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Adventures in Homebrewland (image heavy - you have been warned!)



  • shandypants5
    shandypants5 Posts: 2,124 Forumite
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    Wow, great thread,
    I love the way you timed the photos for us using wine and rum.
    I may start to use a clock like that in my day to day routine.:rotfl:

    I used to make homebrew wine/beer years ago, and so did a freind of mine.
    We used to grade the quality of a batch by this method.

    "Did it get you drunk, BEFORE it got you sick"

    It allways did both things but not allways in the right order.;)

    I only tried cider once, but it grew a skin on it and tasted like vinigar.:eek:
    “Careful. We don't want to learn from this.”
  • S0litaire
    S0litaire Posts: 3,535 Forumite
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    I've never gotten around to trying a home brew! Might try it sometime.
    I was looking for (I Think it was called) "Cider in the Sack" it was a cheap home brewing kit that was basically a huge water proof bag with a pressure valve at the top and a syphon port 3/4 of the way down.

    all you did was hang the bad on a very sturdy hook, pour in the bag of powdered cider mix, add 10liters of water and wait a week.


    "Have you found the secrets of the universe? Asked Zebade "I'm sure I left them here somewhere"
  • System
    System Posts: 178,093 Community Admin
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    MrDT wrote: »
    Oh, and Jumble, I'm wondering what kind of frugal meal the cheapskate cider should accompany, any requests? :p

    hmmm how about homemade pizza?

    i will bring some cherry tomatoes from my new plant

  • mrbadexample
    mrbadexample Posts: 10,805 Forumite
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    MrDT wrote: »
    mrbadexample, 'old style' internet celebrity is getting in on the action, excellent :D

    I did some 'rithmetic last night, and this is the result:
    • 4 litres of apple juice (when I eventually get round to adding the last litre - probably next weekend), 114g/litre sugar content
    • 50g sugar to start off the yeast
    • 135g added when meddling yesterday (I swear I'll leave it alone now!)
    Soooo... (4x114)+185 g sugar for 4 litres, that's ~160g/litre, a specifivc gravity between 1060 and 1065, resulting in potential alcohol by volume of around 8%ish.

    7 pints of the stuff would likely knock the best of us out :D

    It's better to use a hydrometer if you want to work out the alcohol content accurately, but the calculations should give you a fairly acceptable 'round about' figure :)

    That'll do. I'm sure my mate's got a demi-john knocking about somewhere. :D Like everything else with me, it won't happen soon, but it will happen. ;) :beer:
    If you lend someone a tenner and never see them again, it was probably worth it.
  • 2cats1kid
    2cats1kid Posts: 1,179 Forumite
    Ok, have demijohn will travel! There weren't any at the local car boot yesterday, but Wilkos had them so I have invested in one new one, and will acquire from boot fairs if I get as addicted to this as I think I might.

    Rather than launch straight in with dandelions or elderflower, I have bought a strawberry wine kit (yes, I know, not very OS!) but at least that will teach me the basics and then I can branch out to more complicated stuff. Already planning to hit the market for cheap fruit when the kit is ready, so planning batch #2 before batch #1 is even underway LOL.
  • M.E.
    M.E. Posts: 680 Forumite
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    You can use a wodge of cotton wool in the neck of the demijohn instead of the balloon.
  • CoD_2
    CoD_2 Posts: 275 Forumite
    ref the orange juice wine it can be cleared (various methods available from brewing stores), our last demijohn included 1L of value orange (58p) teaspoon of yeast, teaspoon of yeast nutrient, i made grape concentrate by soaking raisins in boiling water for a few hours, then strained (added raisins to flapjacks after), 600g of sugar and topped up with water, once the bubbles stopped i added a campden tab, then cleared it and racked it off into bottles over a few days. tastes like chardonnay and cost about 25p a bottle.

    -hic- at 12%

    I'm also experimenting with fruit tea bags made into wine, have raspberry, strawberry and cherry on the go, i've made elderflower wine with elderflowers and grape concentrate and am curious to use apple instead of orange juice in the next demi john.

    -falls over-:rotfl:
  • System
    System Posts: 178,093 Community Admin
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    ooh let us hear how the teabag experiment goes, i like the idea of making wine out of the, ahem, 'free refills' from a certain sweedish store :D
  • CoD_2
    CoD_2 Posts: 275 Forumite
    I will do, i guess i used 8 bags but if that gives me 6 bottles of wine that's not too bad economics (plus the raisin must)

  • MrDT
    MrDT Posts: 951 Forumite
    Jumble-Bee wrote: »
    hmmm how about homemade pizza?

    i will bring some cherry tomatoes from my new plant


    Look what I found, a pair of Fumble-Bees :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


    This could shape up to be a 'red-hot virtuadate' lol :p
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