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February 2011 Grocery Challenge

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    XSpender wrote: »

    Cheese and Onion Pasties. I had made a note to try these from a recipe someone had posted making these with mashed potato but now I can't find it in the recipe collection. Does anyone have a simila recipe? Thank you:)
    Is this it XSpender?
    Well I made some shortcrust pastry with 8 oz plain flour and 4 oz trex(or stork or whatever)
    I cut out circles-a teaplate is about right-or a saucer-about 6" accross.
    I put dollops of mashed potato(I had leftover mash)onion,chees and some mixed herbs onto each one, folded over in pasty shapes and brushed with beaten egg. Could have used dices pots but wanted to use up the mash! Baked at gas 5 until nice and golden.
    It's in the recipe index under.....well......Cheese & Onion Pasties :rotfl:

    MRSMCAWBER Could you please put Hippeechiq down for £250 for March please
    I've already reduced it this year from £275 to £250 and I really don't think I can comfortably get it any lower. I always struggled at £275, but I'm having to really work my backside off to bring it in at or around £250.
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    Hippeechiq wrote: »
    Is this it XSpender?

    It's in the recipe index under.....well......Cheese & Onion Pasties :rotfl:

    That's it! Thank you so much for finding it.:T Gawd knows where I was looking:rotfl:
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  • Happy Weekend!

    Hugs & prayers to all that need them at this time.

    Just a few spends yesterday - did my weekly shop at A**i and spent £17.04 - did get 2 bottles of red wine but thats not included in the GC budget. OH invited a friend round for tea last night and went to pick up a "few things" from sainsbugs.....hmmm £13.66 later!!!!!!! Was not impressed!:( I wonder why we are only just scrapping in on the GC!!!!!! x
    Grocery Challange for DH, Me & 2 Fussy Cats (inc Grocerys, Cleaning Products & Cat Food)
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    Can I be put for 120 next month please?
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  • TheBees wrote: »
    Hi cutiepieabf - I love the look of your menu plan. We have lots of meals similar to yours. Can you tell me how to do the mustard honey mash? Also is your chicken in white wine from a tin or home made? Recipe please!

    Chicken in white wine sauce

    4 boneless chicken breasts
    8oz mushrooms
    2 shallots
    1/4 pint white wine
    1/2 pint double cream
    parsley, salt & pepper

    - Coat chicken breasts in flour and fry for 5mins on each side.
    - Chop mushrooms and shallots and add to same pan and fry for 2-3 mins.
    - Add wine to pan stirring continuously for 2mins. If you can safely tilt the pan to set the wine alight this helps to burn off the alcohol.
    - Turn the pan down so it cools slightly and add cream and parsley. (If the wine is too hot the cream will separate). Stir continously until sauce thickens.
    - Serve with new potatoes and veg. mmmmmm

    Enjoy! :)
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  • Hi everyone :)

    I think I went about £50 over budget this month and am amending March grocery budget to £250 to make things a bit easier for me. It is for myself, DH, DS1 (10), DS2 (8) and DD (5) - the children eat almost as much as the adults and although I know I can keep it below £200, we can afford to spend a bit more - I am just trying to save as much as possible :o So will add £50 a month to get extra treats (like strawberries and raspberries!)

    Hope everyone else is doing well :) I pledge to stay in budget in March :cool::D;):p
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  • Just popping in to report that we are very slightly overbudget for the year so far at 404.92. Signature updated, roll on payday!
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    I'm declaring a total GC spend of £198.73 for February.
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  • £13.58 spent this morning in Mr T, including £2.75 on some gorgeous whoopsied rainbow tulips. ONE of them had a single petal falling off and they marked them down. They're now making my lounge cheery. £7.99 spent in the health food shop, including a £5 indulgence on dairy free coconut ice cream for me. :drool: Then £1.19 in the corner shop for DH's favourite thai noodles. Excluding the tulips, that's £20.01 for me and hopefully the last spend of the month. So I'm going to declare £85.42/£100.00 for February! :j

    Will probably need a few bits and pieces after I've done the meal plan for next week, but will put those into March's budget as it starts on Monday and I have everything I need for the weekend already.

    Will need to buy more next month as the freezer has less in it and it's a longer month, so can I please be put down for £150 for March?

    Well done everyone! :T
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    Afternoon all,

    I've just done a MrT online order for tomorrows delivery and so will be adding it to this month. The original would have taken me well over even after taking the vouchers off. So, I've amended it twice! :p At the moment it's likely to take me over by about 82p. :mad: Being OCD in the way that I am I may go back into it again later and reduce it one more time! :rotfl: I will also get the 5p off a litre of fuel which will be useful.

    Fantastic results coming in everyone, well done! :T:A:T

    Gotta run, have shower, take DGD1 home and settle down for the match. Friend will be round to watch it and OH has just made delish hm pizza - quite apt really when we're playing Italy. Ooooh, hope it's not a bad omen. :o

    BTW, well done on four pages :eek: for the recipe lists rosieben! We're keeping you very busy so thank you once again for your stalwart voluntary work keeping us all in line and fed well. :A:T:A

    Take care all,

    ETA: Had to change the order - realised one cheese on offer will be back to full price tomorrow! So will be back in budget and will update tomorrow after it's arrived.
    Mortgage Free October 2013 :T
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