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    • Pink.
    • By Pink. 28th May 08, 1:24 AM
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    June 2008 Grocery Challenge
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    • 28th May 08, 1:24 AM
    June 2008 Grocery Challenge 28th May 08 at 1:24 AM
    Hello everyone,

    Welcome to the sixth Grocery Challenge of 2008.

    If your new month starts early feel free to join this thread, or if you're still working on your March budget, then keep on posting in the May Grocery Challenge.

    As always this challenge is to reduce your own grocery budget to levels that you will be pleased with, not forgetting that we always recommend that you stay inside your own comfort levels and take things gently one step at a time. Remember that this is not a's designed to take you and your grocery spending to a level you are happy with.

    If you are new to the challenge I have quoted the advice from Galtizz below which will help you get started.

    Please post into this thread for help and advice and support at any time. Good luck to everyone taking part!

    I have said this before, but for all the newbies to the challenge;

    For the first month I took a guess at the budget but I really had no idea how much I was spending.

    I found the best thing is to have a guess the first month but SAVE ALL OF YOUR RECEIPTS (and yes, that does include the ones from the local shop when you run out of milk ), then at the end of the month add them all up and have a look if you were on budget, if not, it doesn't matter because your budget was a guess. For the next month you can use the total of your receipts and take a bit off to get a realistic budget, just shave off as much as you think you can, it could be £1 a week or £20 a week.

    If you are currently spending £200 a month don't suddenly drop it to £100 - you'll never do it but if you cut £20 a month off for a few months you'll get there eventually without feeling you're missing out on anything.

    You might think you've done everything you can in the first month but someone always comes up with a new idea and, if you try it you often find you save a bit more (unless you are SarahSaver who is an expert at this and could only save more if she turned her back garden into a paddy field and lived on rice ) In the first month I thought, I'm planning meals, I couldn't possibly save any more, but then I started double cooking and freezing, and making soup instead of buying it in tins.

    I've been doing this since Feb but only saved ALL of my receipts last month, it has given me a much better idea of where it is all going. Budget for next month is £80 for 2 of us, I'll start on 30/4. I could probably save more, by eating different foods but I can afford to live on £80, I have saved a lot of money since Feb. and I don't waste food or money any more. So I'm happy with my budget.
    by Galtizz

    Wishing everyone a good month.


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    Last edited by Former MSE Wendy; 03-06-2008 at 4:50 PM.
Page 52
    Evening all

    Thought i would pop back whilst i remember...just done hubby one of those baguettes with cheese salad and 1 for work tomorrow ...apparently they get a double thumbs up from hubby -who *quote* "will have these every day thankyou very much"
    I did suggest making them smaller -but hubby looked like i had told him i used to be a man i guess they will be staying the same size
    They are a bit more faff than a standard loaf -but i have swipped a bite and they are more than worth it ... Plus when i make a loaf i can't get 3 lunches for hubby from it this only uses an extra 100g flour and will do 3 lunches and big ones at that
    so i thought i would share it with you all -just need to convince my self that i DON'T need those special baguetter trays

    Apparently using less yeast and treble proving is the difference between these and normal bread

    The recipe goes like this... a bit more faff than a basic loaf -but they do feel very different and im sure it will be quicker now i know what im doing
    • blend the 15g of fresh yeast with 550ml lukewarm water
    • sift the flours (500g bread and 115g plain)and 2tsp salt together -NB -i find that I always need about 100g more flour than suggested
    • beat half of the flour mix into the yeast/water to form a batter
    • cover with cling film/carrier bag and leave for about 3 hours or until about trebled in size
    • add the remaining flour a little at a time -mixing in with your hand (i found i needed quite a bit more flour at this point -think the flour out here is very soft)
    • tip onto a floured worktop and knead for 8-10 mins ... or as long as you can be bothered
    • place in a clean bowl and cover for 1hr until doubled
    • knock back and turn out -cut into 3
    • shape each into a ball and then roll out to about 3"x6"
    • fold the bottom third up lengthways and the top third down and press down to seal the edges and roll out to 3"x6" again.. allow to rest whist you do the other 2 and then repeat each 2-3 times -ending up with an oblong
    • stretch each piece of dough to approx 14" -mine didn't end up that long .. i shaped mine by rolling up like a swiss roll and tucking the ends under
    • sprinkle flour on a tea towel and place 1 on... pinch the tea towel to make a wall -place the 2nd on and do the same
    • cover and allow to prove for 45-60 mins
    • pre-heat the oven to maximum
    • place rolls on a baking sheet -slash diagonally
    • place on the top shelf and spray the inside of the oven with water and bake for 20-25 mins (luckily i had a spare plant mister)
    • you need to spray the oven twice more during the 1st 5 mins
      hope you enjoy them
    Last edited by MRSMCAWBER; 09-08-2008 at 5:26 PM.
    -6 -8 -3 -1.5 -2.5 -3 -1.5-3.5
    • OrkneyStar
    • By OrkneyStar 4th Jun 08, 6:41 PM
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    I got my eco ball from Kleeneze and the soapnuts or soap pods online from ebay. I dont know why they are getting stuck inside stuff?(hope we are talking about the same thing). I put about 6 soapnuts in a pop sck(knee-high or stocking) and tie a knot in it. Drying any of these items between washes is not necessary-they only tell you to do that so that you dont store them away wet and then they would go yucky. Just pop it in your next wash and leave it to dry out when the washing is finished for the day.
    Originally posted by angelatgraceland
    I have been using the bag that came with the soap pods and it does not work very well. TBH I prefer the Eco balls but think I will use the soap pods too, just might find something more secure to put them in. I dry the Eco balls as I am sure it said you are supposed to let them dry, although yours may be different (mine are not Kleeneze ones- I think the Kleeneze ones are cheaper ?).
    PS Am not supposed to be back on the comp but am waiting for my BM to bleep- made another oat bread loaf, if it works will post recipe. I remember how yummy this was when I made it before mmmm smells delish!!!
    Another NSD over too, yippppeeeee!!! Only til Fri to finish my MSW (starting with a M-F, 5 day) then pop to Lidls/COOP on Sat- have made a list and estimate we don't need much, really just yogs, fruit etc and some mince.
    Last edited by OrkneyStar; 04-06-2008 at 6:45 PM.
    • hamish222
    • By hamish222 4th Jun 08, 6:51 PM
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    My first month this month and had decieded to budget 50 quid a week but changed to 200 for month as work shifts and hate shopping when n/s (7 nights next week). So have bought in enough for this week and plenty for next few weeks. Will just need buy f + v and milk / bread etc. Went shopping today and bought my first ever whoopsi. I never budget and never buy anything near sell by date normally. I estimate that I would normally throw away as much as I eat which is awful. I normally never cook. Live on takeaways and expensive pre packed meals. If I am having potatoes and veg I buy the ready prepared Ms ones. So decieded that needed to turn over a new leaf.
    Bought loads of reduced meat - 2 packs lamb mince , 1 pack beef mince , lamb shanks , lamb chops , pork steaks, pork chops, lamb joint and steaks. All for just over 12 pounds. Also stocked up on cheese and juice as half price. Have stuck to my meal plan for last 3 days and made a dinner. Made corned beef hash tonight and hubby loved it. He was delighted to get a proper dinner. Also been taking cereal / sandwich to work instead of spending about a fiver a day on a sandwich and coffee. I am looking forward to sticking to this as when I worked out how much money I squander I was shocked to realise that people on here could probably feed about a family of 20 never mind me hubby and 2 cats.

    June Spent 54.12 / 200
    • cookinmummy
    • By cookinmummy 4th Jun 08, 6:52 PM
    • 4,229 Posts
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    Just updating my signature as went and got bits from Mr M in the end - so spent £11.29. But, this did include buying bulk. They had reduced the Hovis strong flour to 85p and were selling countrylife unsalted butter at 2 bars for £1.60.

    Bit annoyed as orignally I went to Lidyl for first time EVER today. You guys mention it on here, and we have a new store so thought I'd get my bargain hat on. Only to discover their trolleys don't allow for two small children! So - I had to turn tail and hike the kids back into the car and Mr M got lucky. Are all Lidl stores like this?

    BTW use eco balls to and I find them pretty good too.
    • OrkneyStar
    • By OrkneyStar 4th Jun 08, 6:59 PM
    • 6,672 Posts
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    Bit annoyed as orignally I went to Lidyl for first time EVER today. You guys mention it on here, and we have a new store so thought I'd get my bargain hat on. Only to discover their trolleys don't allow for two small children! So - I had to turn tail and hike the kids back into the car and Mr M got lucky. Are all Lidl stores like this?
    Originally posted by cookinmummy
    I think our local Lidl only has the trolleys suitable for one baby up to 9kg or the ones suitable for one baby/toddler over that weight, although I will check next time I am there. I had a similar problem when DS was only big enough to fit in the small baby seats (the up to 9kg flat ones) and the local COOP only had the trolleys that he had to sit up in. Mentioned to the manager, apparently they had some ordered, arrived now we no longer need them lol! I was amazed in Lanarkshire to see Tesco trolleys that the whole car seat could be slotted on to!!! We don't have them here and that would have made my life a lot easier a few months back!
    • ifonlyitwaseasier
    • By ifonlyitwaseasier 4th Jun 08, 7:13 PM
    • 2,787 Posts
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    loving the idea of fresh baguettes now, Thank you Mrs M
    Nonny mouse and Proud!!
    Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience
    Amor et metus. Lac? Sugar? Quisque massa vel duo? (stolen from a lovely forumite!)

  • savingfortravel
    Hi everyone!!
    Finally caught up with the thread.
    JayJay14 - Thanks for your message.
    Searching-me-Hope you feel a bit better soon. We're here for you.
    Ess-six and Queen of String-Thanks for your encouraging messages too.
    Dink1-How's your OH? Mine is quite upbeat about things at mo.
    Another NSD for us, am exhausted as been up since 4.30am stressing about a play I was directing at school (wrote it as well!). It went really well, children performing were aged 4-7 and acted brilliantly, speaking so well. A few funny, unplanned moments, but that's what the parents love.
    Hope to pop to Mr T tomorrow and am going away for a girlie weekend in Suffolk on Friday.
    Take Care All-Keep up the good work.
    Frugal Living 2010 member MFW by 2014 Was 88,000 now £46,877.90 Grocery Budget for Dec-April=£173.72/£244 (Groc Budget 2010 from Ebay/Voucher savings/Quidco -If we can do it will save our £980 GC budget) Now living the dream -in our tiny country cottage-all thanks to MS forums. x 39 2 go
    Stockpile Savings: £89.72 Voucher savings £8
    • cookinmummy
    • By cookinmummy 4th Jun 08, 7:29 PM
    • 4,229 Posts
    • 73,730 Thanks
    I think our local Lidl only has the trolleys suitable for one baby up to 9kg or the ones suitable for one baby/toddler over that weight, although I will check next time I am there. I had a similar problem when DS was only big enough to fit in the small baby seats (the up to 9kg flat ones) and the local COOP only had the trolleys that he had to sit up in. Mentioned to the manager, apparently they had some ordered, arrived now we no longer need them lol! I was amazed in Lanarkshire to see Tesco trolleys that the whole car seat could be slotted on to!!! We don't have them here and that would have made my life a lot easier a few months back!
    Originally posted by OrkneyStar
    Thanks OrkneyStar. Maybe I should complain to the manager.

    Yes - our Tescos has a very good range of seat combos for the kids (including the car in front of the trolley that a toddler can sit in beeping the horn and a seat in the trolley for a baby/toddler!) - we are very hi-tech in Perthshire! LOL

    Sadly - Mr T isn't always the cheapest!
    Last edited by cookinmummy; 04-06-2008 at 10:09 PM.
  • mumzyof2
    Good Evening everyone, I spent today in Mr M the following

    99p on 10 black buckets (to grow poatoe and tomatoes in)
    89p greaseproof paper
    1 tomato 19p :O
    soda crystals 44p (yes i found them)

    total £2.73

    In quality save i spent:

    27p on a drink for me
    Baby wipes 59p

    Total 86p

    £3.59 spent today

    My total is adding up quite fast and seen as tho i havent done a real shop yet and been buying bits n bobs.
    Mum just made me do a tesco online order for when she comes on sunday and with her stuff she is taking back with her and my shopping for week as she is staying it came to £46.06 but had a £6 off a £40 shop so its now £40.06 and that with delivery.

    Does anyone else find tesco delivery charges dear? I wouldnt of shopped there if i hadnt of got the £6 off ecoupon as that to me if classed as free del

    Millies cookies in the oven (i think thats the name) LOL
    Sealed Pot dec 08 - dec 09 so far £27.67, Live off £4k Spent £330.20 GC £1,200 for 2009 Spent £50.78 PaD so far £650.07
    Debts: L/woods £154.00 C/One PAID O/D £649.90 Next £299.95 O/D PAID Gas £72.60 Electric £155.73 Mum £640.00 Orange £490.32
    • Sosh
    • By Sosh 4th Jun 08, 7:37 PM
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    I was meant to have leccy man round yesterday to change meter, they didn't turn up by 1 so I called and complained, I'm getting £20 compensation!
    Originally posted by ragz

    Snap! As my bill is due, they said they will deduct it from my bill, but i will be double checking that they do.

    I felt very excited today when I noticed tiny shoots appearing in my veggie patch. I know I'm months behind the rest of you, but Woo Hoo, I'm finally on my way

    I've just finished reading the posts about school cookery lessons and I'm really shocked. I'm a teacher and in my school, the kids are taught how to cook from scratch. Many a time, I've had kids turn up in my lessons with delishious smelling food they've just cooked. The older kids have to budget plan.

    I guess it depends on the facilities available. I'm lucky that my school is very well funded. Food tech even have their own restaurant for 6th form to practise in. They do a 3 course meal for £1.50 once a week, it certainly beats the canteen.
    Last edited by Sosh; 04-06-2008 at 7:51 PM. Reason: Caught up with posts
    Thanks to all the lovely people on here I have managed to cut my hours down to 2 days a week, allowing me to spend more time with my gorgeous Children.
    • wmf
    • By wmf 4th Jun 08, 7:44 PM
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    Went to Morrisons on the way home from work and parted with just over £19. They have less than half price spaghetti (both long and short) so I bought 2 packs. They also had reduced tinned tomatoes and red salmon (tinned). Bought frozen lean mince for the first time so |I hope it's good. Frozen fish + some other things. Hope not to have to go shopping for a while now. We'll see. I wonder if I will make this month's challenge as it's only 4th!
    • greent
    • By greent 4th Jun 08, 7:45 PM
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    Well done on the b/feeding :-)) My youngest was the one I was most unsure about feeding for very long - but he's still going strong at nearly 2 & 1/2years Now need to figure out how to get him to stop!!!!

    Have spent loads this week - am convinced starting GC is like starting a diet (when you then crave food ALL the time) - can't seem to keep out of shops - haven't managed a NSD yet - and cupboards/ fridge/ freezer were bursting before month began! Now need to tally it up & update signature

    Off to catch up with this thread - is it normally this chatty??????
    I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul
    Repaid mtge early (orig 11/25) 01/09 £124616 01/10 £104927 01/11 £89873 01/12 £76317 01/13 £52546 01/14 £35356 01/15 £12133 07/15 £NIL
    BTL Mtge 12/16 £69786 12/18 £54829 2019 OPs (#18) £3757/£5K
    Net sales 2019 £532.58/£500
  • Judellie
    Thought I'd got away with a 95p spend but forgot the £2 for ds2 lunch and then everyone wanted fish and chips for tea - another £8.40 so thats £10.40 to add to my total

    Jude xx
    Last edited by Judellie; 04-06-2008 at 8:03 PM.
  • annelouise
    NSD for me..
    Had a gym,linedancing,housework day today so NSD which was great.

    Made the pastryless quiche in a flash with extra soft cheese,parmesan,cheddar,bacon lardons from fridge,1/2 small onion ( v sad looking )pinch mixed herbs.Just cooling now. Have sliced it into 6 wedges and taken some to neighbour ,put 2 pieces in fridge and the other 3 in freezer.LOVELY.

    Have watered veg and gathered my recycling together so just tonights 6 items to list on ebay in an hour or so,mop the lounge and 1/2 hr ironing.

    Pasta with pesto,courgette and bacon tomorrow and jackets a la various on Friday.Toad in the hole Saturday and Roast Chicken Dinner Sunday so we're all set.

    Have got bread,wraps,pitta for packed lunches but will need -apples,oranges,pears,pineapple,cherries or grapes and bananas at the end of the week.

    Congrats to new baby.

    Be who you are and say what you think because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind....Dr Seuss
    • Mudbath
    • By Mudbath 4th Jun 08, 8:07 PM
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    I managed three NSDs but today got a big delivery from tesco (with a free delivery coupon obviously!!). I've got another order coming from waitrose on Monday as I had a free delivery coupon for them too. I know they're more expensive but I only bought bogof basics with them and have £100 worth of stuff coming for £50. It's made this an expensive month but I won't be buying loo roll, dishwasher tabs, washing up liquid etc, etc for a good few months. Also means I don't have to the heavy shopping which is good as i've got limited access to the car (sold mine last year so share with DH) and a dodgy hand so can't carry much. DH has been doing the shopping but he buys wierd stuff or doesn't go for ages. I'd rather he spent his time doing stuff that's more useful anyway. So, i'm up to £117.08.

    Oops, didn't mean to go on quite so much.

    Hope everyone has a successful month xx
  • scooterwife
    Well I knew I was spending money like water, but writing it all down, it really makes you think doesn't it?
    Thanks Greent & Judellie, your posts sum up my week so far as well, although I bought huge box of washing powder in Netto which will easily last the month.
    Didn't have time (couldn't be bothered .......) to cook tea so fish & chips here as well, but I shouldn't need any more shopping this week except milk, & at least thats 2 x 4pints for £2 at both my nearest shops.
    On DMP with CCCS Total debt at LBM (Dec 06) £35,467. DFD 2031.
    Apr08 32,963 DFD 2018
    Jan12 21,091 DFD 2017
  • Jaycee1972
    Hi everyone, just done some totting up from the first few days of June.

    I am including money which I spend at work on food/drink in my grocery budget and also any coffee or a snacks out as motivation to be aware of my spending on this kind of thing and in particular take pack up to work. I have only been in work 2 days this week and spent £1.80 which is an improvement but is still not great.

    I had an exam yesterday and treated myself to mocha and cheese cake at Starbucks after. However, I wish I hadn't spent that £5.35 of my budget lol!

    So that is a total of £8.95 on eats/drinks out and £17.24 on groceries. Shouldn't need to to buy much else until next week. Going to the zoo tomorrow and taking a picnic Off to amend my sig.

    Good luck everyone!

    Jaycee x

  • lingojingo
    Hi everyone, not been on for a few days, so haven't told you how the giant jaffa cake went.
    Followed various bits of advice from several of you - used the juice from the tin instead of cold water to make the jelly - allowed the jelly to almost set in the jug before putting it into the flan, so it didn't end up soggy - added a little cream to the melted chocolate in an attempt to stop it going brittle - spread out the chocolate on a plate covered in cling film first, rather than put it on the jelly when it was hot.
    Result - flan didn't get too soggy, taste pronounced fantastic "just like real jaffa cakes", jelly didn't melt under the chocolate, but the chocolate was still quite hard and impossible to cut without shattering . When I make it again (already requested by DS) I'll try making chocolate icing instead.

  • SAV3R
    Hi, Had delivery this eve from mr T. Spent more than I should really, but needed fruit n veg, dairy etc, decided to stock up on a few other things at same time to try and stretch further between shops. I keep saying this but never seem to last as long as I plan to. On a plus side the cupboards are pretty full and freezer not looking too bad either. For the first time I found a code for £6 off my shop, was not confident about it working but it did, yay.....I am going to keep trying and will eventually succeed. My shopping habits are changing, maybe a little slower than other people on here, but I am taking in all the advice. Thanks.

    Made fruit biscuits (these are my favourite) and chcocolate ones for kids. Also made choc chip muffin mix, tried this as a traybake, not sure what I think, pieces very uneven in size. The mix rose a lot in the middle but not around edges, I did, however, get 15 pieces rather than 12 cakes.
  • Tesco-shopper
    Staying away from temptation!
    I had to go down town today to get a prescription. Having been told it was about a 15 minute wait before it would be ready, I decided to sit and wait in the pharmacy rather that look round the shops down town - I didn't trust myself looking round the shops - I might have bought something!

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