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    • Natty68
    • By Natty68 12th Jan 20, 9:07 PM
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    Weekly Flylady Thread 13th January 2020
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    • 12th Jan 20, 9:07 PM
    Weekly Flylady Thread 13th January 2020 12th Jan 20 at 9:07 PM
    What is FLYLADY? Well, it's our version of the US flylady idea - but we work on the principle that housework is not fun, it's boring, can be time-consuming, is often thankless but, unfortunately, necessary. It's here on Old Style to provide the support we all need and to make the whole task easier and quicker. We also accept that, sometimes, life just gets on top of us and we can't keep up, maybe because we're time-poor, not in the best of health and/or we have littlies who need us. We are definitely NOT control freaks aiming for perfection and utterly spotless show-homes.

    You're more than welcome to join us in the everlasting battle against dust, grime and gibble. The aim of our thread is to make those onerous tasks less daunting, and to support each other - and to make time for the finer things in life!

    Please do remember we have to abide by MSE rules; each post should, ideally, include some mention of flying.

    Thank you Valli for last week's thread.

    Please follow the forum rules on this thread as Flylady has been here a LONG time and is a fabulous support and resource for lots of us. All posts should have some Flylady-related content! (i.e. it should be on-topic)
    The idea is that even if you are really busy you don't need to fall off the wagon!

    Every room comes back around next week so please donít stress about catching up

    These lists are only suggestions and not a must do list; you are more than welcome to post and follow your own lists.
    Also adding a declutter mission each day will help to gradually clear the clutter and make flying easier.

    A few of the basics before we start the week -

    Hotspots are areas where if one thing gets put there, loads of other things follow!
    Daily routines are anything you need to do on a daily basis like washing, swish and swipe kitchen and bathroom, ironing, making beds, vacuuming high traffic areas, making meals etc.
    Night-time routines are all things which make getting ready in the morning easier, preparing clothes for the next day, making lunches, swish & swipes of the kitchen and tidying the living room before you go to bed plus personals like shower/brush teeth etc.
    Fling Boogie - stick on some loud music, grab a bin bag and whiz around the house finding items that can go out with the rubbish, recycling, for charity shop, basically anything that will stop it cluttering your home.
    Swish and swipe/S&S means have a quick wipe over an area such as a sink or toilet to prevent the build up of dirt. This is usually done on a daily basis

    HHE/HHC/HHI Half Hour exercise/challenge/ironing ... run around for 30 minutes to the Benny Hill music frantically cleaning exercising or ironing.. .other music may be used if you prefer!
    WM ~ Washing machine
    TD ~ Tumble dryer
    SC ~ Slowcooker
    BM ~ Breadmaker
    DW ~ Dishwasher
    SOAADFA ~ Sit on 'bottom' and do 'nothing'
    KH/XH/FW ~ Ex-husband and other not so polite versions
    DH/DD/DS/DW/DP ~ Dear husband/daughter/son/wife/partner/whatever
    OH/SO ~ Other half/significant other
    NN ~ nice neighbour
    Toxic (friend/mother/sister/whoever) ~ person in your life that seems to exist to make your life miserable
    AF ~ Aunt Flo 'time of the month'.. nothing to do with flying but it comes up often.
    ETA ~ Edited to add
    Gibble ~ miscellaneous crap that appears forever homeless
    Dot-to-dot ~ pick a small area (not a whole room) like a chair/coffee/table/shelf/worktop or wherever- thatís your first 'dot' - totally clear it - clean it - and only put back what should be there - deal with what you have removed (not just move it somewhere else) then if you have time move on and do the same to another 'dot' -the idea is just like a dot to dot puzzle, you aim to join up all the dots and have a tidy room. The trick is to keep each dot tidy until you get them all joined up! All credit to former Flylady AnW's Mum for this one
    RoD ~ Room of Doom, the one room that feels like it is a permanent pit and cannot be used to its potential!
    MAD half hour - Mad is the abbreviation for Make A Difference
    The idea is that you have a Forth bridge (ie never-ending - or just huge) task but that you work on it in half-hour bursts. This way you know you ARE stopping, and that you won't get it finished but you will make a difference - so it might be clearing out - the garage or shed, or clothes sorting, or weeding - you get the picture - but rather than keep going until you've lost the will to live you do half an hour...but, eventually those half hours will get the job done!
    Frog (or other amphibian) ~ google 'eat that frog'
    Spoons ~ google 'but you don't look sick' and/or 'The Spoon Theory'.

    Mr S/A/T/M/L/Al - supermarkets Sainsburys, Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Lidl, Aldi. You get the picture!!

    Click here to read Toots wonderful welcome guide

    ok Here goes this Week.

    Mushy Monday ~ Living room and other reception rooms!
    Level One...

    Declutter and vacuum floors
    Wipe sofas and wash any smelly soft furnishings/nets
    Level Two...
    Dust all electrical appliances and polish screens
    Wipe and water plants, mine desperately need watering!! My Mother In Law Tongue is practically begging for water, itís almost giving up the will to live.....
    15 minutes filing and 15 minutes deleting rubbish off the computer.. useless emails, old files, updating spreadsheets etc
    Level Two
    Sort through a bookshelf.. a different one to the last time you did it!
    Make any important phonecalls you have been putting off
    Vacuum under furniture you can move safely, if you are injured, pregnant or a new mum then do delegate someone else to do this for you.. We donít want any nasty accidents or trips to A&E..

    • Check smoke alarms and if needed change batteries to new ones..
    • Clean out pets
    • Deflea pets
    • Clear your junk table, wipe/polish and return all pretty things..
    • Empty and wash out any bins[
    • Anything else you can think of..!!!

    Tempting Tuesday ~ Kitchen, Utility and Dining Area
    Level One...

    Wipe and replace small appliances
    Declutter and wipe work surfaces
    Level Two...
    Sweep and mop floors
    Wipe units/appliances
    Clear and wipe a cluttered fluffy shelf!
    Level Three...
    Tidy, clear and wipe the top of the washing machines and dryer
    Clean one small appliance thoroughly.. microwave, kettle, iron,
    Clean deterrgent drawers
    • Clean paintwork
    • Order and organise the packets and jars and tins.
    • Sort the utensils.. half melted spatulas are not necessary!
    • HHI.. then wash the ironing board cover!

    Wishful Wednesday ~ Hall, Stairs and Landing!
    Level One...

    Tidy everything you can see when the front door is open! Coats and bird food stuff for me!!
    Level Two...
    Dust and deweb.. dnon't forget lightbulbs and shades!
    Scrub front door.. inside and out!
    Wash any curtains/draught excluders and doormats
    Level Three...
    Empty and declutter the cupboard under the stairs.. you do not need the junk that has been in there for a million years!
    Degunk, dejunk and clean the porch.. how many pizza leaflets do you need to wipe your feet on?
    Declutter the floors and vacuum them.
    Empty Vacuum cleaner, wash filters and clean brushes once you have finished vaccing.. leave to fully dry before rebuilding machine!
    • Wash windows and nets/blinds
    • Wipe and water and furry plants
    • Wipe paintwork and door knobs
    • HHI
    • Sort coats and bags and shoes

    Thrilling Thursday ~ Master bedroom/second room
    Level One...
    Strip, wash and replace the bedding
    Clear the floordrobe!
    Level Two...
    Vacuum the floors.. and the cobwebs!
    Tidy up drawers of clothing and the multitude of shoes
    For those who have been hiding stuff... Tidy under the bed!!!
    Level Three...
    Wash curtains and nets and windows
    Empty and wash out upstairs bins
    Binbag dance!
    • Sort through one box of stuff
    • Find 5 items to sell/give away.. and list for sale if necessary
    • Ring someone you love but haven't spoken to in a while.
    • HHI
    • 15 minute sort out of those random bits of gibble that are strewn about the flat surfaces in your room!

    Friday ~ Barnacle Bathroom and WC
    Level One...

    Declutter and mop floors!
    Scrub the bath/shower/basins/toilets/bidets etc.. don't forget the outside of the loo and under the scanky rim.. it gets naaaaaasty under there!!.. oh, and don't forget the top of the cistern!
    Level Two...
    Sling shower curtain/bathmats in the wash and scrub down the slimy tiles!
    Wash away and mouldy black bits and furry webs
    Polish up the taps so they shine!
    Level Three...
    Wash light pull strings! (Painting with neat bleach works then rinse in a jug of water)
    Scrub down the paintwork and radiators.. back and front!
    Clear and wipe window sills and frames and make the blinds/curtains nice and clean
    • Clean out the toiletries cupboard and put back the stuff you use.. and fling the stuff you don't! Do any necessary decanting so you have fewer almost empties!
    • Replace and curly toothbrushes
    • Polish mirrors and shelves!
    • Make a note of stuff you do need to stock up.. and stuff you already have stocked up for 10 years!
    Last edited by Natty68; 16-01-2020 at 11:16 PM.

    Struggling financially

    Mortgage Free as of 20.9.17
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    • Mademoiselle
    • By Mademoiselle 14th Jan 20, 12:02 PM
    • 508 Posts
    • 5,841 Thanks
    Quick coffee before I go off to work.

    WM 2
    TD 2
    Phone call made
    Failed to book eye exam they're not answering the phone
    Evaluation stuff found for Thursday
    Lesson plan found for tomorrow
    Lunch eaten
    Dinner in slowcooker, leftover turkey and veg curry

    Working until 7.15 this evening so no more flying from me.
    • kazmeister
    • By kazmeister 14th Jan 20, 3:09 PM
    • 3,214 Posts
    • 53,149 Thanks

    Is Natty ok?

    Or is it just me missing a list for Tuesday. Not that I probably would have done anything from it as this morning seems to have been a bit of a washout.

    Woke up and felt exhausted so I had breakfast and went back to bed for an hour.

    Since I got up I have
    WM x 2
    TD x 1
    Hung another lot on the electric airer
    Ironed the rest of DD's bedding and remade her bed all clean for her return
    Removed and unpacked the box that has been in the hallway since it was delivered on Saturday.
    Put together the shelf inserts
    Rearranged my Kallax unit
    Bent the ear of our Water provider who were supposed to fit a meter today but couldn't because they couldn't park anywhere despite coming yesterday and putting a row of cones outside the house

    That's about it. Next step is to look into a couple of jobs and make calls as necessary then look into rearranging my desk and putting up my pegboard.
    Lost my wings, need to learn to fly again
    • kezbabybabe
    • By kezbabybabe 14th Jan 20, 5:05 PM
    • 726 Posts
    • 3,599 Thanks
    Hi, All,
    Not much flying yesterday as I was out until late. Hubby vacuumed a d I tackled some large cardboard boxes from our deliveries.

    We're out tonight so no flying this evening.

    See you tomorrow.
    • Muddy Walker
    • By Muddy Walker 14th Jan 20, 9:27 PM
    • 33 Posts
    • 307 Thanks
    Muddy Walker
    Hello! For someone who was going straight to bed when I got in, 1 wash load, folded other dry washing, fed dogs, got food prepped for tomorrow, wiped all kitchen plus cupboards and then groomed 2 dogs- that isn’t bad!!!
    2020....lots of wonderful things to happen in 20s!
    • Jazee
    • By Jazee 14th Jan 20, 9:48 PM
    • 5,805 Posts
    • 64,829 Thanks
    More work done on presentation today, lunch out with friend, one dog walk and four wash loads done.
    Spend less now, work less later.
    Savings thread #104 Jan £0/total £0/£3600
    • Valli
    • By Valli 14th Jan 20, 9:49 PM
    • 21,444 Posts
    • 242,091 Thanks
    Kitchen cleaned. Also cleaned out a section of a cupboard and flung (seriously) OOD stuff - mainly because I need to put some empty jars somewhere. Bathroom cleaned. Towels in WM ready to roll. All upstairs vacuumed and DS's bed stripped and remade.
    Don't put it DOWN; put it AWAY

    "I would like more sisters, that the taking out of one, might not leave such stillness" Emily Dickinson
    Janice 1964-2016

    Thank you Honey Bear
    • Fayolle
    • By Fayolle 15th Jan 20, 7:06 AM
    • 1,310 Posts
    • 14,763 Thanks
    Morning all

    Yesterday's jobs of cleaning upstairs and stripping our bed were achieved. A friend called and invited me out for lunch which was nice. I managed to get to small town and run an errand or 2 before meeting DD. I had to run her out in the evening to the big town - scary drive there in the wind and back through flooded roads. Thankfully very few other cars were out.

    Today is a full day at paid stuff. Easy dinner hoiked from the freezer - currently itís the gift that keeps on giving. Long may that last.

    I hope Dizzy is ok in this weather.

    Have a lovely day all.
    • BadCat18
    • By BadCat18 15th Jan 20, 8:21 AM
    • 457 Posts
    • 4,521 Thanks
    Morning all

    Busy day at paid stuff yesterday and looking like today will be the same, not much flying happening. Today though I have...

    Made bed
    Showered and dressed
    Refreshed litter trays
    Quick vac done of kitchen, utility, dining room and hallway
    WM is swishing
    FUPA yesterday’s laundry

    Starting paid stuff now, 2 errands to run at lunchtime, more flying to be tackled after work.

    Have a good day all x
    • Goodintentions
    • By Goodintentions 15th Jan 20, 8:46 AM
    • 1,112 Posts
    • 17,771 Thanks
    Good morning

    Paid stuff today, and the baby is whingey! I have walked the dog, had breakfast, checked the bank accounts and juggled some £s and hoovered the LR. I must try and do some admin today!! I am so behind!

    Have a good day everyone!
    • Valli
    • By Valli 15th Jan 20, 9:42 AM
    • 21,444 Posts
    • 242,091 Thanks
    Up, showered and fed.

    Paid stuff later.

    House looking and feeling nice. So I'm happy.

    DW x 1, WM x 2, TD x 1. Towels folded and on airer ready to take up when I go up next.

    Next job - put new car mats in car and discard old ones, also look at fitting new organiser bag in boot. They were on sale in the middle of Mr L. Also bought an XXL pack of sponge fingers (ie tiramisu/trifle sponges) - they have a good date on them and DD loves making tiramisu! Never seen a pack this big before but it was a bargain! Rabbits out on garden running around like maniacs! Got a loaf of bread for 20p so I'm letting that dry into rusks (I put them in the oven as it cools) because they LOVE bread!
    Last edited by Valli; 15-01-2020 at 9:46 AM.
    Don't put it DOWN; put it AWAY

    "I would like more sisters, that the taking out of one, might not leave such stillness" Emily Dickinson
    Janice 1964-2016

    Thank you Honey Bear
    • kazwookie
    • By kazwookie 15th Jan 20, 9:50 AM
    • 11,155 Posts
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    I'm not here, but am trekking west

    I've seen adoptedGS for all of about 15 mins! seems he is enjoying college and now wants to join the police when he leave in 2 terms time........

    I've had a large birthday, but still feel about 40 to 45...........

    Should be back proper with you all Friday, I hate to think what my house is like after 4 weeks away

    Hugs to you all xx
    Sun, Sea

    • kazmeister
    • By kazmeister 15th Jan 20, 10:28 AM
    • 3,214 Posts
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    Morning Peoples

    Up a bit earlier than usual as I selected a delivery slot from 7 - 11 am for the exchange TD which has now been delivered. It sounds so different without the lump lump lump of the other one going round. There was definitely something wrong with it. Anyway we now have a better machine at no extra cost.

    Bacon roll breakfast eaten and was treated to an extra slice in the pack so naturally decluttered that as you wouldn't just leave one would you .

    Washing up done and draining

    I have put together the new pegboard on my desk and need to sort where I want the bits and pieces to go but that will be something that evolves over time. Especially if I go and buy a new AIO desktop PC (which I haven't said anything to DH about yet!)

    Little dog is doing some whining so I will probably take her out before I do anything else. I think I need to do a more focussed job search today and update my spreadsheet otherwise I will be sanctioned

    So hope you all have productive days and I'll 'see' you all later
    Lost my wings, need to learn to fly again
    • Jazee
    • By Jazee 15th Jan 20, 2:18 PM
    • 5,805 Posts
    • 64,829 Thanks
    Hello all.

    The presentation is complete.

    Just having a cuppa and then I'll walk the dogs before the paid stuff.
    Spend less now, work less later.
    Savings thread #104 Jan £0/total £0/£3600
    • Mademoiselle
    • By Mademoiselle 15th Jan 20, 4:27 PM
    • 508 Posts
    • 5,841 Thanks
    Just in from work.

    TD 1
    Pellet stoves cleaned and switched on
    Post dealt with, bank statements filed immediately
    Everything ready for big day of evaluations tomorrow

    Have a headache so now enjoying cup of tea and bisquits

    Think that will be it for flying, although will sort something out for dinner. But the sorted part of the house is still tidy so very happy.
    • BadCat18
    • By BadCat18 15th Jan 20, 5:31 PM
    • 457 Posts
    • 4,521 Thanks
    Evening all

    Paid stuff done, what a day!

    One errand run at lunchtime, didn’t have enough time for the second one
    Bathroom cleaned
    Laundry loaded ready to wash tomorrow

    Going to start supper, I suspect that might be all the flying I have the energy for this evening, have a good one all x
    • kazmeister
    • By kazmeister 15th Jan 20, 7:28 PM
    • 3,214 Posts
    • 53,149 Thanks

    Dog walked
    Several hours spent job searching
    A couple of calls one in one out
    Trip out with DH to the electrical shop and Mr. T
    More time online
    Numerous cuppas
    Finances updated
    DH cooked tea
    I washed up and S/S kitchen (yesterdays list still needs doing)

    Now an application to do for a job I would like but its too far to travel realistically but I need something

    Well done on completing the presentation Jazee, always a big achievement in my book
    Lost my wings, need to learn to fly again
    • nmm
    • By nmm 15th Jan 20, 8:51 PM
    • 1,927 Posts
    • 8,746 Thanks
    Evening everyone, thanks to all the flying lists the house is already much quicker to keep tidy, still got a few bits to declutter and must sort out the RoD. Also I want to create more storage as what I have is not used to its full potential.

    Washed bedding and hung on line, now on airer.
    S&S Bathroom
    S&S Kitchen
    Steamed stairs and bedroom
    Watered Plants
    Usual dailies
    Cross Stitch Cafe Member No1
    WIP: Cross Stitch: The Junction by John Clayton - Crochet: Attic24 Dahlia Blanket CAL
    • ionafan
    • By ionafan 15th Jan 20, 11:04 PM
    • 2,852 Posts
    • 40,539 Thanks
    Today I moved the king-size bed, unaided, and (since the entrance is only about 3 ft 6 high) half-crawled in and out of the eaves loft umpteen times. No wonder my knees ache tonight!

    I managed to empty 5 drawers full of family history photos, papers and other bits and pieces into 3 large storage boxes which are now piled in a corner of my bedroom. There are still another 7 drawers to deal with, but today my aim was to find most of the photos, so that I can gradually sort and label them and put them into proper archive storage folders.

    While i was in the loft, I also refilled the rodent bait dish, as our neighbour has reported mice in her loft I don't want them nibbling our things!

    I found a large box containing several wedding service booklets, together with loads of cards that we received, which have now been culled to what will fit into one A4 document pocket. The unwanted cards are going to one of the Old Wives who will recycle them to sell in aid of various charities.

    I have had a visual field test at the horse piddle and will be going back next week for a check-up with the consultant ophthalmologist, which will hopefully result in my being discharged. I am grateful that they are being super-vigilant.

    I managed to take Rosie for her walk, cook tea, fill the dishwasher and go to a church council meeting this evening. Oh, and I brought in the recycling bags after the dustmen had done their rounds.

    Decluttering IS happening even though it is a long drawn-out process.

    Proud granny moment: DGS4 swam a width unaided for the first time today, and then carried on for several more

    (((Hugs))) sticks and spoons to all in need x
    • supersaver1000
    • By supersaver1000 16th Jan 20, 6:11 AM
    • 2,232 Posts
    • 13,974 Thanks
    It didn't feel like the most productive day, but thinking about it made me realise I didn't do too badly:

    Paid work done
    Hoovered all the carpets
    Mended two woolies, although they may need to go to ebay/CS
    Cat vetted
    Cleared up after evening meal
    Homeowner wannabe by May 2020 :: Last few student loan payments by April 2020
    Fashion on the Ration £22.60 spent - 59/66 vouchers left :: 5 pleasures/day
    Grocery Challenge £297.11/£300 : : Saving for Xmas 2020 £24.08/£366 saved (£1/day)

    Frugally Fab, Flylady & Sewing Thread Lurker :: Starting up an Exercise regime
    • Jazee
    • By Jazee 16th Jan 20, 6:14 AM
    • 5,805 Posts
    • 64,829 Thanks
    Ionafan, I expect your knees will ache even more today.

    Morning all.

    I am drowning under piles of paperwork I need to read before a council meeting tonight. Also have paid stuff today and must try to catch up on household admin.

    So flying may just be dog walking and as many dailies as possible.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Spend less now, work less later.
    Savings thread #104 Jan £0/total £0/£3600
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