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  • sons_2
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    dbs wrote: »
    I have a modest semi 3 bedrooms how much should I insure the contents for?

    Tried the Hiscox calculator came out at £50 k which seems steep to me what do most people with a semi insure for? Have been doing it for £25000 is this enough?

    Depends on the contents of your house, do you have a modern TV, any Jewelery and computers, I would think £25,000 could be a bit low. Look around your house carefully and consider whta it would cost to replace everything, not just your tv, dvd player and sofa but also your table, dvd's, cd's cutlery, clothes etc. I bet it would be more than £25,000.
    I am a Financial Adviser.

    Anything posted on this forum is for discussion purposes only. It should not be considered financial advice. If you feel an area discussed may be relevant to you, then please seek advice from an Independent Financial Adviser who can advise you after finding out more about your situation.
  • HanSpan
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    dbs wrote: »
    I have a modest semi 3 bedrooms how much should I insure the contents for?

    Tried the Hiscox calculator came out at £50 k which seems steep to me what do most people with a semi insure for? Have been doing it for £25000 is this enough?

    For us - two single people in a 3 (well 2.5 really) bed terraced I've just reassessed and its probably over 75k. It stikes me as extremely unlikely that an 'average' family has contents worth less than 50k. I have to say in our case that daft OH has around 1000 CDs which, estimated at £13 seach, hoiks the value by 13k. However even without that we would be over the 50 and we have no kids (and their belongings).
    Add up the cost to replace every piece of furniture and rug, the white goods, all the books and clothes and odd bits of jewelry (I own nothing with a diamond so its not that); crockery and cutlery, all the 'consumables' like cleaning products and food, beds and bedding and towels, gardening equipment (if that's included in your policy), food and booze, any fun/hobby related stuff and I can't think of a friend I know that wouldn't top the 50k.

    I wonder is there anything I'm counting that I shouldn't? I took the 'shake the house and count what falls out' very literally!
  • ddillon

    Can anyone please reccomend if they have used this company in the past?
    Do you know if they are a trustworthy company?

    Has anyone had a policy through equity red star.
    If in the event of a claim did you encounter any problems.

    Kind Regards.
  • luv_my_brass
    I am pretty new to quidco, but have been searching out house & contents insurance both independently and through quidco, despite the cash back, I am still finding that the quotes are much higher through quidco, rather cancelling out any benefits. I have opted for Barclays Insurance with a £55 cash back, as at least this will be paid to me quite quickly.
    if i had known then what i know now
  • waterways_3
    Saga for the over 50s do up to £99,999
    ps: Remember you don't have to go right up to £99,999 with SAGA, obviously, and will save by stopping at your optimum level. Perhaps you should check that M&S's premiums for the "unlimited" isn't higher than if you type in a lower amount. (I haven't looked at their site so apologies if it's obvious that you can't type in a lower amount)
    pps: I recommend the MSE link to the contents calculator it is very helpful and can be amend up or down for each room.

    Beware SAGA cover for accidental damage, it does not cover "human" accidents, for this you need extended accidental cover. My 95 yr old Grandmother found this out to her cost when she had an accident recently and they would not pay out.
  • dacouch
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    The only problem with the Saga Policy (They are not the only one) they give a Contents Cover of £50000 but limit the total amount of "Valuables" to £7000 for a 3 bed home and £9000 for a 4 bedroom home.

    They define valuables to be :
    Jewellery, watches, clocks, furs, articles made of gold, silver and
    other precious metals, precious stones, pictures, works of art
    and collections of stamps, coins and medals which you own or
    are in your possession.

    You need to take this into account as we generally found a home would have around 30% of their contents sum insured as Valuables eg on £50000 it would be £15000. So their amount (They are not alone a lot of the direct companies who offer high headline contents sum insured have similar limits). So if you take one of these policies ensure that the TOTAL amount of all of your valuables to replace at current market prices is not more than the amount they limit it to. If you need a higher amount ask them for a higher amount as I believe they offer higher cover at an extra cost.
  • payless
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    yeah and some income tv, videa and audio in the list of valuables as well !
    Any posts on here are for information and discussion purposes only and shouldn't be seen as (financial) advice.
  • QOTD
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    I can't find anything via the searches on this so hopefully someone can help....
    All my insurances were due for renewal in mid December last year - I mean't to sort them out and try to get a much cheaper price but I was really ill at the time and just didn't manage it!

    Noe I'm feeling much better and want to sort them all out because I know that I am paying through the nose - however do I have to continue the policies until December this year or can I cancel them?

    I know that I need to read the small print but I wondered if anyone had a general idea before I turn the house upside down looking for all the details....:mad:

    Any help welcome.
  • whaylock
    I have just tried the Confused.com website for some house & contents quotes but only 6 companies were prepared to quote. All the rest refused to quote on my details - one on the grounds of my husband's age - he is over 80 - but the others weren't specific. We haven't had any claims nor are there any serious negatives for the property. Does anyone have any idea why so few insurers want to cover us?
  • skylight
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    skylight wrote: »
    I have used More Than in the last few years. The cover is perfect for my family (NEVER underestimate your cover, it is important and a few £s saved here is not worth it in the long run). Anyway, 2 years ago I recieved £70 cashback on a £100 years premium and last year I recieved £50 cashback for a £100 premium (was slightly cheaper to cancel the old insurance and re-apply via quidco even without the cashback!!)

    Will do the same this year. Firstly I check out comparison sites, compare these to my renewal quote and see if I can get cashback. At the forefront of my mind those is my cover though, not how cheap I can get it for (but it helps!)

    Had to re-new. The Co-Operative came out best this time. Using the comparison sites and getting £50 cashback on a £95 quote (Quidco), making my contents cover, in effect, £45 for the year.
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