June 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • Got a Tesco shop today, so have updated my signature. There are some decent fruit offers on at the moment, so am pleased with that. Have got LOADS of fruit now, so will have to eat very healthily now! Country Life spreadable butter is only £1.00 for 500g, so have stocked up on that.

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    Hi everyone,

    got the breadmaker out of the garage but had no time to use it today.

    spent hours baking cakes, blowing up bouncy castles, feeding the little ones etc.
    tommorrow dd 3rd birthday party and toddlers. fri off to the caravan. looking forward to it now. a little worried about the budget as we will go way over next week as i wont have my store cuboard or freezer and will have to buy everything even nappies as theres no room in the car. will have to try extra harder the week after to amke up for it.

    spent £10 today in co -op was disgsuted at their prices i brought oil, marg, eggs and some baby foood to last a couple of days in the caravan. wont be going there again in a hurry. i do like the fact that they are a co-operative and are good for organic etc but just cant afford their prices.

    anyway enough rabbling. off to bed. daughter will be up early .

    oh i got her a barbie bike for £8.00 from a baby sale a few months ago. Also a coupe car for my son for £5. both in new condition.

    so its been a very cheap birthday and she will be a very happy little girl. party food cost a total of £13.00 that included ingredients for cake, paper plates party bags and some toys (reduced) for pass the parcel.

    so maybe things wont be as bad as i thought.
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    I've not checked in for a while so i thought i better had. I'm not doing too badly. :rolleyes: I've spent £136.59 which leaves me with £13.41 for the rest of the month:eek: . I should just be able to scrape through if i'm really careful.
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    I have just found this lovely recipe on the 'feed a family for £5 - jamie oliver challenge' Mrs M I know you like spinach so thought you might like this one too...
    pretz wrote: »
    spinach and ricotta cannelloni

    8 lasange sheets pre cooked (32p basic)
    250g ( 9oz ) fresh spinach (£1.29)
    250g ( 9oz ) ricotta cheese (79p)
    1 large onion, finely chopped (11p)
    2-3 cloves of garlic, crushed (35p although priced as whole bulb)
    salt and freshly ground pepper (10p)
    500g sainsburys creamed tomatoes (29p)
    1 tablespoon of olive oil (about 20p)??
    125g mozzarella sliced (57p)

    grand total £4.02 i know its high but its yummy :p

    my shopping list all on sainsburys prices so could be done cheaper

    1 wash spinach and cook gently
    2 put aside and let cool
    3 fry the onion and garlic gently
    4 chop the spinach fine
    5 now mix the ricotta, spinach, onion, garlic and seasoning together
    6 cook lasagne
    7 place mixuture onto the lasagne sheet then roll gently
    8 place in an ovenproof dish
    9 cover with creamed tomatoes
    10 place slice of mozzarella ontop
    11 cook in oven on 180 for 30-35 minutes
    12 you could serve with a crisp salad for an extra 69p

    The costs are on there because obviously everyone had to price their stuff, but gives a great idea of how much. some lovely recipes on there, thanks for the link Curly Cabbage!
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    :j :j :j Whoo Hooo, just seen I've got two stars now!!! :j :j :j
    I'm a money saving stalwart not a convert any more....

    Oooh I get excited over very simple things...:rotfl:
    LBM April 2013 - £29,000.00
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    Denise, I think that there are 2 Allinsons tins and I bought the wrong one! They look fairly similiar, but the one I bought is not suitable for use in a BM! Doh!!! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    I was very bad last night and got a Chinese takeaway. However, I'm still under budget, thats probably why I weakened :)

    Good morning:hello::hello:
    As you can see by the time I cant sleep I have been up for hours, I could do with a cuddle:love: but the OH is still asleep and snoring like a trooper. :rotfl: I have my washer on and thought I would get it done and hopefully the weather will stay fine .

    skintscotslass I did not know there were two different tubs of Allisons yeast, :o:o I wondered why my bread had suddenly gone flat :confused: but as soon as I put my specs on :o I saw why I had the wrong one for the BM, but last night I put in double the amount with a half a teaspoon of bicarb and hey presto :T my bread rose, so will use this up before I get the right one.

    Well my washer has just stopped for the second time so I had better hang them out and hope the weather stays fine.

    Not much damage from the winds last night except a few branches on our silver birch but other than that nothing that I can see.

    Take care everyone
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  • since I took up the challenge this month I have achieved zero - can't believe how expensive everything is getting and despite doing a massive online shop with my free MrTdelivery voucher have still 'popped out' for extras twice and it's only Thursday - can't bear to confess to this week's spend - ok I was about £40 over budget but did get enough meat and fish for the freezer to last next week as well - does that redeem me? - but what is good is that reading everyone elses posts boosts me up for another crack at it. I haven't been here for a week so got lots of posts to read up. Well done everyone.
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    Morning everyone,
    i`ve not been posting much on this months thread cos i`ve had a bit of a manic month:rolleyes:

    I`ve just popped on to update my siggy, there`s not very much left for this month but i`ve only a week to go now.
    I have got an extra fiver put to one side where it will stay unless i absolutely need it as i wasn`t going to spend the £30 to use the Morrisons voucher last week so i gave it to my dad, he used it and insisted i have the fiver so thats where it`s from.:D Good old dad!

    I`m off to do next weeks meal plan and see how much i can buy for next to nowt:D
    Good luck peeps
    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
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    Hi guys,

    another nsd planned, 6 more needed to make the month. Can I do it I hear you shout? Feeling very panicky at the mo, what with petrol going up again, uniforms needed, gas going to go up again!!! is it just me? WHat a month. Still know we will be fine and am not batting off bailiffs! But still feelin kinda unsettled.

    Mrs Moneyspinner - Hang in there things will get better (thats what i keep tellin myself) lol

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    Morning all

    Day 9 in the [strike]big brother house[/strike]NO SPEND HOUSE :p
    ooohhhh im on a roll now :T ...
    Dinner tonight is Tortillas and salad (just need to grab the balls of dough out of the freezer next time i go into the basement).... think im going to do feta and hm coleslaw in them..that will use the last of the white cabbage out of my way...
    Have got the yeast/flour mix sat in the bowl ..making a loaf with dried fruit coconut and peel in mmmmmm... Then i need to get a loaf of bread made.. other than that im x stitching and knitting today :D
    Well i asked hubby if he wanted a birthday cake (his Bday is monday but he had his pressie yesterday).... thought i would ask as he isn't overly bothered by sweet stuff..and as suspected..it was a naaahhhh id rather have a loaf of bread and use the butter on that than in a cake :rotfl: i really should know better than to ask :p
    I have nearly finished sorting out next months meals.... and have quite a lot to use up so next months "cheapy month" shouldn't be to difficult -fingers crossed
    Mrs Moneyspinner.. don't think you have "achieved nothing".. just think how much you could have spent if you weren't keeping an eye on things :D
    Im sure that you will start to get the spends down...just tiny changes all soon add up... come on ..YOU CAN DO IT :T

    Come on Dink1..you can get to the end of the month ;)
    denise..thanks for the recipe mmmmmm
    right im off to my kitchen..... have a good day everyone :D
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