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how to make crumble

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  • Swan_2Swan_2 Forumite
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    it'll be fine just covered in a cool place if you're going to eat it tomorrow (today now) but for longer storage, best in the fridge :)
  • kiwichickkiwichick Forumite
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    And if you do it in advance another time they are perfectly fine in the freezer.
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  • researcherresearcher Forumite
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    For years my crumbles have been good, but not outstanding, until I followed a Delia Smith recipe - and this is so excellent I thought I'd share it:

    8oz plain flour
    3 oz butter (I use flora)
    5 oz granulated sugar
    1 teaspoon baking powder.

    Mix flour, baking powder and butter to breadcrumb stage, then add the sugar, mix and place on top of your (cold) fruit - don't press down too much.
    Cook in an oven 180c (170c for fan), try after 30 mins, but depending on the fruit might take up to 45 mins.

    This makes a lovely crunchy topping. I made a blackberry and apple crumble which was the best I've made in my life, so I've had to repeat it a couple of times just to make sure :rotfl: (Plum and then a spiced apple). Thing is - I don't even like crumble much, but everyone else raves about them!

    Oh, and if the dried mixture is a little much for your dish - put the extra in the fridge, and you've a ready made topping for individual dishes.
  • tapladytaplady Forumite
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    Hi! thanks for this I'll give it a try, I just love crumbles! different recipe from what I usually use but it sounds good!:T
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  • Thanks Researcher - again, is a little different from the proportions I use but will try this.

    I also like quite crunchy toppings too so I like to add flaked almonds to the topping. Depending on the fruit being used I might add some cinammon to the topping too.

    I make double quantities and store the extra in the freezer.

  • tifftiff Forumite
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    Thanks, I have a load of blackberries picked yesterday that I need to do something with.
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  • Oh yeah if you are doing apple crumble add justa little bit of cinnamon both to the apples and the crumble mix, I sometimes add crushed nuts as well.
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  • lisa76lisa76 Forumite
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    i add porridge oats to my crumble topping - yummmmmmmmm
  • hollydayshollydays Forumite
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    i add some porridge oats and cinnamon,and an extra sprinkling of brown sugar to caramelise the top.
  • Bargain_RzlBargain_Rzl Forumite
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    Can I ask if anybody has a foolproof recipe for a SAVOURY crumble topping - i.e. one you could add appropriate herbs to and use on top of a chicken or fish "bake"?
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