MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should you foot the bridesmaid bill?



  • duchy
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    A little bit....but then I'd have paid for their hair and got my daughter to pay half as she was the one who wanted six ;)
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  • I actually have come up to the limit on our budget...I feel like I'd like to pay for theri hair but I really just cannot afford it...daughter is up to her limit too.
  • No way

    and as the father of daughters, I will be leaving a ladder and a road map to Gretna lying around in a few years time
  • We didn't ask my sister-in-law to pay for her outfit when we were married, but when she got married she expected my husband to buy his own suit.

    He was much more likely to wear the suit again and he does. I think this is what it boils down to. If the daughter is unlikely to wear the dress again, it should be paid for by the bride.
  • Absolutely not. It is for the Bride (or more traditionally the Father of the Bride) to pay for the cost of the Bridesmaids' dresses.
  • diddlydoos
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    Nah, I think if they want the bridesmaids to wear specific dresses then they have to pay for them.

    Hair? Well its the same deal - if they want it up or in a specific style, then the bride foots the bill, otherwise its up to the bridesmaids to do it or get it done.

    For the record, I got married in Gretna Green, with a 3 week honeymoon in a remote cottage in Scotland, a fab dress from america (thanks Ebay) and amazing footwear, a perfect photographer, 3 tier wedding cake (choccy, yum), flowers, the reception and a night at Lockerbie Manor (yay!)... cost? Under a grand. Amount of guests? er, 2 and my 2 year old plus us! Hassle? NONE! :j

    Woo Hoo (mind you, that was 7 years ago!)
  • I'm getting married in two weeks and am paying for the dress the shawls the make up and the hair. However I am not paying for the shoes as they are getting shoes they feel comfy in and that they will wear again and again.

    I also paid for the hen do and an evening out the day before the wedding so don't think they are doing to badly out of it.

    If you are making em wear what you want you should pay for it. If you are letting em choose their own dress and style then they should (trust me there are brides who let the bridesmaids dictate the colour style and cost even if they are completely different to what the brides wants)
  • I don't think you should at all. If you want someone to be your bridesmaid then you should pay for your outfit. Me and my daughter were bridesmaids last year - the bride paid for all our outfits etc.

    Although I do know a few friends who were expected to pay for their dresses and shoes - and not given a choice of what they could wear either. I think this is wrong and rude to - its like inviting someone to your house and then expecting them to buy and cook all the food!
  • Nicki24
    Nicki24 Posts: 165 Forumite
    Absolutely not!
  • I do not think the bridesmaids should have to pay for their own dresses. When i got married we had 3 bridesmaid and paid for each of their dresses, which the bridesmids took home with them as a gift from me and my husband.
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