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Fuel Economy

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I'm a company car driver who does about 40k miles per year and as a consequence don't really pay much attention to the price of petrol or how much of it i use. However, I was talking to a good friend of mine over the weekend who drives a diesel car. He has found that he gets an extra 5-6 mpg when he buys fuel from a BP or other major brand petrol station, rather than a supermarket petrol station. He's a mechanic and puts this down to higher quality fuel which in turn means the engine can run more efficiently.

I'm not in favour of increasing the profits of major oil companies but neither am i in favour of lining the pockets of supermarkets. He buys his at a BP station which always price matches the Sainsbury store and also gives him Nectar points.


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    I was filling up at a Sainsbury garage recently and there was a plain white tanker delivering fuel.
    I went over to the driver and asked him where he would purchase his fuel. The reply he gave was 'Anywhere that I deliver to'.
    That is a fair answer I said. He then lifted his jacket up that was resting on the seat by him and embroided on the front was the BP logo.
    This poses the question, is it worth paying possibly more to buy from a branded garage or is Supermarket diesel as good as.
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    On a long journey recently (from Scotland to England) I was worried about running out of petrol. The petrol light indicator came on and the fuel gauge level was very low.

    I turned on the display for fuel consumption figures and noticed that when I slowed my speed down from 65 to 50 miles per hour, the expected/calculated mileage remaining increased significantly.

    So, it's true what they say, if you slow down to 50-55 mph you will get better a consumption figure.

    It might help you if you're ever worried about making it to the next petrol station before running out of fuel.
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  • buy a diesel car, pump your tyres up hard and double your mpg's and get Tesco clubcard points if you use their credit card.
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    This amazing, revolutionary device will increase your MPG by up to 27%. The Fuel Saver Max will also boost performance and clean your engine! By using three patented processes discovered by General Motors it will enable your fuel to burn more efficiently.  Just attach this ingenious device over your fuel supply pipe and it will begin working immediately !

    it does exactly what is says.

    they have sold on internet sites and ebay in the past for upto £65  and have still recieved excellent feedback

    also make sure that your tyres are properly inflated and this device will get you a lot more miles for your money ;D
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    Cost: £4.95

    Cost: £4.95

    Cost: £4.95 *

    * Special offer get the "Dragon Booster Chip" & "Dragon Fuel Saver Max" for £7.95

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    I reserve judgetment on these products and supply these links / prices only as a cheaper option.
  • Carl,
    Surely you shouldn't pump them past the recommended limit!
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    Thats a bit foolish pumping your tyres up to hard you should keep to the recommended pressure otherwise you not only descrease in most cases your fuel consumption but more dangerously can cause a accident.

    No longer a user, goodbye folks. PLEASE delete my account. Thank you
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    Has anyone ever actually used this device? Please give feedback.
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    carl310166 wrote:
    buy a diesel car, pump your tyres up hard and double your mpg's and get Tesco clubcard points if you use their credit card.
    Be very careful about pumping your tyres up too hard, I am all for saving a bob or two, but your life is more important.
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