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May 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Coxy11Coxy11 Forumite
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    Hi everyone,

    Haven't posted for a while but I have been reading when I can. Not doing too badly. Went to DS for a bbq today - we always take some bits and pieces with us - and ended up bringing back some burgers and kebabs that weren't used. If it's nice here tomorrow we may well forego the roast for an impromptu bbq.

    My official end date for May's GC is 20th, but like others who have posted, I've noticed that several of the items on offer on MrT website end on 19th. I've therefore taken the radical decision to take delivery a day early which will stock up the freezer and cupboards. Must get some baking done this week for the packed lunches. I keep buying things like cereal bars when actually homemade biscuits would be much tastier (and cheaper!). It's just finding the time.

    We have a new massive MrT opening here on Monday. Flyer in the local paper details several good 'opening' offers including Warburtons sandwich rolls 12 for £1. Got some in MrA on Thursday which were whoopsied to £1.03 and are in the freezer ready for the packed lunches but will probably end up buying more! Just so convenient to take out what you need the night before.

    Have updated sig.

    Have a good weekend all.

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  • Well i've failed miserably this month, i am waaay over budget - have no idea by how much but I've been buying food like it's going out of fashion :o.

    I've been feeling really miserable this month and when I'm down I always spend, just need to get a grip and get back on track. I have a tesco delivery coming on tuesday as I had a £10 off code for a £50 spend - see I'm justifying again! then should only need bread and milk to last the rest of the month.

    Im not going to dig out the recipts as I think it might depress me even more, but i will set myself another challenge of not spendiing any more that £20 (ex the tesco delivery) for the rest of the month.
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  • HollysanHollysan Forumite
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    We spent a grand total of £32.25 this week, so brings total for the month so far to £282.88. But we still have two weeks to go! OH is away this week though, so we should be able to manage on what we have in.

    I also have an aubergine, some mushrooms and some homemade ricotta in the fridge so will try and find time for some cooking and make a veggie mousakka for the freezer. We would have been eating them this evening but OH's Aunt is staying and has offered to take us all out for lunch, hoorah!

    Good luck to everyone this week....

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    Hoping for a NSD but we'll see!
    Got a nice gammon in the slow cooker, gonna have it with mashed potatoes and steamed veg...yum!
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  • fletch3163fletch3163 Forumite
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    Good Morning everyone

    Thankfully the weather up her (Scotland) has mellowed. The sky was SO LOW yesterday. Thought I could feel it pressing on my head:eek:

    So, shopping - did Asda and M&S yesterday (M&S a blip though cos I wasn't actually looking for anything specific). Asda was £64.54 but I don't have stuff for lunches yet. Reminder to self, bought box of Coco Pops this day. See, I'm sneaking Tesco's own choc snap things into the mix of coco pops. Have been doing this successfully for a couple of weeks now but I want to see how long the Coco pops last with the addition. £3 a box is scary. DS knows nothing so SSSSHHHHHH! He did spot the Daddies Sauce to Asda sauce in quick time though.

    M&S spend was £14.97 but I got 2 x chicken casserole with dumplings for £1.50 each (does DH on his Saturday nightshifts)
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  • BigMummaFBigMummaF Forumite
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    Found this recipe & some serving suggestions on a pack of MrS wholewheat fusilli.

    Fusilli with Broccoli
    4 tablespoons olive oil
    3 garlic cloves
    1 red chilli, deseeded & finely chopped
    2x400g cans chopped toms
    20g flat leaf parsley, finely chopped
    300g fusilli
    400g broccoli, broken into florets
    50g freshly grated parmesan or pecorino cheese to serve (optional)

    In a large saucepan, heat the olive oil then add the garlic & chilli & cook for 4-5min until garlic is softened. Add the toms & parsley & cook for a further 3-4min. Put to one side.
    In another saucepan cook the past as per pack instructions, adding the broccoli florets after the first 8min, continue to cook for further 4-6min.
    Drain & combine with tom sauce. Serve with parmesan cheese or pecorino, if using.
    Overall prep time:30min. Serves 4.
    Per serving: 481cals; 18g fat.

    Serving tip....
    one of the simplest ways to serve pasta is to mix it with a little olive oil or butter and freshly ground black pepper to taste, reheat for a few seconds & stir in freshly chopped herbs or grated parmesan cheese. Delicious also tossed in olive oil, freshly chopped toms & freshly chopped basil.
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  • Had a couple of NSD's this week so am feeling very :T

    Am now at 100.82 out of £200 and I still have a full freezer and cuboards so am hoping I will make this easily.
    £370/£300 April challenge :T:T
  • Cornishpixie_2Cornishpixie_2 Forumite
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    I've just completed "The Race for life":j. I was hoping stuff in the freezer would tide us over till shop on tues, but hubby in a I want to go to Mr A mood. So goodness knows what he'll get. (He poo pooed my sensible list:mad:). Hopefully I can knock some of the stuff he brings back off my tuesday delivery. If not I maybe over budget this month. It maybe down to damage limitation;) Right o off to make a cuppa/referee the kids etc, etc:rotfl:
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    Well done cornish Pixie :T
    After doing that -i hope he brings you something yummy back as a treat :D
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  • mooominmooomin Forumite
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    Well done on completing Race for Life :T Get yourself a nice MSE treat from Mr A!
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