10 at 4:12 PM
    Hello all,

    finally decided to do a MFW diary as I hope it will help to keep us inspired and the support from everyone will be a big help.

    I posted a while ago on the MFi3 - T2 thread as my OH had been given notice of redundancy and his job was ending in Sept. I'm self employed part-time so the thought of being the sole bread winner was very very scary. The good news is that OH has been offered a job [on Fri 13th ] with the same Org for 4 days a week, this will be reviewed after 6 months and might go back down to 2 days a week but it gives us a bit of a reprieve for a while.

    This is a huge load off as his redundancy threat was hanging over us for nearly a year making it difficult to plan anything. We've been overpaying as much as possible and our mortage is now down to 51982 from 100000 in Aug 2004.

    Thats enough for now - will post later with a bit more background but need a cuppa and a bit of gingerbread, with butter, of course - nomnomnom [1 for 2 in Asda] after actually putting this in writing and getting started
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  • teapot2
    Hi Lois, luckily for him he is indeed very cute as he can be very norty. He got on the laptop a few weeks ago and dribbled on the keyboard - and he doesn't normally dribble
  • teapot2
    My back is not quite so sore tonght but have been taking it easy today. I have been perfecting the fine art of getting other folk to do things. Am not very good at it as usually do stuff myself but don't have a choice at the mo.

    OH is away till tomo eve but sis is giving me a lift to physio which is in the next town. I had a really long day on Thurs which I think might have added to back probs. I was working in the morning then met my sis in Edinburgh and we did some festivally things and a LOT of walking. Seats in the venue were at a funny angle and not v comfy so that didn't help. Had a lovely day though and we both enjoyed it all and the sun shone - bonus .

    Got quite a bit to sort this week - need to find better insurance as ours has gone up again - for better read cheaper. Also need to do the same for gas and leccy as our deal is running out - watch this space.

    Also got quite a few forms to fill in to do with work so am going to be busy .

    We've has cavity wall insulation fitted and the loft insulation brought up to standard depth so only the new boiler to come. Unfortunately that will cost and the insulation was free - not sure if I posted that we're not eleigible for scrappage? Also didn't get the local grant we applied for as they changed their grant making priorites after we applied -thanks. Soooooooo thats 3 grants we didn't get for this boiler .

    So, busy week ahead - am off to bed now, have a good week all x
  • teapot2
    Hoorah and hooray we've got below 30,000 on the mortgage; only by 50 mind but it feels great to finally get into the next decade down.
  • teapot2
    We've had the new boiler fitted and all went well on the day - only took about 6 hours in the end. It was a really wet day and there was mud everywhere from them coming in and out so the steam mop we got for 20 courtesy of a tip off on the weekly MSE email came into its own .

    Because the mortgage didn't come out on the weekend and we had the boiler money in there too, the joint account looked wonderfully healthy for about two days but sadly its back to its usual meagre self now the DDs have come out

    I've been really busy doing work related admin stuff and I also got the house and contents insurance renewed for about half of what we were quoted for renewal. I've also swopped energy provider as our EON deal came to an end. The new deal is fixed until Jan 2014 and should be over 100 cheaper which is not bad as we've swopped a lot.

    Think thats all for now but will post again as I think of things. Hope everyone is doing ok. Teapot x
  • pink poppy
    Woohoo on getting under 30k!! How does it feel to be a 20-something?! I'm still a 40-something ~ having a couple of months off OPing & it's killing me not being able to pay anything!!

    Well done on sorting your house insurance as well ~ I was too lazy to do it & I'm kicking myself now!!
    Caledonia dreamin' ...
  • teapot2
    Yoohoo sticks head round door and waves. Been very norty and lost my MSE diary mojo! Haven't been overspending or anything like that just not been overpaying much but have my eye on a decent OP for next month. I kept thinking 'I'll put that in my diary' when something happened but then I didn't so unless you are psychic you missed all that .

    Been having a lot of probs with my back and hurt my achilles tendon as well - no idea how. This makes me hobble and my back worse so some days have felt and looked about 90. I'm so slow I kid you not one day I was overtaken by someone using a walking frame Physio says it takes ages for achilles to heal [no pun intended]. Had lots of physio appts but she's been great and offered me half hours so its not tooooooo expensive. All strapped up at the moment and I'm doing exercises.

    Not much work this week so that gives it a chance to heal as walking on cobbles and hard pavements really hurts it.

    OH away overnight so been chilling and watching rubbish tv instead of sorting out papers for my tax return .

    In other news I've lost 2 stones in old money or will have when another 1lb falls off . Am amazed but have found an eating plan that works for me. I can't do deprivation diets or calorie counting as I end up sabotaging myself. Am contemplating joiining the gym but that might be going a bit far .

    Blooming freezing here so heating on. Keep switching it off but it gets too cold. Have a good week all
  • teapot2
    Woohoo on getting under 30k!! How does it feel to be a 20-something?! I'm still a 40-something ~ having a couple of months off OPing & it's killing me not being able to pay anything!!

    Well done on sorting your house insurance as well ~ I was too lazy to do it & I'm kicking myself now!!
    Originally posted by pink poppy
    Hi Poppy, are you back to being able to OP yet? Am looking forward to making a proper OP again. Didn't sort out the house insurance the year before as I didn't leave enough time to do it so was determined this year not to do that again.

    Hope all is well with you otherwise?
  • teapot2
    Well EON finally put the money they 'owed' us into our account so that was a 103 towards an OP. Also noticed another 30 had gone in which turned out to be cashback from taking out insurance with the Hali which we weren't expecting but woohoow . Also got 30 from the gas and leccy switch through a comparison site so that helped too. Mortgage now at 28380 so getting there. We are waiting to hear from the Halifax about how much we can OP due to the 10% thing so there should be more to come once we hear .

    Had a cold and sore throat this week so been feeling a bit grot but definitely on the mend now. Am going to the physio again on Monday - my achilles is much better than it was but still painful at times.

    Did OH's hair with his clippers so that saved a bit of cash and also pruned his eyebrows!! Made stovies too - first of the winter. Its quite a sunny but cold day, got a washing out and might do a bit of tidying up in the garden later. We had the MOT done a couple of weeks ago and it passed - hooray, just needed a couple of tyres.

    Having a LSD today - managed that by getting OH to post my 2 Amazon sales . Am having a chippy tea as a treat for finally managing to lose 2 stones, quite proud of myself.

    Had a spendy week last week, went to Ike@ with my sis and got some chair pads, nice big cooking pot, some new bedding and a rug as we have laminate floors everywhere. Have been saving so paid for everything in cash rather than putting it on a card. Also went shopping last w/e, nephew and fiance have bought their first house so we got them a toaster and sandwich toaster as a house warming. Also got another rug and a few kitchen bits. Those were mostlly paid for with Mr T vouchers so that was good .

    Need to start thinking about Chrissy pressies next and get a list - have a few ideas but should get cracking.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend xx.
  • teapot2
    Whoop whoop was checking the joint account and was v surprised to see it was enhanced by a 500 deposit . This was a grant from a local windfarm company towards our new boiler. This will really help because as I said a number of posts back we weren't eligible for boiler scrappage despite having a really old boiler also just missed out on another grant as OH doesn't get enough benefits! We applied for the windfarm grant before but were told we couldn't get it as they'd changed the criteria but then the vol org that organises it locally told us the scheme was open again and we could reapply. Sooo we did while not holding our breath. That 500 will go towards OPing mortgage once we hear from Hali about how much we can OP without triggering an ERC.

    Got our mortgage statement today and its a year until our fixed rate runs out so looking forward to that as hopefully monthly payments might come down and we should have hammered the total even more by then too .

    Well didn't get to the physio as had to take cat to vet - he was in a fight, I let him out one very dark night and couldn't see there was a black cat sitting there and they immediately had a caterwauling scrap. Our cat has a lovely tail which is always upright like a wee flag but over the weekend it was completely deflated so I knew he wasn't right poor boy. The only vet appt I could get clashed with my physio appt so I had to cancel that. The vet shaved a bit of his tail fur so she could see and sure enough he had a nasty bite which had gone all !!!!! [no pun intended - is that how its spelled??]. Hes on antibiotics and is a lot better - his tail is flying the flag again. So, my back and heel are really sore still but got another appt for Monday evening.

    Don't know where the week has gone really, got quite a busy weekend and friends coming for a meal tomorrow so went to Mr A to stock up. Had a voucher off plus one for 5 off 40 - shopping came to 39. 79 so had to quickly get a Caramac bar to make it up. OH has scoffed that as am not eating sweets, I've lost a bit more weight so now over 2 stone gone so am chuffed with that. Have a good weekend everyone.
  • teapot2
    Have managed 2 NSDs over the weekend so pleased with that tho' OH did get some loo rolls at the co-op when he was out as they are on offer at the mo.

    Cooked a roasted veg ratatouille for last night as we had friends round - it was delish, really nice flavour so will make that again sometime. Also did a baked lemon cheesecake which was from my diet book. OH who is a major meat eater had to have some mini pork pies after that lot - can't take him anywhere

    Still waiting to hear from the Hali about OP amount so hope they reply this week coming. Managed to hang some washing out but it didn't completely dry, still better than having it draped round the house.

    Going to physio tomorrow eve - will have to get a train from the big city and the last bus home so long day. Cat is nearly finished his antibiotics and his tail is proudly aloft again and healed up so he's nearly back to his usual self.

    Think thats all for now - have a good week everyone x
  • teapot2
    OH is working away until Monday so aiming for a NSW though I might order some Xmas stuff over the internet. Other than that just chilling out and catching up a bit with things. Done an invoice for some of November's work so will post that on Monday. I cooked some ratatouille again and had some for tea, a friend gave us some beetroot from her lottie so I roasted that too - yum, one of my fave veg.

    I changed all the bed llinen and did 2 machine loads, hung some out on the line but I think it was as wet when I brought it in as it was when I put it out - it was sunny but I think it was quite weak so no heat to dry anything.

    I went to the physio on Mon and had my foot strapped up again which seems to help but I cant keep the strapping on too long. She is going to refer me for a steroid injection to my heel but I think there will be a long waiting list.

    Tomorrow's forecast is for heavy rain which is a shame as its Christmas lights switch on in our local town and theres a craft market as well. I would have gone if the weather was better - will wait and see as the forecast is sometimes wrong.

    Am thinking I might get up tomorrow and feed the cat then take a cuppa back to bed. I'm not a fan of breakfast in bed but can manage a mug of tea - no toast though .

    STILL waiting to hear from the Hali - its nearly a month since we wrote to them, they aren't usually quite this slow to reply. Bah humbug
  • teapot2
    Finally heard back from the Hali about how much we can overpay - took them over a month to reply grrrr. Now I've got to get organised and sort out how much we can afford and how much we need to put aside for Xmas.

    My heids mince at the moment as we say up here, as I've got another cold and cough which is lingering on. Its the kind of cough that starts to get worse when my head hits the pillow so am knackered too. Think I'll need to triple check any financial calculations I do .

    Have done some Xmas shopping but not in an organised way so I've ended up buying wee things when I've seen them and I think 'ooh that would be good for x' so some folk have several presents and others have none yet. MUST GET ORGANISED - loud note to self.

    We had a bit of a spendy Sunday, went out to the cinema and saw the James Bond film - good fun nonsense. Had a pizza first but its not very often we go out like that, think that might be the second time this year .

    Mortgage has updated online and is now 27,710 so looking forward to getting it down further.

    Did some interviews at work today so thats extra work which will come in handy as the tax bill will be due soon .

    Watching Jamies 15 minute meals and getting hungry though he doesnt cook much I can eat and I'm finding him annoying these days. Off to look for something for tea!
  • pink poppy
    Hiya teapot, can't believe I missed you back posting in your diary again!! I don't seem to get much time on MSE these days, just quick dips in & out.

    Hope your back & achilles are improving, can't be nice having to hobble about, especially in this weather. Well done on the weight loss, that's a fantastic amount to lose!! Hope puss cat's tail is fully recovered, poor thing. Our cat spends most of his time snoozing by the radiator & rarely ventures out these days but I've noticed a couple of 'strangers' mooching about lately so hope he doesn't get into any fights when he does go out.

    Good luck with the mortgage OP, can't believe the Hali took that long to let you know how much you could overpay. I did a sneaky wee OP last month but have had lots of outgoings lately so won't be able to do another one for a while Just realised I haven't even checked the mortgage balance since the last payment went out ~ must do that now!!

    Anyway, glad you're back posting, hope the cough & cold goes away soon & you feel better
    Caledonia dreamin' ...
  • teapot2
    Hi Poppy , lovely to hear from you. You sound busy these days and shame you're not able to make many OPs at the moment - I miss OPs when I can't do them and the total goes down so slowly .

    Our cat is also glued to the radiator tho he still goes out in the evening for a wee look and wander. He has a chair next to the rad which has a cushion pad on it like the others, then he has his own cushion on top which he has made very furry. He doesn't really ask to go out much in the day now its so cold, its a sort of cat hibernation and his coat is extra fluffy. Hope your cat doesn't get into any scraps. I'm sure people think I'm weird but if I hear ours fighting I go out and stop it but I think of the vets bill when I'm doing it!

    I'm still hobbling a bit but its not as bad thank goodness, got GP appt on Tuesday to see about referral for steroid injection. My cold is a bit better too and I'm not keeping myself awake with coughing at night. I sound like a right crock at the moment but hopefully am on the mend .

    Wonder if the Hali are trying to discourage us from doing an OP by delaying their reply
  • pink poppy
    Wonder if the Hali are trying to discourage us from doing an OP by delaying their reply
    Originally posted by teapot2
    As if they would do such a thing!!

    Did you get one of those outdoor cat shelters that Piq mentioned on her diary?? I can't decide whether to get one as our puss cat doesn't seem to like going into small spaces & I don't want to spend 50 (shelter, cushion, p&p) & him not use it!!
    Caledonia dreamin' ...
  • teapot2
    As if they would do such a thing!!

    Did you get one of those outdoor cat shelters that Piq mentioned on her diary?? I can't decide whether to get one as our puss cat doesn't seem to like going into small spaces & I don't want to spend 50 (shelter, cushion, p&p) & him not use it!!
    Originally posted by pink poppy
    Guess I'm just tooooo cynical about banks .

    Am thinking I might get a cat shelter but will wait until the spring as he's hardly outside at the moment. Gives me time to save up and shop around. Mind you this morning he did sit under where his favourite tree was until I chopped it back - bless what a cruel woman I am.

    I couldn't put the shelter in a sheltered place IYSWIM as cat will always sit in the highest spot. He likes to sit out in the rain [a lot] and when the garden chairs are on the decking he sits under one but I've had to stack them away as its too windy and they go flying. Hard to know if he would use it so prob wouldn't get the cushion at first. It took him about a month to wiggle through the cat flap in the back gate so I wouldn't expect anything to happen quickly
  • teapot2
    Got a washing out and dried today so that was good - better than wet sheets draped everywhere. Bit of a housework day - hoovering and cleaning etc.

    Went to Mr As and got shopping for the week but no real bargains to be had . Made a big slow cooked stew with lots of veg for OH - should do at least 3 meals hopefully. Was going to make Limoncello but ran out of time - ok, I watched the XFactor final.

    OP'd the 500 boiler grant and OH OP'd the same so we are on 26710 now . Did some online shopping last night and got the majority of pressies sorted, just a few bits and pieces still to find. Might get a few bits when I'm in the big city tomorrow.

    Hope everyone has a good week - keep warm, Teapot x
  • teapot2
    Finished work on Friday afternoon after a busy couple of weeks and shall say this very quietly but think I'm ready for Christmas which is unusual for me at this point. All pressies wrapped except for sis but not seeing her till 26th as she is working. All cards sent - just a couple of emails to do to folk whose address we don't have. Whew

    We went to Mr T's yesterday and managed to get all the bits for Xmas dinner and the following few days so thats a result. Not too busy either.

    Have discovered Nigella's Panettone french toast - nom nom, my eating plan is at risk . Not going to avoid carbs over Xmas but will try not to go tooooo off track.

    Going to bottle the Limoncello I made tomorrow so need to sterilise some bottles. Got some admin to do for work as well so might try and get that out of the way tomorrow. Can't believe how much rain theres been - feel so sorry for the people who've been flooded, must be awful. Its very windy here now but dry at the moment. Cat had another run in with the same cat that bit him so really hope he doesn't make a habit of coming round to the garden. Don't need any emergency vet visits

    Just in case I don't get back here before Christmas - hope everyone has a peaceful time and enjoys their festivities or whatever you are up to. Merry Christmas when it comes, Teapot xx
  • teapot2
    Had a very nice relaxing Christmas then visited family on Boxing Day and took all the pressies round including the homemade limoncello which went down very well.

    Not so good yesterday morning as water from the upstairs bath started coming through the living room ceiling much to the surprise of the cat who was sitting under it at the time .
    We've has problems with it before and the builder who installed it was supposed to have sorted it but clearly didn't. Luckily we have a wet room downstairs as well so can use that till its sorted.

    Ironically when I'm trying to lose weight we got more chocolate as presents than we've had for years . Got some vouchers to buy new clothes which I need to do as my trousers are far too big now and keeping slipping down though tops are not too bad.

    Need to go shopping tomorrow as we're running out of veg and milk and will make a determined effort Not to buy puddings or cakes........ Will also have to transfer the mortgage money, wonder when it'll go out of the account with the weekend and bank hols?

    Cleaned out a kitchen cupboard today and rearranged all the tins . Bought some cleaner from L@keland which is supposed to work well on grease, used it on the hob which is pretty yucky and the side of the microwave which has big grease splashes. Need to have another go tomorrow as its welded on I think . Had a relax after that though and watched Mrs Browns Boys and had some Limoncello - yum.
  • teapot2
    Happy New Year everyone when it comes . Having a quiet evening in here till the bells - toooo cold to go out, its freezing. Hope 2013 is a good year for all MFWs.

    I don't really do resolutions but there are some things/goals I'd like to keep in mind for the coming months so I'll post those over the next few days. Thanks for the support over the last year and to those who read my waffling. Love from Teapot xx
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