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    Hey Nats, mwahhhhh, thanks hun :o

    I have been really busy, on a course until tomorrow so havent had much acess to the net:eek:

    I have decided though i need a new start so am going to be starting a new diary. I re started this one and i think i new start with everything is just what i need. I have new expenses now, ive hired a private tutor for DS which is an extra £25 a week, plus loads of other bits!

    So i will be back over the next few days with a new diary!!!
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    Hi Angie!! Don't forget to let me know when you have started your new diary - I don't wanna miss out!!

    Hope the course went well - is it linked to your job?

    A private tutor for DS - just general tutor or a specific subject? I had a maths tutor once for A-Level maths... unfortunately I already knew more than him... so it didn't last too long!! Lol

    Have a great week and I'm looking forward to a new shiney diary from you soon!

    Nats x
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