Great 'Breakfast MoneySaving' Hunt



  • laughing_cow
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    I rarely eat breakfast at home so my office drawer is stuffed with cereal, porridge, nuts, muesli bars, crackers etc and I always have a bowl of fruit on my desk. Milk is provided but I have my own soya mik in the office fridge, plus juice, spread, jam, marmite and peanut butter. We've got a toaster and microwave so I keep bread, bagels etc in the freezer. I also sometimes have eggs or baked beans - useful if I've been to the gym (or have a hangover :rolleyes: ). I rarely buy breakfast out because I've always got something just as nice at work.

    (I've just read that list of food back - I think I must have been reincarnated as someone who was previously starved to death! :D )
  • Han_naH
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    I chop some garlic and heat in a saucepan with olive oil, then drop in sliced mushrooms - very quick to heat up.

    Then I add a soft boiled egg, 4 pieces of toast and beans.

    Except I suggest you add a little pasta sauce (e.g., Dolmio or garlic and onion type) or half a tablespoon of curry sauce (e.g., Pataks) to your beans with a drop of olive oil before microwave, to transform your baked beans!

    When the toast is done, rub a garlic clove on each slice, it melts on for a very French taste. Then add olive oil and the rest.

    Finally, I use a microwave egg boiler. It shield the egg and allows a nice soft boiled egg in 8 minutes @ 70% micro power.

    I bought it from Betterware and I have had it about 10 years. Amazing value.
  • Marisan
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    My favourite breakfast is a sachet of OatsSoSimple. They come in plain,raspberry,blueberry & apple and - my fave -golden syrup.Just tip the ready-measured portion sachet into a bowl,add milk or water using the empty sachet to measure,quick stir then one and a half minutes in the microwave and you're done.

    Oats are very good for you and being low GI they really keep you going until lunchtime.I am dieting at the moment and make mine up with water for a breakfast of around 140 cals.

    They normally retail at about £1.85 for a box of ten which isn't bad,but sometimes they are on 'special' at two boxes for three quid,so I stock up then.
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  • Oat cakes are conveniently packed in sevens. One pack makes a good breakfast. Supplement with a mix of raisins and nuts packed in a small frozen food bag. An old 250cc tonic water bottle will carry your drink, in my case water, squash or fruit juice.
  • hollymcr
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    Marisan wrote: »
    My favourite breakfast is a sachet of OatsSoSimple.

    I can beat that :-)

    Get a "bottle" of 5-pints milk powder and a packet of oats (it works with normal milk powder too, although I think 5-pints gives a slightly better result). Half fill a standard mug with oats, stir in about a tablespoon of milk powder, fill mug with boiling water, stir, and wait about 3-5 mins stirring occasionally. It's not as good as "real" porridge but its at least as good as cup-a-soup is compared with "real" soup.

    You can of-course tweak the ingredients; I often add cinnamon to it (at the same time as the milk powder), and a handful of sultanas (after stirring in the hot water) - sultanas make it sweet without having to add sugar.

    You can do a better job with real milk and a microwave, but the above is far more convenient and easily done at work in the same way you'd make a mug of coffee.

    Oh, and I find that cheap oats work best; they tend to be smaller and "cook" more quickly. Well this is after all :-)
  • duffpaddy
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    A bit of an unusual one, but as I'm quite into weight training I have to eat several meals a day (about 4-5) so I'm always looking out for receipes for nutrious meals that are quick to make.

    My favourite breakfast which is quick to make and I can have before I step out the door is:

    1 cup of porridge oats
    500 ml of skimmed milk
    1 tblsp of peanut butter
    500 ml of milk
    1 scp of protein powder

    This is then blended up for about 2 minutes and then I drink it on the go. Its a very filling breakfast, tastes great and staves off the hunger til lunchtime and it gives me a great nutritional break down to complement my weight training.
  • toastcrumb
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    When buying porridge oats, always check how much it works out per 100g. For example, Quaker Oats go for 13p per 100g, but their Oats-So-Simple is exactly the same product (just in measured sachets) going for over 60p per 100g!
  • heart_free
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    Quick on the go brekkie...........cereal bar, banana and fruit juice.
    healthy too :o
    - Terry Pratchett
  • TheBaldwins
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    I love my morning coffee - proper coffee not instant, but it's getting expensive at £1.85 a pop. So I invested in a one man caffetier (£10 but you can get cheaper) and a bag of ground coffee (£2.85) So for that investment I have fresh coffee at work every morning. So now I spend about £5.50 a month on coffee instead of approx £40!
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  • liz545
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    I'm terrible at having breakfast in the mornings, but I have at least managed to scale back my coffee habit. I have a filter coffee machine with an internal clock, so you can set it to wake up before you do (like the old teasmade machine) and I can then pour a cup into a thermos travel mug before I leave the house. Now I just need to get the hang of sorting out my breakfast!
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