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  • Oyster IS cheaper. Hmmm... I wonder why?
    Happiness is cheap!
  • I know these are tube tips, but, don't forget they also apply to bus travel.

    I commute from N.London to Watford each day.
    Using my Oystercard it's only £1 to work (peak), and 80p home (off-peak).
    Non-Oyster would be £1.20 to/from work.
    Oystercard gives me a daily saving of 60p (£1.80 as opposed to £2.40).

    Bizarrely, a weekly ticket would cost me £11.
    5 x £1.80 = £10.80
    So, it's cheaper (for me) not to buy a weekly pass. I don't need to use buses at weekends.

    Monthly ticket is £42.30.
    4 x £10.80 = £43.20
    So, it's only marginally cheaper for me to buy a monthly pass than it is to use my pre-pay Oystercard. But, every now and again I like to cycle to work, so if I didn't use my montly pass regularly, the small discount would soon be lost.

    FYI: When I was working at EDS in 98/99 I had the opportunity to travel to London Underground's computer centre @ Baker Street. I was (then) an OpenVMS specialist, and their computers ran on it (probably still do). I happened to chance upon what since became Oystercard and was told all about this contactless card system. Thing is, they were telling everyone that it would be able to read the card from inside your pocket/purse. Never mind. I'm still a fan of that little card!
  • IanD
    IanD Posts: 57 Forumite
    You''l need to be quick to use the family travelcard as it is being abolished from January 2nd. From then, the journey I took at the weekend (Tube to Watford, Amersham and Chesham ie zones 1 to D) which cost me £7.40 for me, my partner and 2 kids (slightly cheaper than normal as my partner doesn't need a ticket for zone 1) will cost £13.80. Thanks, Chairman Ken, that's one way to encourage families back on to the tube.
  • But when the Family Travelcard is withdrawn, isn't the compensation that you will be able to buy Child 1DTC at £1.00?
    Andy Corbett

  • IanD
    IanD Posts: 57 Forumite
    When the family travelcard is withdrawn, you can buy a child 1dtc for £1 - but at the moment, it's only 80p or TOTALLY FREE at weekends. The Adult family TC costs £4.00 for z1-6. The normal adult TC (which you'll have to buy form Jan 2nd) is currently £6. This will rise by "4%" to £6.30 plus you have to pay £1 for each child. So at weekends, the increase in cost for 2 adults and 2 children will be a staggering 82.5%! (from £8 to £14.60)
  • krishna
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    chewbacca wrote:
    thanks for the info,
    could you clarify what kind of ticket i should get for a weekend away from friday to sunday, to include travel into london from windsor and around london sightseeing on the tube.
    just wondered if there was a combined ticket for this type of travel or any special offers.

    You can get a three day travel card (off peak if travelling after 9:30 on the friday, any time on the weekend). Doesn't always work out cheaper than separate one day cards, but never more expensive. Not sure if you can do this with a National Rail extension, though if available this is likely to be the cheapest way to do it. I know when I bought a ticket from Gatwick on Thameslink it only cost me an additional £1 over cost of a single to convert it into a one day travel card.
  • Another tip for those buying annual travelcards from Tube stations... don't!

    Buy exactly the same from a South West Trains station and also receive 6 free unlimited weekend travel tickets on the South West Trains network! (other Train Companies may offer their own deals).

    This is in addition to your Annual Gold Card benefits such as 1/3 off National Rail fares in the South East, £3 First Class upgrades and discount Day Travelcards. Of course it means you cannot get your ticket issued on Oyster
  • manhattan
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    i will be travelling with the family on new years eve 6pm sat 31st dec and returning home 2nd jan 6.30pm.

    we only need to travel between kings cross and docklands

    does anyone know what would be the cheapest tickets to buy for 2 adults and 1 child of 10 and 1 child of 4? on the above dates.

    do children under 5 go free?
  • silvercar
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    If I want to travel with my son (age 15) how do our 2 oyster cards know we are travelling together and should be charged the family off-peak travel card rates rather than separately? From zone 6 it is cheaper to buy 1 adult+ 1 child off-peak all zones travel card than 1 adult travel card.

    The adverts tell us oyster will always know the cheapest fare, but it can't be that clever, can it?
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  • manhattan wrote:
    i will be travelling with the family on new years eve 6pm sat 31st dec and returning home 2nd jan 6.30pm.

    we only need to travel between kings cross and docklands

    does anyone know what would be the cheapest tickets to buy for 2 adults and 1 child of 10 and 1 child of 4? on the above dates.

    do children under 5 go free?

    Right, well firstly I should mention that the tube is normally free on New Years Eve after 11.45pm.

    Anyway I think the cheapest tickets for you is the Family Travelcard. Most of the Docklands Light Railway is in Zone 2, so I expect you will need Zones 1 and 2 to travel into Central London.

    Prices are £3.10 Adult and £0.80 Child (however no charge for child on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays but a ticket is still issued). Under 5's go free.

    HOWEVER, the Family Travelcard is being scrapped with the fares revision on 2nd January 2006, so on that day the next cheapest option for you will be an Off Peak Day Travelcard Z1 and 2 for £4.90. You can then buy a travelcard for up to 4 children for only £1.

    However note that most DLR stations are unstaffed and I don't think the ticket machines can issue Family Travelcards or the £1 child travelcards. Therefore you may need to buy them from a TfL ticket stop near where you are staying (e.g a newsagents) or from an Underground station. See to find your nearest.

    Phew, perhaps there should be a degree in TfL tickets!
    Anyway have a good trip.
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