Great 'Breakfast MoneySaving' Hunt



  • beer_tins
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    I use breakfast to get my 5-a-day of fruit (I do normally have more fruit and veg in the day). Money saving, healthy and filling. I also make my own sandwiches and only have cofee in the office. I rarely buy breakfast or lunch "on the go" anymore.
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    Its much cheaper to make your own cereal bars or muffins...

    At the weekend I use left over bananas to make muffins, with wholemeal flour and oats they are filling and healthy(ish)!!

    Make cereal bars with oats, cheaper own brand cereal, dried fruit (and maybe some chocolate chips) and you can beat the price of any supermarket - especially Slimfast £1.50 odd for 3 bars!!

    Should last all week as long as you're not too tempted by them!!!
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  • for those who wnat to take a toaster to work beware - I did that and set the fire alarms off and the fire engines came and everyone had to stop work - I've almost never lived it down!
  • scrivette
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    I like dry cereal so I put some in a tupperware pot and have it when I get to work.

    A bagel toasted the night before and cheese added in the morning is a quick and easy snack.
  • GraciesGran
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    I'm a fan of a smoothie for breakfast - means I can do those last few jobs in the house before going for a swim on the way to work. Found some frozien summer fruits in Tesco at £1 per box down from £1.49 so have stocked up.
  • jetfighter
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    My partner makes up a fruit salad for us each in little tupperware tubs the night before, which we have for breakfast. Apple, orange, pineapple, grapes - so we get a good portion of our five-a-day at breakfast time. We'll usually follow that up with a banana and/or yoghurt.

    She also makes homemade soup which we have every day at lunchtime - 2 minutes in the microwave and it's ready! Minestrone, lentil and tomato are our favourites - and very healthy too. :rolleyes: She adds pasta to some of them to give us a bit of extra energy and sometimes we have bread - Tesco's in-store bakery often has very cheap little brown granary rolls which go nicely with soup.

    For snacks during the day we have fruit, yoghurt, cereal bars, dried fruit/nuts, etc. and we have a jar of instant hot chocolate to satisfy any sweet cravings - you can often get Cadbury's/Galaxy instant chocolate from the £1 shop! We often find that having a chocolatey drink is just as good as going to the vending machine and buying a bar of expensive chocolate - it's all psychological. ;)
  • cwp500
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    leejp wrote: »
    I chop some garlic and heat in a saucepan with olive oil, then drop in sliced mushrooms - very quick to heat up.

    Then I add a soft boiled egg, 4 pieces of toast and beans.

    Except I suggest you add a little pasta sauce (e.g., Dolmio or garlic and onion type) or half a tablespoon of curry sauce (e.g., Pataks) to your beans with a drop of olive oil before microwave, to transform your baked beans!

    When the toast is done, rub a garlic clove on each slice, it melts on for a very French taste. Then add olive oil and the rest.

    Finally, I use a microwave egg boiler. It shield the egg and allows a nice soft boiled egg in 8 minutes @ 70% micro power.

    I bought it from Betterware and I have had it about 10 years. Amazing value.

    Bit garlicky for breakfast OP!

    If you have a halfway decent microwave they make excellent poached eggs.

    Just use a coffee cup. Swirl egg around gently for a couple of seconds.

    Cook on 10 second blasts on the defrost setting only.

    Keep an eye on it and in literally 20 - 30 seconds you have a poached egg.

    Easy and quick.
    :o Keep trying.........................what else is there to do? :o
  • i dont have the luxury of having cooking facilities as i am out on the road all day, i never have time for breakfast, id rather stay in bed! So now i stick 2 bits of wholegrain bread in the toaster and have with butter and marmite and put on a plate and eat it in the car!
  • faithless
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    shala_moo wrote: »
    At the weekend I use left over bananas to make muffins, with wholemeal flour and oats they are filling and healthy(ish)!!

    Hi, would you mind sharing your muffin recipe? I have pm'd you, but I'm sure I can't be the only one wondering!


    For my breakfasts, I buy a box of cereal and some milk on Monday morning, and usually mix together a bag of dried fruit - apricots, raisins, cranberries atm, and that does me for the week.
    No-one really seems to care that I have 5mins off to eat this at my desk when I get peckish at about 10, as they're probably on a coffee break anyway!
  • steveandel
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    Get up 5mins earlier?! :confused: :rolleyes:

    Seriously, if you want to save money, it's not exactly difficult to get out of bed 5mins earlier so you can have some breakfast at home and not have to buy it elsewhere?

    I also have a bag of oats at work in case I get peckish mid morning!
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