Money Moral Dilemma. Would you replace your mate's cricket bat?



  • mytchell
    mytchell Posts: 6 Forumite
    I would probably be the one that brought the bat out in the first place.

    I think it is only fair to assume that if the bat is mine and split it depends on the age as to who would end up paying for it.
  • Morgan2010
    Morgan2010 Posts: 16 Forumite
    Given that it was a item being used for the purpose it was intended when it broke whether or not I offered to replace depends on the friend.

    I have friends who always play fair moneywise. By that I don't mean split everything down middle etc more the they give me a lift I cook them dinner. They give me some stuff when they're doing up their house and I've just moved I offer them stuff next time I'm redecorating, I lend them books/dvds them return them and lend me ones back etc.

    I also have friends who take whatever they can get borrow stuff and never return etc.

    If it was someone in the first description I would absolutely replace it (though given stuff said before I'd help my friend contact the shop/manufacturer first and try to get them to replace). In the second category absolutely no change (though would probably still try and help get replacement).
  • tallgirld
    tallgirld Posts: 484 Forumite
    First Anniversary
    Yeah i would definetly offer to replace it.

    Saying that though how much does this bat cost??? Could end up costing me a fortune!!!!!

    I would expect my friend to say "Nah dont worry about it"
  • lloydbarclay
    lloydbarclay Posts: 23 Forumite
    I would certainly offer to pay,a few years ago I twice lent my old estate car to a friend move furniture who broke down miles away,
    he helpfully said "Ive done you a favour there ,you could have been out in the car when it broke".
    If your using it and it breaks its your fault.
  • schubertdog
    schubertdog Posts: 15 Forumite
    A true friend would not accept any payment for the bat and would not let it "split" the friendship. The bat was obviously faulty and the fact that it was being used by someone other than the owner makes no difference, it should be replaced by the manufacturer FOC.
  • AngryTank
    AngryTank Posts: 12 Forumite
    The bat broke? That's a shame, but not my fault. I don't feel morally obliged to replace the bat, but i'd help financially if i could afford to and the friend needed it. If I was skint at the time then i'd just have to say sorry and hope that's good enough, after all it wasn't deliberate.
  • markperky
    markperky Posts: 27 Forumite
    Well if it's my mate then there's some implied trust there. If I had borrowed it with his permission I would expect him to acknowledge the fact that in normal use it might get damaged (as it might when he was using it), and therefore not to hold me responsible for it. He would also trust me not to deliberately damage it. However, I would feel somewhat obliged to make a contribution to it's replacement. Personally if the situation was reversed I would just write it off as an accident though, and that is probably what my mate would do too. The point is that there would be no blame due to the implied trust between mates.
  • trejoy
    trejoy Posts: 74 Forumite
    If it was an expensive bat it shouldn`t have broken, so either I wouldn`t believe him or I`d tell him to take it back and ask for replacement. It could be that it was expensive 20yrs ago. No I would not offer to buy other on my own, I would, however, contribute to a group bat being purchased. If we are all playing then we can all pay.
  • cwp500
    cwp500 Posts: 530 Forumite
    First Post
    Yes, absolutely. If it's in your hands and it gets broken, you are responsible - unless you have been specifically absolved of responsibility beforehand for any breakage. If not - treat the item as if it were your own - with care, and with replacement, if necessary.

    Nope. Its a cricket bat not a ming vase. would you expect him to pay if it split in two and broke your glasses?

    If it was so valuable that its got inherent value other than as a boys toy he shouldnt be playing with it anyway.

    Daft question, sorry to be abrupt.
    :o Keep trying.........................what else is there to do? :o
  • melony101
    melony101 Posts: 5 Forumite
    I would offer to pay in the hope that a true friend would turn my offer down i would be quite gobsmacked if they took me up on my offer. Whats an old bat betwen friends! :confused:
    :D mel101
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