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Mobile phone contract suspension whilst deployed

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    O2 do a forces discount programme if you go with them

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  • Hi, My husband is about to be deployed and is due a upgrade in October which is when he will be returning from Afghanistan. He is worried if he suspends his contract will it add extra months onto the contract therefore knocking out the earliest opportunity to upgrade when he gets back or will it not matter and he can upgrade as normal in october even if there had been a 6 months suspension, Thanks in advance. He is with Orange.
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    If Orange are suspending his contract for 6 months then his contract will run for an extra 6 months (upgrade in April)

    If they are just reducing his contract to their lowest rate then he 'should' be able to upgrade as normal
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    My DH's contract is suspended for 6 months and they have definitely extended the end date of the contract by 6 months - he is with vodafone. It took me about 6 weeks to organise ... ggrrr vodafone customer services! :-(
    When you are sorting this out be clear with orange about what you are asking for ... the original suspension of contract actually turned out to be suspending the phone but not the contract ... they would bar all calls to stop the phone being abused while he was away but he would still be paying his monthly fee!!! It was a couple of weeks later that they emailed me to clarify and ask me if i also wanted to suspend the contract.
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