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Great Free Software Hunt

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  • jbellj wrote:
    Are the any Linux operating systems that are similar to Windows Media Center? I've had a look but can't find anything? :dance:

    I think Windows Media Center is a rouse to get you to buy another operating system. Linux multimedia functionality doesn't require you to do this, which probably explains why you haven't found anything. My Linux box, for instance, works with a Hauppauge "Freeview" tuner and gives you instant "pause live action" functionality, using the latest version of the Kaffeine media player. Search the net for "Linux PVR". What exactly do you want to do?
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  • I work as an ICT teacher in a secondary school and it costs us around £6000 PER YEAR to renew the microsoft software licences and as schools are always strapped for cash i would be interested in what your readers thought about me saving that money and using the open source stuff. This would not affect any exam work as all the boards use generic names for the programs but it may disadvantage the pupils post 16 if they have to familiarise themselves with MS office for work.

    It is also interesting that most bundled software deals only give you MS word with MS works so the Pupils cannot do their work at home.

    Would the readers of this forum support the idea of their childs school going to open source software to save the cash.?

    (mind You it would need the staff to learn how to use the new software.. always a headache!


  • Tim_LTim_L Forumite
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    At the level at which you'd be using, say, Openoffice in a school, it's functionally pretty much identical to MS Office. Anything learned on one would be perfectly applicable in an office with a small amount of reorientation for menu structure. After all, it's the concepts behind using a spreadsheet (for example) that are more important than the actual form the spreadsheet itself takes. I would have few qualms about trialling OpenOffice as an alternative to Works/Word.

    For programmers (and people learning to program), the use of compilers like GCC, and other software such as for source control (CVS, Subversion) will stand them in very good stead in the workplace since these are now very widely used.

    That said, Open Source is a bit of a double edged sword, and this isn't helped by the fact that many of the proponents of OSS are (I have to say) card carrying anti Microsoft zealots. There is some excellent free material around, but a great deal of it is much more flakey than people admit, or requires a good deal of tweaking to get things working. If you're technically aware this isn't necessarily difficult, but one of the things Microsoft have done pretty well is to make things relatively easy to set up in most cases.

    The great thing about free software is that it costs you nothing to try it out. But it's not universally wonderful. I wouldn't switch personally from XP to Linux, though there are a few OSS applications I'd be happy to run instead of commercial equivalents.
  • thanks to everyone for their help!!
  • For a replacement MSN/ICQ/Yahoo/AOL/IRC/Napster/Novell/Gadu-Gadu messenger all in one, check out GAIM
  • G'day!!

    I'm looking for recommendations for the above - I have a few hundred compilation CDs which I'd like to organise so that I find x track by y artist much quicker than I can today, so any suggestions re. freeware would be gratefully welcome,

    I should mention that I don't really want/need to have the actual music tracks on my PC - just the info.


    - soulboy
  • Hello all. Does anyone know where I can get open mg software. i've tried C/net and tucows and sourceforge but no luck. I'm currently using Sonicstage for a net md but it's quite limited.

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  • I am the Business Web Advisor at a council led Online Community Portal project in South Wales called

    Over the past 2 years since we started we have been searching for free software that will make the community's experience of the internet secure and easy when they build their community pages. We have gathered an archive of excellent free software that we all use in the project and many of the community now use including a Photoshop like photo editing package, Screen Grabbing software, anti-virus and firewalls. I have built a page on the portal containing the links to these packages.

    :p Check it all out here....

    Have fun!!!

  • All I get when I visit that link is "<%@ Language=VBScript %>"

    Does it only work on that antithesis to open-source, open standards and diversity, Microsoft Internet Explorer?
    Time is an illusion - lunch time doubly so.
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