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January 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping safe and warm.

    I used up a whole Camembert yesterday (left over from Xmas but just in date) I baked it in the oven and warmed up some cranberry sauce which I served with it -very nice starter with some HM crusty bread. Followed this with HM Chilli Con Carni served with plain white rice.

    Had a small naughty but nice spend on some crisps and lemonade last night about £3 whooops:o Will update sig. later.

    Will need to do a small F & V shop soon.

    Have a good day everyone.
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  • Moniker - do you have the recipe for the celery soup please?
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    Planned to finally do a big shop today, wrote list, dug out drive, piled kids in the car --- then realised I have a flat tyre! Can't get it sorted until tomorrow so shop has to wait, I have just enough nappies to last today and a bit of tomorrow!
    Sent OH to corner shop for squash and he spent £6...
    He begged and begged for days for a new toy which I let him buy this afternoon (£40) so now he's my b*tch so must think of more things for him to do...
    Ragz is busy studying ;)
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  • Hi all.Have been shopping today and spent £27.47.Not too bad,all seems to be going well so far with the 'challenge'.Hopefully will come out :) at the end of the month.Away now to update sig.
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    ragz wrote: »
    Sent OH to corner shop for squash and he spent £6...
    He begged and begged for days for a new toy which I let him buy this afternoon (£40) so now he's my b*tch so must think of more things for him to do...

    LOL love it :rotfl:
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    Need some help please.

    If anyone has bought the Nouvelle toilet rolls in CoOp for £2.50, can you remember how much the original price was please? Updating my spreadsheet and I know they were on offer but can't remember the original price. Also the Finish dishwasher tablets - 60 for £5. Think the original price was £13 something. It's too far for me to just go back and check.

    Thanks in advance
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    had to get some milk today so went into tesco for the first time in ages, got 6 pints for £1, bargain :)

    spent £3.27 as had to get loo roll and a birthday card

    total now £53.85
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    Hi LongTallSally

    I don’t really have a recipe but this is how I made it:

    One head of celery, washed and roughly chopped
    One large potato, peeled and cubed
    Half a large onion chopped
    A bay leaf, salt and pepper
    About 1pt chicken stock
    1-2oz butter

    Melt the butter in a large pan – I used my pressure cooker. Add the chopped veg and cook gently until just beginning to colour (I think the technical term is ‘sweat’ the veg!) Make sure nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan then add the stock, bay leaf and seasoning. At this point I added all the veg I had use in making the stock – more celery, a carrot and half an onion plus the meat which fell off the carcass – if you are not doing this then you might want to increase the amount of onion and add a carrot or two to the original veg.

    I cooked this in the pressure cooker which takes about 5 mins on high pressure, but you could simmer in a saucepan for about half an hour or use the slow cooker for a couple of hours – just till the veg is soft and mushy. Remove the bay leaf and blend until you get the consistency you like – I like mine quite smooth – and the put into containers to freeze. This made about 4 servings. I also like to add a little milk or cream but this is best done after defrosting not before going in the freezer.

    I also baked the rolls this afternoon and have frozen them. I take one out in the morning from the freezer before going to work and it is ready by lunchtime!

    I am sorry my recipe is vague but I hope you will be able to follow it ok.

    I know I should probably post this elsewhere, but I have to share the excitement with you - I finally got round to checking my gas and elec tarrif using one of Martin’s recommended comparison sites and lo and behold, Scottish Power my current supplier came out second from top. I phoned them up to ask a couple of questions and spoke to a really helpful lady who told me that I wasn’t currently on the best tariff for my needs and that if I swapped to the one listed in the comparison website it would be cheaper. I have cut my monthly payment from £131 to £75! Woohoo! I knew I was paying too much as the bill at the beginning of the month showed that I was £165 in credit. Boy, am I glad I took Martin’s advice to check the comparison sites.

    Have a good evening everyone.

  • mrsmortenharketmrsmortenharket Forumite
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    NSD day today! :D 2nd of the week!

    Will need to shop tomorrow as am out of fruit.

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    Spent another £13.38 today - the budget is creeping up....
    When I got home with my shopping I realised that something had been put through the till twice(£1.24). When this happened in the past I used to wonder if it was worth traipsing back to the shop to get my money back but these days I always do. Better in my pocket than theirs!
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