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What's in your wallet/purse?

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  • RiqRiq Forumite
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    Halifax Debit Card
    Natwest Debit Card
    Driving Licence
    ACCA student membership card

    This is my wallet, or more specifically, card holder...

    "I'm not from around here, I have my own customs"
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  • I have

    * HSBC Maestro
    * HSBC MasterCard
    * HSBC Solo
    * Starbucks card
    * Boots advantage card
    * Driving license
    * Work discount card

    S'about it...
  • skyrider007skyrider007 Forumite
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    Riq wrote: »
    This is my wallet, or more specifically, card holder...

    Wow wow wow I've got that exact card holder as well (in damier, exactly like yours) :j I use it when I'm out at night cause my big wallet is too thick and gets in the way when I'm on the dance floor, lol. :rotfl: A debit card and driving license are the two warriors I carry with me when out at night. :A
  • mrsplintermrsplinter Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 100 Posts
    In my wallet...

    A&L debit card
    Barclays debit card
    Halifax one credit card
    Egg money credit card
    Virgin active gym card
    Old business card
    £18.88 in cash
    Tescos receipt
    Driving licence
  • sparrersparrer Forumite
    7.5K posts
    Part of the Furniture I've been Money Tipped!
    Driving licence
    £20 note (in prep for doing my weekly shop tomorrow)

    do I win for the least junk? :rolleyes:
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  • Being female I carry way too much Shoite in my purse (extension of my handbag)

    Halifax Debit Card
    Halifax Mastercard
    Morgan Stanley Platinum Card
    H & M Card (ie credit note)
    Bank of Scotland Bank Card
    Halifax Moneycard ?!?
    halifax Web Saver Card
    More Than Smart Save Card
    BAA Worldpoints Card
    American Airlines Frequent Flyer Card
    AA Membership Card
    Driving Licence
    Asda Christmas Savings Card x 3 ?!?
    Ikea Family Card
    Matalan Card
    Makro Card
    Homebase Spend & Save Card
    Boots Advantage Card
    QVC Membership Card
    1 x £ 50 note (not to be spent )
    1 x £ 10 note (which will be spent tomorrow)
    McDonalds Free Porridge Token
    3 x Tradesmen Business Cards
    2 x Nephews Photos
    1 x silicone disc ( A bit off the glass table to be kept in a safe place) ?!?
    1 x Tesco Receipt
    1 x Boots Receipt

    OMG .... so much junk !!!! Just as well I have a Tesco Clubcard keyfob or couldn't fit it in my purse !!
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  • KavanneKavanne Forumite
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    I have not enough pockets but I have; the 'regular use side' - Driving license
    Nectar AmEx
    Halifax Mastercard
    Nationwide Visa
    Halifax Debit card x 2
    RBS Debit card
    Halifax web saver cash card

    On the 'not so regular use side' -
    University alumni ID card
    Next gift card
    Nectar card
    RBS Royalties membership card
    Comedy club season pass
    Blockbuster card
    National Trust Membership

    In !!!!! pocket;
    Donor card
    Bite card for south west trains (20% off food or some crap like that)
    RBS royalties emergency numbers (emergency home help, greenflag breakdown etc)
    Some ex-debit cards from a private bank I keep so occasionally I can still feel posh (it used to feel awesome using them)

    Hmm and a loyalty card for my work coffee shop and a premium bonds warrant I've not paid in yet.

    And like £1 in coppers... thanks for reminding me to clear out!
    Nuns! Nuns! Reverse!

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  • Little_ChickenLittle_Chicken Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    Hmmmm! I have:
    A&L Debit card
    HSBC Debit card
    Halifax cc
    Boots card
    Nectar card
    Clarins (Selfridges) Loyalty card
    Liberty loyalty card
    Book 1st class stamps
    Book large 1st class stamps
    £10 John Lewis gift voucher
    £1 credit note for Liberty:rotfl:
    Handful of Boots vouchers

    That's all folks!:T:T:T
    :grin: Save me from spending...
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  • OllyM wrote: »


    Plus driving licence and some cash.

    I like the Halifax Card (looks v. cool). NatWest Solo is also cool :p
  • SystemSystem
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    10,000 Posts Name Dropper
    10 x 2nd class stamps
    Tesco Clubcard
    Work Coke machine vending card (get 2 free bottles a day! ;) )
    Mc Donalds free Sundae token
    Halifax One CC
    Smile Debit Card
    Smile Savings Account Card
    Barclaycard Platinum CC
    Amex Platinum Moneyback CC
    £5 Cash
    NatWest Maestro Debit Card
    National Insurance Numbercard
    Driving License
    Dry cleaning receipt
    20 Extra points on tomatoes Clubcard voucher (:rotfl: )
    Sainsbury's till receipt

    Listing it makes you realise how much crap there really is!!

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