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    alared wrote: »

    Good article! it contradicts what you have been saying! :rotfl:
    To find reliable, impartial and up-to-date price comparison information visit one of the 13 online service providers accredited with the Energywatch Confidence Code.
    They are all regularly inspected, audited, and monitored to make sure they're giving consumers accurate information.
    They also provide details of any commission deals they have with individual suppliers.
    So again, where is the con you speak of?

    As SimonW says, I'd try going through quidco if its not possible through a comparison site, gotta be worth a try.

    Alared have you tried going through quidco yourself to switch between tarifs with Scotish power?
    Missing Tesco R&R since Feb '07 :A & now a "Tesco veteran" apparently! ;)
  • alared
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    What the article said was that most people could be worse off by switching.

    It doesn`t contradict what I said
    I answered OP question about SP to SP.(no cashback)

    I`m not a member of Quido and anyway I`ve no intention of switching from my current supplier.
  • Plushchris
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    So what you are saying (but not admiting to) is that basicly you dont know if he can get cashback by going through Quidco because A, You arent a member there and B, You arent with Scottish power and have not tried switching between tariffs in this way.

    At least I was trying to help the OP by suggest ways he MIGHT get cashback instead of saying there is no way without knowing that for fact.
    Missing Tesco R&R since Feb '07 :A & now a "Tesco veteran" apparently! ;)
  • alared
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    It`s up to a cleverdick like you to point the OP in the right direction as regards Quido.

    I READ the OP question, which seems beyond you to do,if which he asked about SP to SP and comparison sites.

    If you can advise him to join Quido and he`ll be certain to get cashback why don`t you do so and stop trying to cover up your rude outburst in post 3
  • Plushchris
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    This is getting pathetic.

    I've already said I wasnt aware that you cant switch between tariffs with SP, I just said I know its possible to switch tariffs with some suppliers (which you said WASNT possible)

    I've also said I dont know for sure that he will be certain to get cashback from quidco, I was merely suggesting that as a route if its not possible to get cashback through a comparison site. For all I know there may be a comparison site out there where it IS possible, I'll admit to not knowing about every comparison site because I have not used them all, I have also not tried to switch between tariffs with Scottish power (neither have you) so was just offering advice instead of just saying its impossible without actually knowing it for a fact.

    You also suggested that comparison sites "con" people into switching, which wasnt what the OP asked either, I find it strange that Martin of all people would advise using comparison sites if they were "conning" people. Why do you have such a grudge against comparison sites and people getting cashback?
    Missing Tesco R&R since Feb '07 :A & now a "Tesco veteran" apparently! ;)
  • alared
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    There`s no more to be said.
    At least I answered the OP question.
    You are obviously the type who always has to have the last word about everything,so be my guest.
  • pinguinie
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    Wow Alared, bit cynical aren't we? You're the sort of person who likes to set up cults. I suppose all the supermarkets are out to kill our children as well then? Or maybe you just have a chip on your shoulder. Did you get abused by a comparison site when you were younger?

    As far as i can see, and from a neutral perspective, you made a sweeping statement that effectively gave the wrong answer to the question first asked. It doesn't make you any better by giving an answer which sounds like you know it all, but in fact you are wrong. In fact you could have cost 'OP' money as he may have saw your post and decided against switching, therefore preventing him from getting cashback. So, by proving you wrong, 'OP' now has a more comprehensive answer to the original question.

    The moral of this story is not to pretend to be a know it all because you will be made to look a fool by someone who is wiser than you.
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    O/P, if i was you join Quidco, Top Cashback ( no fees) http://www.topcashback.co.uk/retailerdetailScottish_Power.htm or Cashback Kings if u havent already, make sure u clear your cookies or run this.


    Apply to switch to the SP tariff that u wish to switch to, if u dont see correct cashback amount tracked either put a ticket to the cashback site or cancel the switch and apply to switch to the next cheapest provider that pays cashback, wait till that cashback is paid around 2 months and then apply to switch to the SP tariff that u wish to switch to and get another cashback for doing so. ;)

    Before Mr Cardew posts a response, the energy companies are pardon the phrase "screwing" people. :o Cashbacks are the peoples revenge and long may they continue. :D
  • dodman
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    Thanks everyone! I lost internet access for a couple of weeks and couldn't believe how many replies my simple query had generated.

    I'm slightly suspicious about the comparison sites because they all seem to come up with different answers. My current Scottish Power tariff doesn't seem any different (in name) to the ones showing up as 'saving' me money.

    Anyway, all I've done so far is join Quidco, without yet doing the double switch bristoleedsfan suggests.
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