MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should you foot the bridesmaid bill?



  • Me pay? No way!
  • aliasojo
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    luxor4t wrote: »
    It is traditional for the bride to choose, and the bridesmaids to pay for, their dresses

    I think someone was telling you porkies. ;) :rotfl:

    I have never heard of any bridesmaid having to pay for her own dress. In fact I'd say the complete opposite was's tradition for the bride to pay.
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  • I was best man at my friend's wedding recently and assumed he was paying for the suit. A week before the wedding he asked me for £120 to cover it. I was really quite shocked, and am paying it but am not happy. I wouldn't dream of having my friend's out of pocket on my wedding day. It's my day, I pay for it.
  • JayD
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    Funny, I thought the bride always did pay for the bridesmaids outfits! Anyways, that is what I would expect, no matter how much it cost. (Maids of honour might be expected to cough up for thier dresses though, but they are grown ups.)

    So, I say the parents should tell the bride that they can't afford the dress they are expected to buy for their daughter and maybe they could discuss sharing the cost. Otherwise, they should teach their little daughter a hard lesson about finance and living within budget and break her heart :)
  • duchy
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    Not a tradition I've ever heard of.......I think your sister was "done" Luxor !The bride chooses and pays-has always been that way !
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  • carolineb23
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    we paid for everyone's suits, and the bridesmaids dresses shoes hair etc. We didn't think it was fair for them to be out of pocket. The only thing we didn't pay for is their drinks at the evening do, and their hen/stag do expenses!
    Although I was a bit annoyed, I was bridesmaid at my friends wedding and gave the dress back, she was bridesmaid at mine and kept it!
  • kamoha
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    I honestly can't believe weddings - I am a woman and have never ever been drawn to all the palaver and fuss and nonsense that seem to be attached to weddings, Vegas in an Elvis Chapel is the way to go! I can't believe how so many women (and men) buy in to this fairy tale nonsense costing £1000's upon £1000's.
    Anyway my answer is NO the parent of the bridesmaid should NOT pay if it was my daughter I would tell em "well sorry luv, but she's not gonna be your bridesmaid" harsh maybe but then I am evil, or so my daughter tells me.
  • trejoy
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    No way would I pay. They have no right to ask without telling you they want cash, how cruel to do this to a child. Good job I have sons not daughters.:A
  • Absolutely not! All the other guests are free to choose what they wear. If a bride & groom wishes for individuals to be in certain outfits, they should be willing to cough up for it. We paid for all our attendants outfits.
  • My daughter is getting married next hubby is a bit of a traditionalist so insisted on paying for it. Before we could reign my daughter in she had asked SIX people (including her sister and sister in law to be) to be bridesmaids.:mad: We have bought all the dresses...a nice cocktail dress from Monsoon that they can wear again, they can wear their own shoes and my daughter has bought them all jewellery. i drew the line at paying for their hair! (is that tight??)
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