Money Moral Dilemma. Would you replace your mate's cricket bat?



  • Depends on a couple of things:

    If the friend from whom the bat had been borrowed was part of the game, and if the vigorous use was an attempted pull shot rather than throwing the bat to the ground in frustration then I would not feel I had to replace the bat.

    If the friend was not present and had provided the bat for a game or the damage was due to abuse of the bat then, of course, the bat should be replaced.

    I think, however, the question misses something rather important. I would not replace the bat. A cricket bat is very personal to the owner. I would fund the replacement but allow my friend to choose the new bat.
  • hil217
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    No i wouldn't offer to pay for it. If the friend decided that he was going to allow it to be used for a mess around game in the park with his mates then on his head be it, he couldn't off valued it that much. I think if he was really gutted but saying 'its not your fault , its an accident' i might suggest that we all chip together and buy him a new bat ( depending on the cost it may not be equal value) but as a good will jesture and to try and ease his pain.
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    AngryTank wrote: »
    The bat broke? That's a shame, but not my fault. I don't feel morally obliged to replace the bat, but i'd help financially if i could afford to and the friend needed it. If I was skint at the time then i'd just have to say sorry and hope that's good enough, after all it wasn't deliberate.

    Nice, remind me not to lend you anything:rolleyes:

    If I borrow something & I break it, I gotta replace it.

    However if the fault were due to a fault or under warrenty I would expect my friend to use the warrenty or take ot up with the maker.

    However the lender should not be out of pocket, so if the warrenty doesn't sort it, I would replace it.
  • No I would not, I would take it back to the shop where he bought it, say it isn't fit for purpose and demand a replacement though! ;)
  • Soapy955
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    I was in a great cricket shop in Kingston the other day.....

    Was it Fordhams by the Robin Hood roundabout by the A3?
    My husband is always looking out for new cricket shops in the local area and that's the only one we know near Kingston.
    I'm so sorry if you were enjoying this thread and mine is the last post!!

    I seem to have a nasty habit of killing threads!
  • geri1965_2
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    whizzocki wrote: »
    You offer to pay, he refuses to let you. That's why you're friends.

    Simple pimple.

    Well, exactly. I lent a camera to my friend and he broke it, he offered to pay to get it mended but I told him not to worry about it.

    If I broke something due to my own clumsiness I would offer to replace it, but in the case of this cricket bat it sounds as if it was on it's last legs. I don't play cricket but surely a bat should have to cope with being swung, even if it is a bit hard!

    Nevertheless I would still offer, but hope that my friend would let me off. I can't imagine any of them asking for money off me in that situation.
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