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    • belfastgirl23
    • By belfastgirl23 19th Dec 16, 9:23 PM
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    Resolutions: Return to this thread December 2017
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    • 19th Dec 16, 9:23 PM
    Resolutions: Return to this thread December 2017 19th Dec 16 at 9:23 PM
    Following on from our December 2016 resolutions thread this is your chance to set your intentions for 2017.

    Well done to everyone who achieved some of their goals in 2016 - remember if you don't fail occasionally you aren't reaching high enough!

    I will come back and post mine when I've had a chance to think but I know some people are better organised than me. I've signed up for a bootcamp course to run from the end of January to Easter so that's going to be my first one anyway

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    • 74jax
    • By 74jax 1st Jan 17, 6:07 PM
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    Make it to the end of 2017.
    Cycle in Central Park.
    Finish my photobook.
    Lose a stone.
    Write another chapter of my book.
    Learn pivot tables.
    Forty and fabulous, well that's what my cards say....
    • uberalles
    • By uberalles 1st Jan 17, 6:46 PM
    • 4,076 Posts
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    2017 objectives:

    7. Exercise enough to be able to pass the Navy Seal fitness test:
    - The challenge will be to find somewhere I can swim...would be pretty strange doing situps/pushups at the swimming baths
    Originally posted by Dird
    Had a look at that site last night, it looks to be quite a challenge . Think I'd manage most but always struggled with wide arm pull ups, can do a few but not many and certainly not in good time. It don't help being 6ft and 16.5 stone.

    That said, I'm ready to challenge myself again having done a few things over the years.

    Good luck with it.
    • uberalles
    • By uberalles 1st Jan 17, 6:48 PM
    • 4,076 Posts
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    Learn pivot tables.
    Originally posted by 74jax
    A five minute session will get you achieving that. Like most things in Excel, Word, Powerpoint etc, once you know how you wonder how you never did.

    Good luck.
    • cydney65
    • By cydney65 1st Jan 17, 10:00 PM
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    Thank you, this is the longest i;ve gone without doing it. (Some people hate tattoos and view it as some kind of defacing my body but..) i got a tattoo last year. And evertime i get the urge i look at it and tell myself i can overcome it. I'm getting another next year. So instead of seeing scars when i look at my legs i can look at pretty things (and hello kitty )
    Originally posted by xXMessedUpXx
    I have tattoos and piercings too. Each one has a special meaning for me so I love looking at them. I'm stretching my ear piercings starting tomorrow-I want to get to 00 gauge. Not bad for a 51 yr old (hello back )
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    • Dird
    • By Dird 2nd Jan 17, 2:00 AM
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    SQL. I'm a DBA so figured I'd do the certification.
    Originally posted by Gavin83
    None of the Gavin's are on my linkedin ;o you gonna do 2012/14 or the 2016 path? I did MCITP but cba to update; will probably do 12c before MCSA
    Had a look at that site last night, it looks to be quite a challenge . Think I'd manage most but always struggled with wide arm pull ups
    Originally posted by uberalles
    I could probably do 15 pushups, 2-3 pull ups atm will start some exercise Tomorrow
    Last edited by Dird; 02-01-2017 at 2:02 AM.
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    • Gavin83
    • By Gavin83 3rd Jan 17, 7:35 PM
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    None of the Gavin's are on my linkedin ;o you gonna do 2012/14 or the 2016 path? I did MCITP but cba to update; will probably do 12c before MCSA
    Originally posted by Dird
    2012/14. I figure that 2016 is no where near utilised enough and won't be for a few years. Even the exam path seems a little ropey at the moment, I'll take them in a few years once it's well established. Besides which work are paying for it so I have to follow their lead somewhat.
    • belfastgirl23
    • By belfastgirl23 8th Jan 17, 5:20 PM
    • 7,692 Posts
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    So a little bit late but finally, my own resolutions.

    Fitness and health:
    • 300 alcohol free days (including 3x30 days)
    • 300 days completing myfitnesspal
    • 300 days with some kind of exercise
    • Walk 2000 miles and where possible do hillwalks
    Building connections:
    • Visit my Dad every three weeks
    • See a friend at least once a month for a coffee
    • Join a book club
    • Use fitness plans to build new connections where possible

    • Institute focused time first thing in the morning (2hrs)
    • Organise team meetings
    • Leave on time
    • Continue to manage workload and expectations
    • Don't keep adding and practice saying NO
    • Turn off the news and focus on positive news sources (set up a stream for this)
    • Read 52 books
    • Tidy up before bed
    • Create thinking space
    • Be grateful
    • Donate
    • Prioritise

    • Pay £2k off house loan
    • Pay £600 to my ISA
    • Stay out of overdraft
    • Do a monthly finance review (on 25th of month to help with above)
    Will probably do a quarterly report back to keep myself on track.

    Well done everyone for your commitments and good luck with keeping them!
    Last edited by belfastgirl23; 08-01-2017 at 7:46 PM.

    • Piscean1991
    • By Piscean1991 8th Jan 17, 6:58 PM
    • 452 Posts
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    My Resolutions
    + Pay off credit card and overdraft - did this on the 1st of January!
    + Start saving for a house - make secure savings plan when I start working again in September.

    + Cook from scratch twice a week.
    + Put myself and my wellbeing on my list of priorities.
    + Learn to write in old-fashioned cursive.
    + Throw away socks with holes in them.
    + Visit my own family as much as we visit my partner's family.
    + Find time to connect with friends more often.

    + Qualify this year and get my first teaching job.
    + Learn to manage my workload more effectively so I don't burn out.
    • alfielibby
    • By alfielibby 11th Jan 17, 4:08 PM
    • 15 Posts
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    Send fewer coffee cups to landfill!!
    • AylesburyDuck
    • By AylesburyDuck 11th Jan 17, 4:31 PM
    • 770 Posts
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    lost 2.5 stone in 2016, so my 2017 resolution is to loose another 2.
    Should be doable, nearly lost the weight i put on over Chritmas/New Year.
    Fully paid up member of the ignore button club.
    If it walks like a Duck, quacks like a Duck, it's a Duck.
    • cjdavies
    • By cjdavies 12th Jan 17, 5:13 AM
    • 3,302 Posts
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    1. Pass that promotion board coming up next month, they have changed the process which I hope will be easier.

    2. I currently go to the gym 3 times 1 week and 4 times week after at night, so would like to do some daily morning excerise at home before work also.

    3. Start a meal plan daily and stick to it, preparing I'm with fine with, sticking to it is another.

    4. Aim to earn £1000 by end of year by matched betting.

    5. Remain single.
    Last edited by cjdavies; 12-01-2017 at 5:17 AM.
    • katsoocam
    • By katsoocam 12th Jan 17, 9:36 PM
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    I will get into our new house without having a nervous breakdown or a major fight with my husband.I will spend time on my hobbies.
    We will get out of our overdrafts - we aren't in them at the moment but despite best efforts I think we will be for a couple of months in the summer after we move.
    I will work on my work/life balance.
    We will grow more of our own food - it went really well last year so fingers crossed we do ok again.
    • ElusiveLucy
    • By ElusiveLucy 13th Jan 17, 1:41 PM
    • 678 Posts
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    - Lose a stone for my holiday at the start of May and keep it off until the end of the year
    - Run 5k (I am not a natural runner by any stretch of the imagination!)
    - Get my living room/stairs/landing re-decorated (been meaning to do this for the last 3 years)
    - Get new carpets throughout (dependent on decorating being finished)
    - Get my downstairs loo refurbed (I have lived with a pistachio green suite since I moved in 15 years ago. It took me 13 years to get the beige bathroom done, so now it is the cloakroom's turn)
    - Clear out my wardrobes (did make a start on that but then stalled)
    - List unused electronics and other items on eBay
    What goes around comes around.....I hope!
    • mcmanlyn
    • By mcmanlyn 13th Jan 17, 2:26 PM
    • 414 Posts
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    Okay here's mine (Love this idea!!):

    - Lose 3 stone
    - Have enough savings to begin looking for our first house
    - Exercise regularly & actually feel fit & healthy enough to run for a bus
    - Make it through the run up to wedding in October without becoming a basket case...
    - Join some meet up groups & reconnect with friends to have an actual social circle!
    - Clear all credit cards
    - Visit parents more than once a month
    - Stop buying clothes that I 'might fit into one day'
    - Stop being a slob that makes clothes live on the spare room floor
    Wondering how to have a life & not rack up more debts...
    • belfastgirl23
    • By belfastgirl23 20th Nov 17, 7:43 PM
    • 7,692 Posts
    • 15,472 Thanks
    Just bumping this thread in case anyone wants to check in on their goals while it!!!8217;s not too late to do something about them!

    • onomatopoeia99
    • By onomatopoeia99 21st Nov 17, 11:19 AM
    • 4,188 Posts
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    Piano lessons is the plan. Was going to start in November this year, but that never happened.
    Originally posted by onomatopoeia99
    And still hasn't, though I've had some problems to deal with this year.
    INTP, nerd, libertarian and scifi geek.
    Home is where my books are.
    • 166million
    • By 166million 6th Dec 17, 4:49 PM
    • 1,206 Posts
    • 5,061 Thanks
    Will there be a new thread for 2018? I don't think I posted on this one but it's good idea
    **Debt Free as of 15:55 on Friday 23rd March 2012**And I am staying that way
    377 166million Sealed Pot Challenge 2018 No. 90: Emergency fund £637
    My debt free diary http://
    • Barny1979
    • By Barny1979 6th Dec 17, 6:49 PM
    • 4,038 Posts
    • 44,588 Thanks
    Aims for 2017:
    - Cut down my drinking of alcohol
    - Cut down my drinking of Coke Zero/Pepsi Max
    - Try to get to near 50 Parkruns, currently on 4
    - Do a Half-marathon!!!
    Originally posted by Barny1979
    - cut down reasonably on alcohol
    - did well on fizzy drinks for first two/three months, but slipped into habit again
    - up to 40 parkruns last Saturday
    - did the Great North Run in September, got a charity place in the London Marathon for next year.
    • xXMessedUpXx
    • By xXMessedUpXx 6th Dec 17, 11:28 PM
    • 17,133 Posts
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    Seeing as i never managed any of last year i'm going to keep it simple.

    1)Pay off at least £1000 of my overdraft. I'd like to think i'll get it all paid off, but i want to keep this manageable. Ok hands up i didn;t manage this. i ended up borrowing money off the bf that im paying back and as soon as thats gone i will beat this goddamn overdraft its taken me a year to realise where i was going wrong but i have a plan now

    2)I need to cut back on alcohol. I've developed a small problem with drinking when i'm at mine and i need to try and curb it. So for now lets say i can only drink 1 night a week. And i hope to stick to that (with the goal of drinking less as the year goes on) I did manage to cut back, still having the odd night but not on work nights and only a few drinks

    3)well january marks 2 years since i last self harmed so ideally i'd like t make it through another year without resorting to old habits. this one im proud to say i've managed 3 years free in january and i'll be adding another butterfly to my leg

    4) Be more honest about my mental health and instead of putting it off always seek help when i need it even if i feel i'm being stupid about it. I;ve not seen my GP many times when i really should have done and i need to get past that shame and accept help when i need it. I've actually done this, tried to get re reffered to mental healthteam but didnt meet criteria. BUT i;ve done a 7 week managing depression group and i'm down for the bipolar one next year so i feel i have made some progress and got some better coping mechanisms
    Originally posted by xXMessedUpXx
    2 1/2 out of 4 i think better than last year (ALSO I LOVE THE IDEA OF THIS THREAD!!!)
    "Life Is Like A Beautiful Melody Only The Lyrics Are Messed Up"
    To see the rainbow you need both the sun and the rain to make its colours appear
    "I just need to be alone right now, i just wanna take a little breather"
    • Gavin83
    • By Gavin83 7th Dec 17, 12:43 AM
    • 5,123 Posts
    • 8,341 Thanks
    1) Lose a little weight, 8 pounds should do it
    2) Get back into running again
    3) Pay off a little debt and get some proper savings
    4) Improve my career in some way, be it a promotion, payrise or move
    5) Pass my MCSA
    6) I have another which will remain secret for now, but I'll say if I did it or not at the end of the year.
    Originally posted by Gavin83
    1) I lost weight but not 8 pounds, so I consider this one partly achieved.
    2) Not even close.
    3) I did both of these and have started saving for a house so consider this one successful.
    4) Iíve improved my salary by about 30% this year so Iíll consider this as done too.
    5) I passed my MCSA fairly early in the year having passed each exam first time so I smashed this one.
    6) My secret one was to get engaged. I proposed to my girlfriend, she said yes so this one has been completed too. Weíre due to get married next year.

    Overall a pretty successful year, 4.5 out of 6 ainít bad!
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