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Bank Charges Financial Hardship Success Stories

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    kathryn33 wrote: »
    has anyone claimed anything back due to hardship since courts went in favour of banks
    They still have to look at your claim in the same manner as before. The FSA Waiver merely made them LOOK rather than say they were doing so.
    I have not worked for NatWest Bank since February 2009

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  • natweststaffmembernatweststaffmember Forumite
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    I am reclaiming in hardship from HSBC and they have been paying me back a measly £150 a month. Is this likely to continue?
    If they haven't said otherwise I can't see why not.
    I have not worked for NatWest Bank since February 2009

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  • Am really upset, had applied to Co-Operative Bank under hardship rules for charges back, they telephoned me approx two weeks ago to say I was due about £700 back, they spent ages on phone with me advising me re my how to use the payout effectively re my debts, and that they wouldn't use it to pay off my overdraft, i could continue to gradually reduce that. They also said they would stop any pending charges on my account.

    This meant I could get on top of some debts etc, they said would call me back on day it went in account, likely one/two days from this call.

    I never heard anything and couldn't get through when I rung them.

    Today I ring because if a new £60 charges and am told that my hardship claim is 'under review' because of the new court ruling.
    I was not allowed to speak to the person handling the hardship case just told they would ring me but they were very busy and it would be when they have decided what is happening because of new ruling.

    I feel really cheated, particularly because they were so nice on the phone.

    Anyone any advice on how to proceed, they weren't very nice on the phone regarding nor putting me through to this dept and I feel completely powereless.:confused:

    I'm with you on this one - pretty sure they were almost going to give me back my charges a week before test case as they fixed my overdraft rate, rather than giving me a reducing one until the test case was heard. I've since rang them and they said no way will I get money back, and pretended the original person had not mentioned test case and that my overdraft is just fixed until May. We've been shocking with smile, worked out over two grand in charges - it was our first account on leaving Uni and we totally blew it, just wish we'd seen the light and left ages ago.
  • Excellent decision by the Supreme Court today. People who did not want to pay the charges should not have gone over their authorised overdaraft limit. People need to sort their finances out and not expect people who keep their accounts in positive territory to subsidise them.

    Why do we want people like you on here ranting rubbish
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  • I just thought I would post on here to tell everyone that my bank ( Natwest ) rang me last week ( just after the high court judgement ) to confirm my financial hardship and inform me that they are still refunding bank charges! I am now waiting for a letter making me an offer, I have been told by them that they go back 6 years, and this to me would be a considerable amount of money, I am so poor at the moment due to illness and waiting for ESA. so I am waiting eagerly for the offer, then maybe I can buy my daughter some Christmas presents!
    I will post again when I hear from them.
  • Excellent decision by the Supreme Court today. People who did not want to pay the charges should not have gone over their authorised overdaraft limit. People need to sort their finances out and not expect people who keep their accounts in positive territory to subsidise them.

    Peter you are very welcome to your opinion, I would state that this was a free country but we all know it is not! As you do not recieve charges then you will not know the seething anger you feel when you recieve a charge that incurrs another then a third then letters which incurr further charges etc etc etc we on this forum have ALWAYS advocated that banks should charge BUT it must be a fair and proportionate charge NOT a profit making punishment charge, what you fail to see is that bank charges only punish those whom can not afford them in the first place, I'm sure you heard the terrible case of the single mother whom lost her car and home because of 3 £39 bank charges that incurred further charges upon charges eventually leading to a debt in county court for £8900 that she could not pay and so the court issued a sale order on her home which altough worth £78,0000 was sold at auction in 2002 for £27,000 with charges that mounted and auction fees, court fees, solicitors fees she recieved back £1,755 !!! So Peter this is why your comments were so hated there is also a website for people opposing Martin Lewis so I suggest that may be s better place for you!:D:money:

    Dealings with customers in financial difficulty

    BCOBS 5.1.4 guide_icon.gif01/11/2009 Principle 6 requires a firm to pay due regard to the interests of its customers and to treat them fairly. In particular, a firm should deal fairly with a banking customer whom it has reason to believe is in financial difficulty.

    Principle 6 - Customers' interests A firm must pay due regard to the interests of its customers and treat them fairly."

    The above is from the BCOBS formerly Banking Code. The bank can still look at financial hardship claims and refund charges for the period of that hardship. I would not necessarily have a knee jerk reaction of immmediately rushing to the County Courts yet especially while a period of consideration and reflexion are going on around the Supreme Court decision. Keep calm and keep your eyes on the forums. This is still early days.
    the key words here are fairly,or fair,its a word that is vague to the extent of what do they class as fair,to one person it will mean one thing and to another something totaa y different,it means nothing.
    missed direct debit charges,very odd,theres no pain so how come the big gain,i.e £39.00 for a letter
  • Hi all, first time on here so please don't get mad if i !!!! this up!
    I need advice - I am with Halifax and had a £500 overdraft. I got paid, and my balance was £100 credit. I did some online shopping etc with my card. However, I had forgotten a bill of £600 coming out of my account. Basically, I spent £500 in an unauthorised overdraft. Halifax have now slapped a bill through my door of £1400 - that is my £500 overdraft, £500 shopping paid for and £400 charges.

    When I rang and asked why the fees were so much, I was informed that they charge £35 for each transaction past my overdraft i.e if I had done my shopping then the £600 bill had come out I would have had one £35 charge.

    I rang and asked them why they allowed this money to come from my account when it was empty, and they said it was "to avoid embarrassment". I asked what basis they have to pay bills when I have no cash, and I asked "so if I go to a shop and buy a million pound sports car on my card, Halifax will pay it and lumber me with a £1000000 overdraft plus charges?". The lady on the phone got mad at this point and said she could offer me no more help. I am awaiting a call back from her manager.

    Has anyone else had any experience with Halifax/paid item charges etc that can offer any help/advice on removing these charges? I am happy to pay back the £500 I am over my agreed limit, as this was a moment of stupidity on my part, but surely they cannot charge so much for them allowing me to go past my agreed limit? I asked if they could do anything to stop my card in future and they said no, unless I had a basic account. This is no good to me as i require a cheque book.

    Any thoughts/advice/help appreciated.
  • Bank: Natwest
    Amount Claimed: £2500
    Amount offered: £2100
    Claim started: Aug 2009

    We started our claim as we owed a huge amount in priority debt arrears, we then updated the claim when OH was made redundant. It took lots of letters and several calls (one with an awful, rude woman - we got a letter of apology for that!). The amount was paid into our account but a big chunk went to clear ODs but we were still left with about £800 which helped us maintain our agreed payments for council. We got the money the week before the court case finished.

    It's a real relief that we don't owe Natwest anything and the accounts are now closed.
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  • Hi, I hope someone can help me, I have been trying to reclaim my charges from the Halifax totaling £3500.00 under the financial hardship route. I received a letter on 19th January from them saying that due to my circumstances they would like to offer me a payment of £497.00 which is the amount of fees debited from my account between august 2009 and 19th January 2010. The offer is made without admission of liabillity and would be full and final settlement of my claim.

    I am not sure if I can persue my claim and I dont really want to accept this offer as I want it all back. But due to the courts decision I don't know where I stand.
    Please help!
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