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    Some of it will depend on what you can afford. Hawkinge is lovely, but commands higher rental prices than say Folkestone itself. You have areas of Folkestone which are better than others too. There are loads of lovely villages, it does depend what you consider easy commuting distance. I live in Ashford but work in Folkestone. Ashford is ok to live in. For me some would depend on if you had kids and schools to consider. I love Hythe which is a sleepy town (dare I say many retired people there). Not so good if you want nightclulbs etc, but fabuous if you like the sea and peace. Folkestone has lots of small apartments/flats for rent as it has lots of converted vicorian buildings. I know little about Dover, so cannot really comment, except to say I would not want to live there! If you use the ports a lot you may want to be nearer Dover, but as mentioned before the Channel Tunnel is at Cheriton, a suburb of Folkestone and is easily accessed from many villages. You could go to e.g Etchinghill or out towards Canterbury. As you travel to Canterbury though again rental proces do increase. I think it really is a case of you pay for where you live.

    Thank you so much that is really helpful. Folkestone and Ashford sound possible and the smaller inland towns too.
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