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Adventures in Homebrewland (image heavy - you have been warned!)



  • 2cats1kid
    2cats1kid Posts: 1,179 Forumite
    Right then, just off to start my wine kit off. Any last minute advice?
  • CoD_2
    CoD_2 Posts: 275 Forumite
    2cats1kid wrote: »
    Right then, just off to start my wine kit off. Any last minute advice?

    have fun? and put the demi john somewhere where the noise of bubbles won't annoy you. ours are in the bathroom atm. and don't put boiling water in unless you want to loose your bottom without drinking any of the final product!:rotfl:
  • nuttywoman
    nuttywoman Posts: 2,203 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    We`ve just given away all our winemaking kit cos we don`t make it any more.We used to make, elderflower, elderberry, blackberry, plum, strawberry wines, plus much more.Daughter took over from us and made Mead, but she`s left home now so i`ve given all the stuff to her friend.
  • Sagaris
    Sagaris Posts: 1,852 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker Photogenic Debt-free and Proud!
    Thanks to this thread I've been mooching round Wilko's at lunchtme looking longingly at the demijohns - and put a bid in on Ebay for one!
    The winemaking shall a few days. I used to make it and my ex husband used to drink it all - but now I have developed a taste for it - so even taking into account the initial outlay for equipment, it should still be money saving.
    Cheers, fellow wine makers!
    :j Almost 2 stones gone! :j
    :heart2: RIP Clio 1.9.93 - 7.4.10 :heart2:
    :p I WILL be tidy, I WILL be tidy! :p
  • 2cats1kid
    2cats1kid Posts: 1,179 Forumite
    Right then, tis all underway, and I haven't lost my bottom!

    It says on the instructions that it should start to ferment within 12 hours, so I should have bubbles happening before I go to work tomorrow - how exciting.
  • System
    System Posts: 178,092 Community Admin
    Photogenic Name Dropper First Post
    MrDT wrote: »
    Look what I found, a pair of Fumble-Bees :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


    This could shape up to be a 'red-hot virtuadate' lol :p

    what I wanna know is what on earth did you google to come up with a picture like that????????? :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

    i am making progess towards opening my own home brewery....i stuck a label on the huuuuge squash bottle at my work to stop people throwing it out
  • nopot2pin
    nopot2pin Posts: 5,721 Forumite
    M.E. wrote: »
    You can use a wodge of cotton wool in the neck of the demijohn instead of the balloon.

    Yes... this stops the nasties getting in.
    But an airlock and bung cost about 50p each... so not too expensive.

    I use Tesco/Asda's own sterilising solution... its about 60p, to sanitise everything. Same as Milton, only cheaper. Safer than boiling water in glass.

    I have never tried to make cider... but I currently have some apple wine on the go... and I am currently sipping a very cold glass of homemade grapefruit wine :cool:
  • mrdexter
    mrdexter Posts: 51 Forumite
    Try freecycle also for demi johns.
  • nopot2pin
    nopot2pin Posts: 5,721 Forumite
    mrdexter wrote: »
    Try freecycle also for demi johns.

    Or even the 5L plastic bottled water containers... cost about 99p from supermarkets ;)
    I have a couple of these....
    Drilled a hole in the cap... have fitted a grommet and use the standard airlock in it ;)
    Grommets are about 50p from the homebrewshop... so the same cost as a bung and airlock

    Actually... if I am honest... A guy at work did the drilling bit for me :o
  • 2cats1kid
    2cats1kid Posts: 1,179 Forumite
    I had a 5l bottle of water delivered last night in the Tesco shop with just such an idea in mind.

    Not much in the way of bubbling yet. A bit of froth on the top, but no actual bubbles. So either the dining room isn't warm enough or the kit had been sitting on the shelf a long time and the yeast was a bit suspect. I'll work on the former and maybe try the airing cupboard for a bit instead.
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